Video: Slowly Starving To Death In Eidolon

The extremely pretty Eidolon is out now – an explore-them-up set in a future Washington that has been reclaimed by Nature. Unquestionably looking like Shelter meets Proteus, it plays differently to both, this game primarily a survival simulator. However, with no information at all, including that bit, I started playing and recorded my efforts. You can watch them below.

Just before I started recording, I fell off a mountain. It left me not very well. Soon after I started recording, something ate my face. And so it was to be that this became a 45 minute explore and slow degradation unto death. But gosh, such a pretty one.

Since recording I’ve played some more, and learned that I was a little unfair regarding food – it seems my rapid hunger was more to do with my injuries, and restarting as a healthier figure has seen my cooked fish consumption drop significantly. I’ve also discovered that the game does rearrange itself somewhat to adjust for your walking from pre-ordained paths, and provide items in different ways. Which is rather ace. I shall write more about the game soon.

You can buy Eidolon directly from Ice Water via their Humble widget, which is the best way to make sure they get the most money. Or you can pick it up on Steam for £11.


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  1. caff says:

    What a pretty game.

    Worth watching the video if you want to hear such comments as "I sicked up fox" or "There must be a tescos round here somewhere" :)
  1. abrokenchinadoll says:

    I’ve played quite a bit of this game since it came out. A little over 7 hours. at the moment. I got side tracked and played some other games. Anyway my HINT And only one hint Look to the sky A lot
    Hawks = hints.

  2. gabrielonuris says:

    When I’ve read “Eidolon”, I thought it was about a new Hexen game (Eidolon is the name of the final boss in Hexen 2).

  3. Myrdinn says:

    So how does this ‘survival simulator’ differentiate itself from it’s dozens of predecessors?

    • Zallgrin says:

      It’s Gone Home plus Proteus kind of survival simulators. Therefore not so much survival, as hiking experience.

      EDIT: Should have also added, that it has various journals strewn across the landscape which you collect to unravel the story. You can also find handdrawn maps, which are as useful as real ones. Meaning: I hope you are good at recognizing landmarks and orienting with compass, because I am thoroughly shit at it.

  4. Hypnotron says:

    one of the songs sounds a bit like unchained melody.

  5. Tom Servo says:

    How disappointing! This isn’t a sequel to the ’80s Lucasfilm game at all.

  6. Zenicetus says:

    Considering what my overgrown lawn out here in western Washington state looks like now, I’d say that this game doesn’t have nearly enough dandelion weeds.

  7. Stardreamer says:

    Ach. This looks great but I’ll probably only get around to playing it when it appears in the Humble Survival Bundle, or something. Too many good games to spend money on first!

  8. captain nemo says:

    I loved Miasmata so I guess I’ll try this

    • One Pigeon says:

      That’s exactly what I was getting out of this too, although it could be because I put around 5 hours into Miasmata over the weekend.

  9. caff says:

    What a pretty game.

    Worth watching the video if you want to hear such comments as “I sicked up fox” or “There must be a tescos round here somewhere” :)

  10. Premium User Badge

    JimmyJamNYC says:

    Seriously lovely and just purchased from the Dev’s site. I’m not much into survival games, as I usually die, but this looks like something I might be able to have more than 2 hours worth of fun with. Very nice video, your voice is rather soothing. Hope you’ve considered professional audio work.

    • MD says:

      Yeah, I don’t remember liking John’s voice this much. He could seriously do meditation tapes or something.

  11. neofit says:

    Somebody had to say it: it’s not pretty, it’s not lovely, it’s ugly. It’s like looking at a “piece of art” that some dude made by gluing together some stuff he found in the trash, among a crowd of wannabe connoisseurs (present company excepted ;)) holding their chins and going “woah this is pure genius!” :). No it’s not, it’s just trash glued together. Just like this engine, someone bought a “Program your own graphics engine in 24 hours” book, had a successful compile at hour 5, and stayed there since it was becoming complicated from then on. I don’t even see any fancy “stylishness” in there, it’s just some mediocre low-polygon world with no freaking textures. And when the character raises the bow, I remember what an awesome job my first-generation voodoo1 card did on Quake 1 15+ years ago. Heck, even Wurm that is 9 or 10 years old now had a much more pretty and believable world to starve and survive in, even way back before the graphics update. Which started BTW as a two-man endeavor, and is also an MMO with all the extra stuff to code. The author(s) here have no excuse, stop encouraging them.

    Sure, I do love pretty graphics, I admit to have purchased an GTX780 for all the pretties. I definitely don’t mind stylized stuff like the Torchlights either. I do enjoy Spiderweb’s games like the Avadons and Avernums. But when you make a first-person survival game, you better make a world that is believable, not just a bunch of untextured surfaces and small circles in place of clouds, that is just plain mediocre in my book. I definitely wouldn’t mind playing a survival game in the wild, but come on, eww!

    • Stardreamer says:

      You need to study the difference between Abstract and Representational forms of art. (sit down and properly learn about them, not quickly Google the dictionary definitions). Abstract art is something that computer games have been doing since their inception, out of necessity until very recently. With every leap games move closer to truly Representational forms of imagery – much closer to what we see in real life, but that doesn’t mean abstract simply has to die. It’s now a choice. A choice that is as valid as any uber-realistic game you may care to describe.

      Quit being such a graphics-card whore and learn the value and beauty in representing things in other ways than you’re used to seeing them.

      These graphics ARE lovely. So there. :P

      • Kaeoschassis says:

        My art teacher, a brilliant man and an amazing artist, always used to say to me “if you want photorealism, take a photo”. While there are a couple problems in that statement, and I’m sure he didn’t mean it entirely literally, I think it sums this up nicely.
        If you want a perfect representation of the real world, uh, it’s right outside. Go for it. Part of the brilliance of gaming is that you don’t have to go for that, you can have any world, any style you want.
        Basically I agree with your entire comment. Including how lovely the graphics are.

    • hilltop says:

      I like it.

  12. Neutrino says:

    Want coloured stars.

    Other than that looks great.

  13. hilltop says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed your demonstration and your voice is particularly calming alongside the music.

    But you are wrong about mushrooms. They are delicious. Therefore you should fire yourself.