Fixing (For) A Hole: Cavern Kings

Fixing a hole where the Risk of Rain gets in.

As we sit in the RPS chatroom, picking through each day’s new selection of games in which you play a coma patient, something simple, explosive, videogamey can feel like a breath of fresh air. Cavern Kings is a forced-descent infinite action platformer inspired by Super Crate Box and Risk of Rain, in which there are spinning blades to dodge, giant worms to defeat, and a destructible floor to tunnel into deeper and deeper.

There’s a trailer below that appropriately sells its simple charms, and a download link for a public beta. It’s on Kickstarter too, though already almost halfway towards its minor $2,500 goal.

The Kickstarter page is similarly straightforward, bulletpointing the game’s features: four playable characters, randomized terrain and monsters, powerups which stack infinitely. The developer estimates that the game is already 80% complete, but the Kickstarter money will be used to pay for music and art by other people. There’s also mention of stretch goals, though none are yet detailed on the Kickstarter page.

As always, the best thing: there’s a public beta you can play right now. Its feels are a little shy of Vlambeery, but it’s energetic and varied. I suggest running it fullscreen, lest your frantic clicking cause you to repeatedly unfocus the window and die. I learned this the hard way.


  1. Marcus says:

    I think I’m getting old. I had to wathc the trailer three times to assimilate what was happening…

    • LTK says:

      It’s not just you. It’s a terrible trailer, the weird framing makes everything incredibly hard to follow, the player character is impossible to keep track of between jump cuts, and text appears on the screen to make everything even more distracting. Downloading the public beta is easy enough though, and it gives you a good impression.

  2. socrate says:

    pixel art is getting really annoying at this point…i used to love it but now it just seem as an easy way to make easy money for people without the talent to do real interesting game…they don’t add anything anymore and they have for me destroyed that “good old days” feeling since the market just got flooded by game that could have been on the SNES but they add nothing new to the recipe or interesting at this point which defeat the purpose of creating these game in the first place other then making a quick buck on idiot who keep buying these.

    EDIT:i forgot to say that “roguelike” as also lost tons of its meaning and value and just got flooded with game that add this to their game just to make it more “difficult” or just to sell more since people want apparently roguelike element in all their game now

    • LTK says:

      “Roguelike” is not mentioned anywhere in this article, the website, or the game’s Kickstarter. Nor does a game’s art style in any way determine how well it plays. Is that all of your pointless whinging or do you want to label this game a Minecraft ripoff as well?

      • Baines says:

        Obviously it is a Cave Story rip-off.

        Cave Story is a Minecraft rip-off, though.

    • Niko says:

      3D graphics is getting really annoying at this point…i used to love it but now it just seem as an easy way to make easy money for people without the talent to do real interesting game… (etc, etc.)

  3. Nevard says:

    The demo didn’t really sell me, the small resolution of everything made aiming a little fiddlier than I’d have liked, and the gameplay turned out to be a lot shallower than I’d expected.
    Also had issues with the mouse continually clicking through the window and thus minimising it.

    Maybe I’ll wait until it’s done.