Outcast Is The 57th Best PC Game Of All Time

I understand that rumours are circulating that Outcast is not the 57th best PC game of all time. I say to you that this is a dangerous lie, not to be believed on any account. It doesn’t matter what else you may or may not have have read elsewhere. Outcast is the 57th best PC game of all time. This is because it has both good qualities and bad qualities.


  1. Lord Custard Smingleigh says:

    There are facts, and they support this assertion. The defence rests.

  2. Swiket says:

    OutKast > Outcast

  3. alh_p says:

    Can someone cooler than me (i.e. who understands this meta stuff on the interwebs) explain what this is about. Some burke must have filed something foolish on the tubes to irk Alec so.

  4. soulblur says:

    If there were perhaps a bit more context, I feel that this article would really be on to something….

  5. MOKKA says:

    I disagree.

  6. Gog Magog says:



    • Dave Tosser says:

      I keep having nightmares about old school journalists

      I keep seeing Julian Rignall climbing through my window with a big percentage under his arm

  7. Freud says:

    It’s one of my top 20, perhaps top 10, gaming experiences on the PC. It’s got a fantastic sense of place. I have no idea how the game has aged. I like to leave precious memories alone by not trying to replay old games I enjoyed.

  8. int says:

    Ugh! The aliasing on the visor should bump it down to 58th.

  9. slerbal says:

    Postby User removed ยป 22 Aug 2005, 12:41
    Tim Edwards wrote:
    Outcast is the 57th best PC game ever.

    And only a fool would disagree.


  10. DrollRemark says:

    Thank god for that.

  11. MadTinkerer says:

    I’ve had enough, I’ll play it today! I just bought Drunken Robot Pornography (I had a coupon because I bought all the other Dejobann games) and a few others, but I’ll play Outcast instead!

    I’ve had it in my GoG library for a while, just sitting there, waiting for me to stop playing Skyrim (mods) so damn much.

    I did have plans to do some chores today, but noooooo, RPS need me to finally play Outcast. Well FINE.

    • DelrueOfDetroit says:

      Woa, slow down! There are still 56 other games you might want to play before Outcast.

  12. Skabooga says:

    After reading this, I’m not sure my day can get any better. Thanks, RPS. Keep on being you.

  13. SRTie4k says:

    I replayed it a couple years ago (with a few mods to make it run at native resolution) and it is still absolutely fantastic through and through.

    • Premium User Badge

      Waltorious says:

      I played it for the first time a few years ago, and absolutely loved it. And I didn’t even have the high-res mod! I’d heartily recommend it to anyone.

  14. Niko says:

    57/100 then?

  15. NotToBeLiked says:

    PC Gamer is still wrong, it’s a Belgian game, not a French one

  16. BooleanBob says:

    And Phil Neville is still England’s 100th best footballer.

  17. Dave Tosser says:

    RPS in 2007 was definitely not a blog. Not a blog!

  18. Danopian says:

    Don’t go changing, RPS.

  19. Carra says:

    All right. But for today only.

  20. Magnusm1 says:

    What’s going on here?

  21. cdx00 says:

    wow nice RPS meme

  22. accidentallyatepizza says:

    This is totally on my top 20 list of best games ever. I played through it once when it was released and I still remember most of the game.

  23. Arnkell says:

    The HD fan remake is still going on, maybe we will see a public beta this fall or winter.

    link to openoutcast.org

  24. Pop says:

    How can a game with a protagonist called Cutter Slade not be THE best PC game of all time?

  25. Johnny Go-Time says:

    I understand that rumours are circulating that Outcast is not the 57th best PC game of all time. I say to you that this is a dangerous lie, not to be believed on any account.

    This caused me to snort Coke Zero all over my just-assembled sandwich. Hopefully the dryness of the wit will somehow salvage my now-soaked lunch… :(