The RPS Bargain Bucket: Insert Pun

I actually watched movies recently. Including The Lego Movie, which I had somehow missed for months. My god, why didn’t anyone tell me that a film could cause such a pure, electronic sense of joy? I am giddy with love. Especially for Unikitty, who should bleed rainbow sparkles. In commemoration of this incredible revelation, I’m including this absurd short video entitled ‘The Pasta Don’ at the bottom of the page. Yes, it’s related to that despicable, rice-eating pink alpaca from last week. (This may or may not have an attempt to convince a good friend of their vocal talents.) Enjoy the fluff-driven insanity, folks.

Papers, Please
Buy Papers, Please, please. If you haven’t already, although I can’t imagine why you would have skipped out on at least owning it. There’s a reason as to why Lucas Pope’s magnum opus has collated so many awards over the past few months. It is excellent in that soul-searing way that so many critics have demanded video games to be. Just make sure to have plenty of comfort food ready.

Risen Franchise
On a scale of one to 10, the Risen series appears to have gotten a shrug and a half from the editorial overlords. Risen 2, for example, was bashed over the upside of its head by Alec Meer who, in spite of the game’s flaws, wasn’t about to call it the worst thing since cronuts. It had things to love, but also much to be extremely vexed about. Its predecessor received similar treatment, as you can see from this collection of thoughtful links. My advice is to plow through all of these write-ups before you take a stab at the game franchise. Unless you have some spare cash you’re willing to chuck at GamersGate. (The franchise pack does not seem to exist in the UK store? At least, according to my computer. You know what to do, Hola users.)

TopWare RPG Collection
Yes, we’re talking about RPGs from that other ‘Ware company. Two Worlds II, in spite of its clunky name, is probably the highlight of this bundle. People adored it, enthusing over its elaborate crafting system and attitude towards magic. But, the rest of it? Eh. I don’t know. Enclave was reputedly middling, Gorky was apparently “okay” at best, KnightShift was disliked, and Septerra Core is certainly showing the gray in its hair. Still, it’s a cheap package for anyone looking to further pad out that backlog.

Sci-fi sandbox StarForge is apparently suffering from a multitude of Early Access-related issues, including finicky servers and a limited amount of content. It may, however, be worth the diversion given its current price point. It also may not. Who knows? To be honest, the real reason I’m bringing StarForge to your attention is because, unless something changed in the last few months, it uses at least part of the Voxel Farm engine and I really, really want you to get to know Voxel Farm. Which is as cool as a blizzard, but has been largely ignored by the general public. Marvel at it, and maybe Michael will extend his engine to include anatomically correct voxel beasts.

Summer Shorts Bundle
Pay more than $9.11/£5.43/€6.79
Oh, a new FilmBundle! I wish I could tell you for certain of any of these are good, but I can’t. That thing called “free time?” Doesn’t exist for me anymore. Nope. But, that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Because I have you, Bucketeers, to sieve through the chaff to find the – er, I’m derailing myself. Anyway, the latest FilmBundle certainly does seem interesting. It is curated by NewFilmMakers LA, and most of the chosen titles are branded with awards and nominations. Give it a whirl, if you need a different sort of time killer.

Also of note:

The Far Out Bundle – Beat $11.48/£6.84/€8.56 for everything
Help. What is this? I don’t know what I’m looking at, anymore. Why is there a graphic novel that reminds me of cactus? What is this tale about Scottish pigeons? How does Dustforce even fit into this madness? Weird, I think, is a good word to describe this descent into media madness. Or far out. Far out may be better. I really can’t decide if I like it, but the Far Out Bundle will offer the opportunity to spread your horizons.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim – $4.18/£2.49/€3.11
Ah, immersiveness. Thy name is Skyrim. Who among us have not been lulled into an existential trance by its gorgeous environments, tricked out with user mods and even more beautiful than even the untamed Scandinavian wilderness? You haven’t?! Well, then. This needs to be corrected. It just so happens that Game is selling Skyrim for rather cheap. On the off-chance you’ve been patiently waiting for this game to go for rather cheap, this may be a good time to snag it.

GreenManGaming’s 50 Games You Must Play Before You Die
You regularly check in on what Green Man Gaming has to offer, right? If you don’t already religiously visit the site, it might be an awesome idea to start now. At least, for a while. Green Man Gaming is doing a rather awesome countdown and sweetening the deal by providing discounts galore.

P.S: As always, I am taking plushie submissions.


  1. Wowbagger says:


    • Cassandra Khaw says:

      That was hands-down my favorite part of the entire movie.

      • Melody says:

        I thought it was ok, I liked the ending twist with real actors.
        The message was a bit cheesy, but at the same time I could relate to it on a deeper level than I should i.e. I’m the kind of person who never used stickers on her “guitar hero” guitars, because, “what if I change my mind?” I’m not quite good at “just playing”, and let myself be carried by my own imagination/spur-of-the-moment

        • wwwhhattt says:

          I’d read your comment through about 4 times trying to understand it before I realised the film in question was the Lego Movie, and not The Pasta Don.
          Off topic maybe, but I felt the need to confess.

      • Niko says:

        Unikitty is so awesome (and she’s also Annie from Community).

    • Aiming Dave says:

      Blah, blah, blah. Proper name, place name. Back story stuff.

    • Oozo says:

      I am, however, a tad disappointed that there is a bundle of Summer short films which does not include Brutal Relax, one of the most sunshiny of short movies ever.

  2. welverin says:

    Bundle of Holding would be a good spot to check for non-video game deals, essentially Humble Bundle for tabletop RPGs. For the next couple of days there’s a Scion bundle available.

    p.s. How do you like your plushie submissions? Images emailed directly to you?

    • Cassandra Khaw says:

      I’ve never played and/or heard of the series, so I was leery about recommending. What do you think of it?


      • welverin says:

        Can’t speak ti Scion myself, it was something I was always interested in, but never picked up, until now. White Wolf games tend to be worth a read just for the fluff though.

      • Hmm-Hmm. says:

        It’s basically about playing the scions of ancient deities in the modern era. Not sure how well it plays, though.

        -edit- I snagged it, because the price for the full package is ludicrously low.

    • MirzaGhalib says:

      I have never played a tabletop RPG but I have always wanted to! The only person I know who would be interested in playing one is my wife, and as far as I know it can’t quite be done with only two people. Such a shame as that does seem a great price.

      • welverin says:

        You could, it would be a fair bit better with more people however.

        If you have any friends who are gamers of any sort you could try and drum up interest.

        Alternatively, there are sites like EN World that host ways to get in touch with people in your area to play with. Game store often do similar things.

        Or you and the wife could make your own players, that is a long term commitment however.

      • apa says:

        Go ahead and have a game with her! Here’s some advice for 1 player games: link to

        (Strange, I wrote this reply already once but it didn’t appear on the page.)

      • Velthaertirden says:

        Have you tried ?

    • strangeloup says:

      The BoH Scion deal is definitely worth it for that price. I haven’t read it yet (DriveThruRPG, who are providing the downloads, got -hammered- when the bundle went live) but I’m told that while it’s pretty great in terms of setting and lore, the game mechanics are, at best, a bit broken. However with a bit of work you could easily keep the fluff and use, say, FATE for the rules side.

      • welverin says:

        Onyx Path is working on a new version, maybe that will end up more playable.

  3. dormouse of wimpy squadron says:

    Papers, please is also to be found on GOG for 4.99$.
    Also of note, you can get there the first 2 Flatouts with recently added Linux support for cheap.

    • MkMax says:

      Dont buy papers please on Steam or GOG!, buy it on the humble bundle store and get both the Steam version and the DRM free version (not GOG sadly but still drm free)! its the same price

      • Shadowcat says:

        Some of us consider the absence of the Steam version a positive benefit.

        • Jalan says:

          If only it were an optional use key provided by Humble… oh wait.

      • rpsKman says:

        But then you get a filthy Steam key, so no thanks.

        • Lemming says:

          The pretentiousness here is miasmic.

          • rpsKman says:

            “Vote with your wallet”, they said.

          • rexx.sabotage says:

            pre·ten·tious priˈtenCHəs
            adjective pretentious
            attempting to impress by affecting greater importance, talent, culture, etc., than is actually possessed.

            I don’t see how this word applies to people who prefer to support alternatives to Steam

            Although I do see how it applies to people who mistakenly use words out of their intended content.

          • Danny252 says:

            It does seem that saying how much you hate Steam has come back into fashion recently, for one reason or another.

          • Lemming says:

            @rexx.sabotage Thanks for putting the definition up, but it still didn’t help you see I was using it correctly, did it? Never mind, eh?

            pretentious (prɪˈtɛnʃəs)

            — adj
            1. making claim to distinction or importance, esp undeservedly

            You have to keep reading, the dictionary entry old chap.

            The implication being (as I fear I have to spell it out for you), is that using GoG makes one somehow better than someone who uses Steam, which is patently absurd.

            Don’t worry though, your posted definition now applies to your own post! How serendipitous!

          • rexx.sabotage says:

            So I see, by playing the contraian’s contrarian we stay one step ahead of the pretense, eh lemming? Your palpable indignation has put a smile on my face.

          • Kaeoschassis says:

            Mum, dad? Please stop fighting…

          • LionsPhil says:

            The comma after “keep reading” is grammatically incorrect. Your entire argument is invalid! Forever!

          • Lemming says:



  4. Vandelay says:

    Nice deal on Skyrim, but is there anywhere you can get the DLC for similar sort of prices? I’ve recently started playing Skyrim, which I have never really had a chance to get into, but would like to have the full experience (as whether as be able to download all those mods that require the expansions.) The price of them, even in Steam sales, has always put me off though. I would definitely get them if they were a couple of pounds each.

    • welverin says:

      The DLC has not gotten the benefit of a price drop, and no one will discount it more than 50%.

      You’re best off watching for sales on the Legendary Edition, that ends up being cheaper than buying the DLC alone. A 66% off sale on that is equivalent to the DLC at 75% off.

      • MkMax says:

        That seems to be a theme lately, no Goatee editions with everything included and DLC packs much more expensive and less discount than the full game, that kind of thing has been preventing me from picking Sleeping Dogs up for more than a year, the dlc pack costs 3 times what the full game costs

        • welverin says:

          Well then, you’re in luck! Sleeping Dogs has a collected/remastered edition on the way.

          Though I have to say, at least Sleeping Dogs DLC gets discounted just as much as the main game, unlike Skyrim.

    • SkittleDiddler says:

      The Skyrim Legendary Edition is now regularly on sale for less than $15 at various sites. I would suggest keeping an eye out for it at either link to or link to

    • says:

      “(as whether as be able to download all those mods that require the expansions.)”
      Erm… there aren’t that many mods which solely work with expansions, but not the main game. Source? I myself did all the modding on vanilla few weeks ago. I bought the vanilla during the summer sale, played for an hour just to remember the feeling and then started shoving mods mercilessly onto it.
      Only mods I found which won’t work without DLCs are some extremely rare ones (in the big picture of mods) which modify or add crossbows. But that’s the only instance.
      What does work? :deep breath: weather mods, convenient horses*, enhanced followers, HD texture packs*, UI enhancement*, immersive animations, no spinning death animation*, ragdoll enhancements*, various additional music*, sounds of Skyrim*, location damage overhaul, HD world map, volumetric fog*, unique grasses*, bloody facials reblooded*, skill uncapper*, faster mining*, ultimate HD fire effects*, smoking torches*, realistic lightning*, a matter of time* (an on-key clock), static meshes improvement, autosaver, and many additional content mods, like additional weapons, armors, spells, bows, and Falskaar, as the whole additional land.
      * depicts mods I consider must-have.

      Yeah, everything’s working somewhat stabilly and without any DLC.

  5. Melody says:

    Insert pun, you say? Well, here you go
    link to

    • Paul B says:

      Hehe, worthy of Tim Vine – thanks for the giggle :)

    • Premium User Badge

      kfix says:

      A mysterious old woman once told me that I would not find such things amusing.

      It’s my F8.

  6. MkMax says:

    I kinda stopped going into GreenManGamming since they did the whole PlayFire thing, they only very rarely have more than 25% discounts anymore since they are banking on that horrible achievement based bonus money system

    Heck, games like Murdered are still at release price (50usd, ive seen it at 15!), Titanfall is 60usd even Origin has it much cheaper than that, and when Origin beats your deals you are in trouble

    • Jalan says:

      Their discounts have tended to be on the laughable end of things lately. It’s clear that before they overhauled their rewards system they were losing money to such a degree that they put caveats into their voucher codes such as a minimum spending price or “only applies to specific small set of titles” + no ability to use credit mined through reward hoarding (and so on). Normally I would’ve been looking to them to do a lot of my purchasing for things I’d hoped to get at a good price but have found they’re getting to the same point Steam has hit (at least when it isn’t running some specialized sale).

      • RobF says:

        I’m fairly sure it’s no coincidence that they went to crap on the discounts roughly round the same time devs could set their own discounts on Steam.

    • rpsKman says:

      I actually just dislike their store layout. It works like crap. And let’s not get started on Capsule.

  7. CookPassBabtridge says:

    * standing ovation for Pasta Don *
    Your friend sounds a bit like George Takei. That video cheered my saturday up no end :) Thankyou Cassandra!

    • thedosbox says:

      Agreed. Plushie’s acting up put a massive smile on my face.

    • Gap Gen says:

      Yes, more of this!

    • Premium User Badge

      kfix says:

      …until the next upstart shows its face

      “That’s a lovely felafel you have there. Shame if anything were to happen to it.”

    • says:

      Seconded, thirded, or xed (x>3)! That was wonderful! Want more plushie theater!

  8. Lagran says:

    Groupees has combined their “Be Mine” bundle with a “Build A Bundle” for their latest offering: link to

    Not sure how some of these games match up, but it’s a minimum of 2 games, games priced at either $0.50 or $1 each. All bonuses already unlocked, a bit over 5 days left.

    • kalirion says:

      I really liked Book of Legends from that bundle – my favorite RPG Maker JRPG so far. Of the other’s I’ve played, 99 Spirits is pretty good, and Ballpoint Universe is a nice shmup/platformer with a unique art style.

      link to is another groupees bundle active right now, only $1 for the whole thing, and contains Bik which has been reviewed on RPS: link to Also has the old DOS games MegaRace and Megarace 2, though unfortunately without GOG keys.

  9. Koozer says:

    My big problem with Papers, Please is that I have no problem denying people who’s papers are not in order no matter how nice they seem, and I’ll let anyone through with correct paperwork no matter how bad I’m told they are. It’s a bit dull if you just do your job properly.

    • edwardoka says:

      All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing when confronted by fictional human trafficking.


    • Gog Magog says:

      On the flip side of much the same coin, if you don’t give the slightest thought to the survival of your avatar and your adopted fictionfamily because you are an idealist in the Ahab vein of I TURN MY BODY AWAY FROM THE SUN (the man really had an allcaps problem) you see all paths anywhere and that they all lead to much the same sundown and you kind of leave Papers Please without having completed the intended narrative.

  10. Shadowcat says:


    I guess this bargain basket will have to make do…

  11. Jim9137 says:


  12. Premium User Badge

    zapatapon says:

    The Summer Film Bundle is apparently only available from the US. A shame, I was really interested in trying it out.

    Also, I find it slightly surprising that there are apparently only 31 contributors so far?

  13. Pich says:

    What? no humble japanese bundle? for 10$ you get the highest rated PC game of 2014, Ys Origins and Gigantic Army which are damn good. And all DRM free as in freedom

    • Awesomeclaw says:

      Ys and Gigantic Army are actually the only games in that bundle I haven’t played yet, and so far I really haven’t been that impressed with the others. Hopefully Ys and GA make up for the other games.

      • Bugamn says:

        I was goig to ignore this bundle, but then I saw GA’s video and thought, giant robot looks like fun. I couldn’t resist, it’s a weakness of mine.

    • Baines says:

      And if you are really lucky, you might even get to register and play them on Steam.

      A few hours of web API being down last night (which prevents redeeming Humble keys on Steam). Several US and UK servers down for the last day. Today the SteamDB client is down, and several US and UK servers are down. Can’t connect to Steam. Can’t even mention it on the forums, because the Steam forums aren’t working for the unlucky either.

      Yeah, I’m just grumpy that Steam is ****ed yet again. Kind of funny how much hate EA gets with Origin and Ubisoft gets with Uplay, when it feels like Steam is down more often than both of those services combined.

  14. J. Cosmo Cohen says:

    Is that a Justin Long plushie?

  15. d32 says:

    All those years ago, Gorky 17 was super fun for me, turn-based shooting fan raised on doses of Laser Squad.

  16. Casimir's Blake says:

    I don’t see how anyone could use the words “immersive” (or its derivatives) and “Skyrim” on the same page, and keep a straight face. Unless one were to preface them with “not at all”.

    • rexx.sabotage says:

      If you’re gonna take a swing at old man Skyrim at least jab at his actual flaws.

      for an encore you gonna rib on Diablo 2?

    • fish99 says:

      Whatever your opinion of it, millions of people did get hugely immersed in Skyrim.

    • WiggumEsquilax says:

      A pool 8 miles wide by 6 inches deep is only immersive if you just lay face down, take it all in, and don’t ask questions.

    • Dave Tosser says:

      B-b-but muh immershuns! I was so utterly immersed in Skyrim!! It was so immersive!!! 10/10!!!!

  17. JD Ogre says:

    Hmm. No mention of The Binding of Isaac (with the expansion) on the Humble Store for $1.99 for the next 22 hours. Of course, since that happened like 6 hours after the article was posted, it’s to be expected. :)

  18. rexx.sabotage says:

    so, who’s selling StarForge for 5 bucks? it aint Steam…

  19. cptgone says:

    BUYERS BEWARE: the “new” Slitherine game on Steam, while “discounted”, costs almost 3x the regular price on Steam.

    • dE says:

      Ahh, Slitherine. Never attribute to random mistakes what can be attributed to a pure burning hatred against Steam and its users. Hyperbole, of course. I think they’re just a bit excentric when it comes to selling their games. Perhaps a bit too much. I remember download insurances and pricetags without VAT.
      In the case of that game I’m wondering if it isn’t the usual Mobile->PC Port “Tax”. A lot of mobile ports do that, instead of doing individual IAP, they put it all in but ask a higher price since PC is used to higher prices.

      • cptgone says:

        Sorry folks, it seems I was wrong.

        I’ve just been pointed out that the lower price is for the iPad version. As the page Google led me to listed PC as a platform (I checked before posting), I’d never have guessed. I’m also told the PC version includes the expansions, and the iPad version doesn’t.

    • rpsKman says:

      Which one? I won’t be buying their games anymore, but I’m just curious as to what they’re putting out.