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The RPS Bargain Bucket: Insert Pun

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I actually watched movies recently. Including The Lego Movie, which I had somehow missed for months. My god, why didn’t anyone tell me that a film could cause such a pure, electronic sense of joy? I am giddy with love. Especially for Unikitty, who should bleed rainbow sparkles. In commemoration of this incredible revelation, I’m including this absurd short video entitled ‘The Pasta Don’ at the bottom of the page. Yes, it’s related to that despicable, rice-eating pink alpaca from last week. (This may or may not have an attempt to convince a good friend of their vocal talents.) Enjoy the fluff-driven insanity, folks.

Papers, Please
Buy Papers, Please, please. If you haven’t already, although I can’t imagine why you would have skipped out on at least owning it. There’s a reason as to why Lucas Pope’s magnum opus has collated so many awards over the past few months. It is excellent in that soul-searing way that so many critics have demanded video games to be. Just make sure to have plenty of comfort food ready.

Risen Franchise
On a scale of one to 10, the Risen series appears to have gotten a shrug and a half from the editorial overlords. Risen 2, for example, was bashed over the upside of its head by Alec Meer who, in spite of the game’s flaws, wasn’t about to call it the worst thing since cronuts. It had things to love, but also much to be extremely vexed about. Its predecessor received similar treatment, as you can see from this collection of thoughtful links. My advice is to plow through all of these write-ups before you take a stab at the game franchise. Unless you have some spare cash you’re willing to chuck at GamersGate. (The franchise pack does not seem to exist in the UK store? At least, according to my computer. You know what to do, Hola users.)

TopWare RPG Collection
Yes, we’re talking about RPGs from that other ‘Ware company. Two Worlds II, in spite of its clunky name, is probably the highlight of this bundle. People adored it, enthusing over its elaborate crafting system and attitude towards magic. But, the rest of it? Eh. I don’t know. Enclave was reputedly middling, Gorky was apparently “okay” at best, KnightShift was disliked, and Septerra Core is certainly showing the gray in its hair. Still, it’s a cheap package for anyone looking to further pad out that backlog.

Sci-fi sandbox StarForge is apparently suffering from a multitude of Early Access-related issues, including finicky servers and a limited amount of content. It may, however, be worth the diversion given its current price point. It also may not. Who knows? To be honest, the real reason I’m bringing StarForge to your attention is because, unless something changed in the last few months, it uses at least part of the Voxel Farm engine and I really, really want you to get to know Voxel Farm. Which is as cool as a blizzard, but has been largely ignored by the general public. Marvel at it, and maybe Michael will extend his engine to include anatomically correct voxel beasts.

Summer Shorts Bundle
Pay more than $9.11/£5.43/€6.79
Oh, a new FilmBundle! I wish I could tell you for certain of any of these are good, but I can’t. That thing called “free time?” Doesn’t exist for me anymore. Nope. But, that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Because I have you, Bucketeers, to sieve through the chaff to find the – er, I’m derailing myself. Anyway, the latest FilmBundle certainly does seem interesting. It is curated by NewFilmMakers LA, and most of the chosen titles are branded with awards and nominations. Give it a whirl, if you need a different sort of time killer.

Also of note:

The Far Out Bundle – Beat $11.48/£6.84/€8.56 for everything
Help. What is this? I don’t know what I’m looking at, anymore. Why is there a graphic novel that reminds me of cactus? What is this tale about Scottish pigeons? How does Dustforce even fit into this madness? Weird, I think, is a good word to describe this descent into media madness. Or far out. Far out may be better. I really can’t decide if I like it, but the Far Out Bundle will offer the opportunity to spread your horizons.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim – $4.18/£2.49/€3.11
Ah, immersiveness. Thy name is Skyrim. Who among us have not been lulled into an existential trance by its gorgeous environments, tricked out with user mods and even more beautiful than even the untamed Scandinavian wilderness? You haven’t?! Well, then. This needs to be corrected. It just so happens that Game is selling Skyrim for rather cheap. On the off-chance you’ve been patiently waiting for this game to go for rather cheap, this may be a good time to snag it.

GreenManGaming’s 50 Games You Must Play Before You Die
You regularly check in on what Green Man Gaming has to offer, right? If you don’t already religiously visit the site, it might be an awesome idea to start now. At least, for a while. Green Man Gaming is doing a rather awesome countdown and sweetening the deal by providing discounts galore.

P.S: As always, I am taking plushie submissions.

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