Titanfield: CoD Advanced Warfare Multiplayer Revealed

Well, if you're going to go out, might as well be leaping through the air dual-wielding ... something huge.

Heya, Call of Duty, buddy, how are you doing? Breakups are hard, aren’t they? Ex-friends Respawn are off doing their own thing and that big bully Battlefield‘s still swanning about, making your life difficult. You wanna look cool and hip, so at Gamescom yesterday you showed off your hottest new clothes, spruced up versions of the last-season garbage those losers are wearing. Double-jumps and cloaking, maps that modify themselves over time – you’ve taken the best of them and mixed it in with your own feel. Plus, for some reason, Unreal Tournament dodging. That one’s a bit off the wall.

That trailer crams a lot of information into a short time. Sledgehammer have attempted to script some set-pieces to show off the changes but it still doesn’t really do justice to just how big some of these modifications are. The addition of double jumps, dodging and air dashes is a huge step from the slower-paced, land-locked end of the FPS spectrum Call of Duty ordinarily inhabits.

Customisation has a massive overhaul that the trailer barely touches on. Classes can be created via a point distribution system that was first used in Black Ops 2. There’s now loot drops giving guns whose base stats vary from the norm. The infamous scorestreaks are upgraded as well. They’re now modifiable in a similar way to weapons, allowing attachments that will change, for example, a machine-gun turret to one that fires rockets. There’s also a glimpse of co-op versions, where two players will control different elements of the same scorestreak, and map based ones with more global effects than normal.

All these beans, and a few more, were spilled yesterday during the hour-long reveal event. Jump to 1:12:00 in this archive of the stream to skip the waffle:


  1. ArtyFishal says:

    Unlike Titanfall, however, in this game you actually play against people instead of spending a large portion of your time grinding kills against brain-dead cannon fodder bots so that you can transition from exhilarating first person-rocket jumping free-running to dull, simplistic mecha-combat. This game also appears to have actual customization and a selection of weapons and toys. I bet it will have an actual player population and a variety of modes too. And you probably don’t have to play through an unplayable campaign to unlock 66% of the mechas.

    Seriously, Titanfall is the most over-rated games this year, and one of the greatest disappointments in recent gaming. I would rather play another COD than more Titanfall. If this brings back the fun chaos and pc-friendly attitude of BO2 with neato sci-fi malarkey, I’m game.

    • Steven Hutton says:

      I couldn’t possibly disagree more.

    • Goodtwist says:

      CoD 4 offered a very good tactical experience if you went to the right servers with active admins and motivated players. Good times

      • Chuckleluck says:

        I enjoyed COD4 because it was down to earth. No giant robots or jet packs or sentry guns or XM25 or crossbows. We had some good old everysoldiermans guns like AK47s and M16s, ones you recognized.

      • mpOzelot says:

        Indeed, search and destroy with 4 people max per team was a lot of fun.

    • thestjohn says:

      I respectfully disagree with your factually inaccurate estimation of Titanfall, but hope you find enjoyment in Advanced COD Fisherman Warfare.

      • ArtyFishal says:

        What’s inaccurate?

        • derbefrier says:

          All of it

          • kuangmk11 says:

            More bots than players. Check
            exhilarating first person-rocket jumping free-running. Check
            dull, simplistic mecha-combat. Check
            Weak population. Check

            Where are the inaccuracies again?

            I bought Titanfall but I wish I hadn’t. I defiantly wont be buying a new CoD. Can we get a BF1942 or BF2142 reboot instead

          • Chuckleluck says:

            I would buy the next Battlefield and all its overpriced DLC and stupid microtransactions if they would simply make it World War 2 again.

        • SkittleDiddler says:

          You’re wrong because OPINIONS. And all that.

          EDIT: I actually do agree with you. I consider Titanfall to be the video game equivalent of click-baiting.

        • thestjohn says:

          Unless you’re playing attrition, there’s no real need to grind out NPCs as you can get your titan just as fast by being good at killing pilots or titans. I honestly don’t bother shooting NPCs unless there’s a ton of them in my way. Titan combat is certainly not simplistic at a high level; there’s a bunch of different metas on the go of varying effectiveness, some of which come with a high skill ceiling and it’s not all about plodding around like a sullen robot. You don’t need to complete the campaign to unlock all the chassis (although I will grant you that was true at launch.) Customisation could be better but I don’t see that being essential in a FPS, although is expected now I suppose. There’s nothing wrong with the selection of weapons presented in my view; they’re well balanced, almost platonic ideals of weapon types and I can’t see what niches need filling with new ones. Finally, while the population is smaller on PC than XBOX(whichever), it’s not non-existent.

          • DiscordCabbage says:

            Seconded. Titanfall has a lot of depth at higher play levels, and it’s easily one of my top multiplayer FPS games of all time. Its real issue is the high difficulty curve when first getting into it, due to the incredibly high skill ceiling.

    • secuda says:

      Totally agree, as much as the hype was around the game all i could see was a COD clone with bots and one or two Mechs.

  2. Skiddywinks says:

    Ahh, the old “…except the kitchen sink” approach. Except this time even including that. Sounds a little desperate to me. Time will tell I guess. Still bound to sell like meth infused hotcakes.

    What even is a hotcake anyway?

  3. Fanbuoy says:

    This seems like the most promising CoD in a while. I dare say it… doesn’t even seem insulting. I still won’t play it. I try to avoid other people. Mommy says they’re dangerous.

    • HybridHalo says:

      It does look like this is bringing some actual change to the formula. If it pushes the multiplayer gameplay feel in the right direction – I would be interested. As much as I enjoyed Titanfall, it was short lived due to the bot presence in MP. Something like this might hit the spot.

      Won’t be buying it on launch though.

      • Smoky_the_Bear says:

        Yeah it’s a new studio attempting something different with the franchise so it has a chance to not suck. Agreed though will wait for one of those free weekends they always do where you can try the game then pick it up for £20ish, will see what it’s like then.

  4. rpsKman says:

    I see “Advanced” and I think Ghost Recon. Now I’m sad.

    • rndmplyr says:

      Now you made me sad too.

    • Premium User Badge

      keithzg says:

      I remember Ghost Recon coming out and me being annoyed that a stripped down, more action-y and less interactable and thoughtful shooter was quickly becoming the de-facto ‘realistic’ shooter.

      Oh, what a simpler time that was!

  5. RARARA says:

    I like how, at the 1:35 mark, he does the human equivalent of the Pugachev’s Cobra.

    • Goodtwist says:

      To me this is rather Pete “Maverick” Mitchell’s breaking bad manoeuvre.

  6. derbefrier says:

    Looks like it could be fun and it also looks like they took a couple pages out of titanfalls book. I don’t know about buying another CoD though.

  7. GenBanks says:

    I hope it’s as fun to play as it looks in that video…

  8. AbigailBuccaneer says:

    I’d hate to jinx it but this actually looks like ruddy good fun. Is the CoD community still as stereotypically bad as it used to be?

  9. jpm224 says:

    Autoplay video ads……Bad! That’s a bad RPS!

  10. HisDivineOrder says:

    Good to see I wasn’t the only one to think, “Omg, Activision really wishes they had Titanfall, don’t they?”

    Trouble is, people have already mostly Titanfell out of love with the whole concept. I suspect Call of Duty will have the same number of users as it always does. Especially with that “Advanced Warfare” brand that so closely evokes the old “Modern Warfare” monicker. Going “Ghosts” was bold and, as it turns out, ill-advised.

  11. zeep says:

    Omg.. Whats next, COD going Tribes?

    • Kaeoschassis says:

      Please don’t let them touch Tribes. :c

      • Smoky_the_Bear says:

        Can’t be any worse than what Hi-Rez did with it. At least Activision wouldn’t make ridiculous pay2win nonsense out of the game and then abandon it because they fucked the game so hard and couldn’t be arsed to fix it.

  12. DrollRemark says:

    Heh, gamepad sniping.

  13. Synesthesia says:

    Well that is certainly the most expensive middle finger ever made. Poor respawn. I really had hopes for titanfall.

  14. TT says:

    IT actually resembles more Crysis Suit thing than anything Titanfall. But mostly is COD pew pew again, wish is what they are going for year on year.

  15. Maxheadroom says:

    I does look kinda fun i guess. Pity it’ll be obsolete in 12 months though.

    If it had CoD had a development cycle more like The Elder Scrolls i might be interested, but yearly iterations are just too frequent for me to muster any enthusiasm for any 1 release.

    Could be worse, Bethesda could start pumping out annual Elder Scrolls titles (This November! Oblivion 2! Now with Double-Jump! :) )

    • Chuckleluck says:

      This is literally the worst idea ever. And yet, I want to see it.

    • Predatoro01 says:

      Shhh don’t remind me how badly i want a new elder scrolls/Fallout bethesda game.

  16. Carra says:

    For every run like that, killing 10 guys in 2 minutes, I have to play a hundred games where I die every 2 minutes.

  17. terves says:

    I would pay extra for a copy of this that doesn’t include the single-player and would just let me install the only sodding part of the game I care about without having to download 20 gigs of shit I’ll never even play.

  18. Megakoresh says:

    So they basically took Crysis 2/3 MP and slapped a CoD brand on it, and it will now sell like DayZ on sale. Right.
    It’s a pity that this is the state my favourite genre is in now.

    (ok minus the changing maps, though if it’s anything like “Levolution” in BF4, I’d hardly call it a bonus)

  19. int says:

    I am intrigued. I’ve found joy in all the CoD games. This one seems to be much more fast paced and have more gadgets — two things I like!

  20. Warped655 says:

    I know every casual call of duty player liked BLOPS2, but that game had some of the most annoying game design decisions and redundant map design.

    The devs during Advanced Warfare’s multiplayer unveiling literally brought up 3-lane map design as a positive. And went with BLOPS2’s ‘pick’ system where you can’t freely mix perks in the same ‘category’ without paying extra points (a step backward from Ghosts). Which is basically a very annoying method of restriction to make balancing easier and keep smarter players from making powerful classes so the dumb-dumbs can play. It also looks like it has a slower TTK so the common bores can also have their simpleton shooty-fights and not have to worry to much about flanks or being outsmarted.

    With all these complaints, I still might purchase it. Even in my poverty stricken state.

    Also, looking at the gameplay footage, none of the maps really looked ‘3-lane’. So perhaps the guy talking didn’t know what he was babbling about.

    People bitched about Ghosts, but people don’t know that diarrhea is just pouring out of their mouths, so I generally ignore them. I literally remember some people complaining that class design in Ghosts was too complicated… ARGH. FUCK THOSE GUYS.

    That’s right, I’m a Call of Duty curmudgeon. I both love Call of Duty, and hate it.

  21. bstard says:

    Sometimes I wonder if I need a agenda at all. When the CoD spams arrives it’s august.

  22. SuicideKing says:

    CoD_AW = (Crysis + Battlefield + Titanfall + CS + Borderlands)/CoD_Dog;