This Is A Sneaking Mission: Metal Gear Solid V On PC

Big Boss there, airlifting sheep to his secret seabase.

As daft and self-obsessed as it became, Metal Gear Solid is a wonderful thing. The series has only been spotted on PC a few times over the years, but delightfully we will get to interrogate its two shiny new games. Open-world sneak ’em up Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain and its short standalone prologue Ground Zeroes are both coming to PC via Steam. Maybe PC folks are lucky, knowing less about the knots the backstory tied then bloody-mindedly untangled at agonising length in MGS 4. For many of us, it might simply be a pleasant and silly open-world sneaky game.

But oh my, we’ve been mostly ignoring the game until now (briefly noting that PC was vaguely planned) so we have a lot to catch up on. The Phantom Pain is a big, sprawling thing set in an open-world chunk of Afghanistan about legendary spy-turned-mercenary Big Boss’s revenge on a chap killing his chums. As well as sneaking around doing spy things and getting caught up in a wacky story, he’s leading a merc outfit. The Diamond Dogs (who, of course, turn deceased comrades’ ashes into diamonds) live in a big offshore base, which you upgrade and staff with resources and people–and livestock–nabbed from the battlefield.

Ground Zeroes is a prologue chapter, a simpler affair in one small area, but still a paid standalone.

I suppose I should touch on the twisting story. Metal Gear is split into two eras with two stars, one starting in the ’60s starring Big Boss ( once ‘Naked Snake’) and the other starting in the ’90s with Solid Snake (a clone of Big Boss). MGS V is from the earlier strand. And that’s enough of that.

Kojima didn’t offer even a vague PC release date but did confirm that, as on consoles, Ground Zeroes will be released first. GZ hit consoles in March while TPP isn’t due on them until early 2015. I imagine we’ll see Zeroes before Pain hits consoles, at least. Steam store pages are up, and the PC release is definitely being treated as a Steam release, coming with a Steam-themed cardboard box (for hiding in, obvs) with a valve on the back and choo-chooing blasts of water vapour.

Here, have a half-hour demo of a specially-trimmed mission from E3:

They also showed more at an event during Gamescom. Skip to 22:45 during the broadcast for the start of the show, or 27:40 for the new gameplay demo.


  1. wiper says:

    Well, it’s just as well that absolutely no plot whatsoever, no sirree, happened during MGS3 and 4, so that those people who’ve only played previous PC-released MGS games will definitely not be confused in the slightest ;)

    • Bull0 says:

      I’m so glad the first comment on this good news story is a complaint.

      • Smashbox says:

        Color me surprised. Comment sections are usually so positive and reasonable.

      • BobbyFizz says:

        Hahaha, I was just thinking “as soon as I get to the comments, there’ll be someone pointless chiming in about how bad/mundane/generally shit MGS is”.

        I personally love the whole series, I find MGS engrossing, immersive, funny and just a plain blast to play. I’m elated that this is on PC.

        • Bull0 says:

          Yeah, I’m a lifelong fan of the series too. I imagine there’ll be some catch-up at the beginning of the game anyway, there always is. Being worried about a lack of exposition in a Metal Gear game speaks of inexperience, tbh

    • Snidesworth says:

      It must be proper weird being a PC Metal Gear fan. Nothing for over a decade, then suddenly that blonde lad is growling moodily and chopping up robot dogs.

    • Deano2099 says:

      Well it’s a direct follow up to PeaceWalker, which was a PSP game, so lots of people get to be confused…

    • wu wei says:

      I’m not sure if having played any of the earlier games will actually help in understanding the plot. Kojima’s stuff does heavily lean to the bat shit crazy.

    • Nintyuk says:

      Don’t worry, I watched all the movies on youtube.

    • AmirBan says:

      there is a thing called youtube. people can go there and watch/download the whole MGS3/MGSPW cut scenes and see the story. no need for MGS4’s story.

      • AsianJoyKiller says:

        Of course, whether or not they can follow the story might be up in the air.

      • DrManhatten says:

        Well you don’t need that either as in 3 minutes into the video you now already it plays after MGS3 as it is BIG BOSS so no need to know about MGS4 or MGS2

    • BehindYou!!! says:

      Judging by the goat (ram) tied to a flying balloon it seems I missed a lot of story.

      • Kaeoschassis says:

        Crossing my fingers that the primary objective of MGS5 is to recover as many cute and fluffy animals as possible in order to start Big Boss’ offshore petting zoo.

    • welverin says:

      PC only gamers who missed out on the previous games will be no more confused than the people who did play them, they’ll just be confused for a different reason.

    • Perjoss says:

      “people who’ve only played previous PC-released MGS games will definitely not be confused in the slightest ;)”

      It’s MGS, people who have played every game in the series from the start multiple times over are just as confused if not more so as someone who’s skipped many of the games :)

  2. Orija says:

    GTA V? Check.
    MGS V? Check.
    Rise of the Tomb Raider? Who cares.
    FF XV? Waiting for Status Update.

    • SuicideKing says:

      All we need now is Halo 5 and Star Wars Battlefront 3.

      • Leb says:

        We’ve been fine without Halo with years, Xbone can keep it. UT 2014 is where it’s at.

  3. Orija says:

    Also, O’Connor, there is a new video that came out yesterday featuring Tactical Horse Defecation, you might wanna post that.

    • Alice O'Connor says:

      I do link to the Gamescom demo, but the E3 one seems more representative for people who might not have seen the game much/at all. At Gamescom they’re trying to show something different to excite people who already know about it and might delight in small details like absurd cardboard boxes and horses pooing.

    • RARARA says:

      I repeat, Tactical Horse Defecation. The horse has a dedicated “Defecate” button and the horse manure can cause jeeps to slide off road.

      • LionsPhil says:

        This may be the most unrealistic game ever made if you can control when and where a horse defecates.

        • RARARA says:

          The sort of knowledge I expect from an audience who has been gaming since 1873.

        • Orija says:

          It is also a video game.

        • mpOzelot says:

          I like how the focus here is on the realism of “defecation on command” rather than shit behaves like banans in mario kart.

        • Geebs says:

          It’s explained in-universe that the button makes Snake really, really not want the horse to defecate. The horse AI is therefore completely true to life.

      • Jerppa says:

        That’s the biggest load of horseshit I have ever read.

    • mpOzelot says:

      The E3 video is better, less Geoff Keighley in it.

  4. Ulaxes says:

    YEAH!!! So much looking forward to this. Now if we only could convince From Software to release Bloud Bourne on PC.

  5. lowprices says:

    Welp, my “reasons to get a PS4” list is getting shorter and shorter (even though getting a new gaming PC will be more expensive).

  6. Laurentius says:

    What’s all this fuss is about ? I remeber that were like two MGS games on PC but that was so long time ago that I forgot about what they were like but I think i didn’t like them back then. (probably didn’t have proper machine so it looked and run like crap).

  7. Perkelnik says:

    They couldnt time this announcement better :) Well done Konami, you ll be getting my money, unlike Square Enix.

  8. Napoleon15 says:

    And there I was, thinking I’d never get to play another MGS game since 3 on the PS2. I am most excited.

    • DanMan says:

      That’s my last played one as well. Now we just need MGS 4. Do it, Kojima. Do it!

  9. Baltech says:

    ” I imagine we’ll see Zeroes before Pain hits consoles”… Sentence! Of! The! Week!

  10. PedroTheHutt says:

    Considering just how terrible of a writer Kojima is, and how MGS5 seems to be building up the worst story yet, I think I’ll pass, even if it is on PC.

  11. Schmudley says:

    MGS was one of the few things that could persuade me to pay up for a next-gen console. Not sure that will happen now.

    I look forward to witnessing whatever madness Kojima has planned.

  12. mpOzelot says:

    For whoever is interested in playing em both, I would suggest to skip Ground Zeroes, it barely is a Metal Gear Solid game.

    • Harlander says:

      How’s that?

      • mpOzelot says:

        Well, I think what makes Metal Gear a fun experience is the amount of actions given to the player, and the never ending fiddling with its mechanics.
        Ground Zeroes showcases the new open world approach and streamlined controls, but lacks many of the Hideo-syncrasies(sorry) the series is famous for.
        There are no back pains, knocking on walls, hiding in trash cans, and no ! ?. It’s all really aseptic and serious, cut scenes feel like COD extracts too.

        I felt like this was going to be another Japanese production to lose identity while trying to cater toward western taste, but from the E3 gameplay video of MGSV it looks like Kojima might be steering back the boat a bit.

    • Hanban says:

      I disagree. The argument can be made that it isn’t worth the price, which I fully agree with. For my own part I’ve played ~15 hours, but then, I really enjoy trying to get S-rank on the missions you can play. Other than the length I find it to be a pretty grand MGS game. You can’t knock on walls (presumably because in Phantom Pain the mechanic is tied to your arm), there are no hour long cutscenes, but the stealth is a vast improvement from the old games.

      I’d recommend it!

      • mpOzelot says:

        The stealth mechanics are improved yes, but I feel like it lacks depth due to the low amount of mechanics. I think the beauty of the series is in its layered structure, I would play it for the cut scenes and the funky mechanics, some people like you would play it for the S ranks challenges and so on. I just think Ground Zeroes doesn’t have a lot to say beside “Hey we are open world and we got new controls”.

        • Hanban says:

          Well, I’m sure you’re looking forward to Phantom Pain, then! It seems like most mechanics will be making it back there!

          • mpOzelot says:

            Was looking at the Gamescom video just now, pretty happy it’s turning out to be what I was hoping for.

  13. Blackcompany says:

    This looks…interesting. Provided the narrative stays out of the way and lets me play (yeah, right) and its not smothered in hours of cut scenes (its Kojima; it will be) this could well be a fun time. Unfortunately, past evidence indicates we will do as much watching of this game as playing. Possibly more. Hopefully I’m wrong, of course…time will tell.

    • Kaeoschassis says:

      I don’t know if you played Peace Walker on the PSP, but it (finally, many would say) addressed MGS’s reputation for 3-hour cutscenes and not being able to walk ten feet without someone phoning you. There’s a somewhat lengthy opening cinematic, but after that the vast majority of the plot stuff is optional. I am hopeful that enough people liked Peace Walker’s approach that they’re continuing it in MGS5 – I quite enjoy the writing style of the series in moderation, but even I have to admit there are times I just want the whole cast to shut up and let me get on with it.

  14. squirrel says:

    This is mostly good news, except that I don’t want Ground Heroes which is essentially an overpriced demo.

    • rpsKman says:

      Probably the one I would play. The equivalent of Freedom Cry for AC. 40 hours? Hell no. 3 to 5 hours? Bring it.

      • Dave Tosser says:

        It’s literally a demo that was sold for full price, not a gaiden.

  15. The Sombrero Kid says:

    Can someone explain to me why no one calls Hideo Kojima out for being a mysoginistic prick?

    • bigjig says:

      Because he isn’t?

    • Hanban says:

      I’ve read a couple of articles criticizing Hideo’s representation of women. Most recently about the young girl wearing next to nothing in Phantom Pain.

    • FuriKuri says:

      I think the series has done a reasonable job of presenting women in a decent light. At least I don’t feel they’ve been objectified any more than men (that isn’t to say it hasn’t happened at all). But I think a few boob shots, mostly of one particular character (almost as if it’s a style she chose/who she is – props to MGS4 for not letting the fact that she’s ~60 change that) is more than balanced out by the naked cartwheeling antics of Raiden in MGS2.

      There’s an entire roster of women (good and bad) in the series that have shown strength and appropriate attire for the situation. Sure, you got to see Meryl in her knickers at one point but otherwise she’s in combat fatigues and body armour.

      • Snidesworth says:

        Snakebutt and Kaz may be balancing factors, but then you’ve got stuff like the Beauty and the Beast unit. And the assorted “zoom into X-ray mode” moments in various cutscenes in Peace Walker.

    • Bradamantium says:

      Plenty of folks did just that, especially in the wake of Quiet and his choices in Ground Zeroes. If you didn’t see it, you simply weren’t looking for it.

    • GameCat says:

      While his female characters are often sexualised, so are the males (Raiden running naked in MGS2).

      He made one of the best videogame female character of all time – The Boss. And her relationship with Snake isn’t “we just want to bone each other”.

      • SkittleDiddler says:

        But…I thought male characters in video games couldn’t be sexualized! Ever!

      • Bradamantium says:

        That’s not sexualizing, though. Raiden’s not stripped naked to titillate, it’s supposed to be for a laugh. The same reason the President cops a feel on him, or why he makes an appearance in MGS3 sporting nothing but a g-string. And it never comes close to how women are sexualized – Meryl in her panties after identifying her via the way she shakes her ass while walking, Olga’s see through shirt, EVA’s broken zipper, even all the porno mags and posters of scantily clad women sporadically plastered through the game. And doing well by some of his female characters doesn’t mean he can’t be misogynistic at the same time.

        ‘Course, none of that’s anywhere near the reveal of Quiet for MGS5, and even that’s nowhere near the levels of grotesque that Ground Zeroes’ story hits.

        • jorygriffis says:

          Everyone always brings up Naked Raiden when talking about sexualization in MGS, and you’re right on the money here. The cutscenes that play when you beat each of the Beauty & Beast unit in MGS4 are both unbelievably inappropriately sexualized and unwittingly creepy in the childlike way they portray the women. The Raiden thing is a just a goof, and even though Snake comes to his rescue in the end it doesn’t even take away that much of his agency.

          Ground Zeroes’ narrative was horrifying (in the wrong ways) but I’m cautiously looking forward to playing Phantom Pain.

    • Christian O. says:

      The articles discussing his poor treatment of the female characters in Ground Zeroes is one of the reasons, I didn’t bother with it on console. I like Metal Gear but a couple of things in the ending of this one sound crazy misogynistic.

      • Distec says:

        I’ve watched this being played. Well, at least I think I saw the ending to it. Nothing really struck me as “crazy misogynistic”. Did I miss something?

        • jorygriffis says:

          Most of what is so fucked up about the way the story plays out is explained in the cassette tapes rather than spelled out in the cutscenes.

  16. Snoken says:

    Why do enemies that died of a headshot scream “hhhnnnnggg” when getting pulled away by those silly balloons that actually totally seem to defy the laws of physics? Plus why can’t enemies hear or see them zipping off into the sky? Unrealistic games like these are really going full retard these days?

    • Harlander says:

      Those balloons just hold up a tether that a passing aircraft snags to lift the cargo away. It’s a real thing. The other things you mentioned are stupid, yeah.

      • Snoken says:

        Phew! And there I thought I was going nuts or am I? Anyway on that bombshell I shall climb back in my camobox and go hhhhhhhnnnnngggggggg…

    • Moraven says:

      It is a game and ever since the first game you could hide in a cardboard box, without any guard noticing it out of place. MGS does not try to be to realistic.

    • Shooop says:

      They aren’t being killed, he’s shooting them with a tranquilizer dart gun.

      • Ravenine says:

        Which seems quite obvious from the “nnngh” sound they make as they crumple to the ground. How did anyone, anywhere, miss that? Seemed obvious to me within two take-downs.

        • LionsPhil says:

          Probably because enemies vocalising pain sounds and even drawn out screams when dying suddenly from a shot to the head is actually business as usual for many FPSes, even po-faced serious ones. Much like the ability to hoover up ammunition just by walking over discarded weapons, it’s one of those things we’ve mostly been conditioned to ignore.

  17. Lightningproof says:

    What are the chances that we’ll see the rest of the games (by which I mean MGS 1, 2, 3 and 4) come to Steam following this announcement? I’d love to finally play all these games all those console-owning-folks babble on about constantly.

    • Harlander says:

      1 and 2 have already had a PC release, so you might see ’em on Steam or GOG or somewhere eventually. The other two seem like a less likely proposition.

      • Frosty840 says:

        They did explicitly say in Peace Walker that the Fulton balloons were being picked up by helicopters, which is pretty much impossible as far as I can tell…
        Oddly enough, it was helicopters that made the Fulton system obsolete in the first place, which is another anachronism. MGS is full of those, though, so it’s in good company.

      • RARARA says:

        MGS3 can be emulated reliably, as long as you have a beefy processor.

        • tomek says:

          Playing through Snake Eater right now and will do Peace Walker afterwards. MGS3 looks good with higher resolution on PC.

    • DanMan says:

      HD remake? F00k yeah! Bring it!

      P.S.: I’m totally fan-girling, can you tell?

  18. LionsPhil says:

    The Diamond Dogs (who, of course, turn deceased comrades’ ashes into diamonds)

    No, they eat diamonds, silly. And live underground.

  19. lordfrikk says:

    Give me MGS HD Collection on PC.

    • XhomeB says:

      That would be awesome. We had MGS1 and 2 released ages ago (they’re nowehere to find these days) and 3 never came to PC, so it’d be a perfect release for newcomers and a great move by Konami. Hope they do it.

  20. UncleLou says:

    I’ve bought Ground Zeroes last week on the PS4 in the summer sale. I don’t know anything about MGS and the story elements were a complete mystery to me, but it’s fantastic.

    You have the movement repertoire of Armed Assault, but with perfect controls. You have a huge, open level you can tackle however you like. And the game has the most convincing and realistic stealth I’ve seen yet in a game. And everything is just amazingly interactive.

    So if GZ is anything to go by for the full game, it’s going to be fantastic, no matter how over the top or silly the story might be.

  21. HisDivineOrder says:

    Now they can port MGS 3, 4, and the PSP games in a value pack called, “Metal Gear Solid: WTF Just Happened Pack.”

  22. Frank says:

    Sold. Stupid subtitle (“phantom pain”), everything nonlethal up ’til the end and the stupidest possible explanations for game mechanics (airlifting anything not tied down, enslaving airlifted enemies, smoking an e-cigar). That’s more than enough for me to forget that this is an MGS game.

  23. Wytefang says:

    If it ends up being like a fairly fun type of Just Cause game, it might be cool. Otherwise, I don’t find myself sharing the enthusiasm of some of the more PC-centric sites who are raving “HUGE win for PC gaming.” Yeah, I don’t really see that, myself. Sure it’s a fairly famous console title but the PC doesn’t need those to have a “huge win.” The PC wins when it provides great PC games whose genesis and success starts and ends with the PC in both design terms and gameplay.

  24. LennyLeonardo says:

    This game looks kind of bonkers. In a good way. Much like the rest of the series.

  25. XhomeB says:

    Absolutely awesome news. MGS V looks like a game which FINALLY puts “gameplay” above “cutsceneses/story”, so consider me super interested.
    The fact you can choose the time of day and approach an enemy base from pretty much every direction is something that’s very rare even in the stealth genre.

  26. racccoon says:

    Metal Gear has so far only failed a few times once being its release Metal Gear Rising. wtfits =whatthefuckisthisshit.
    Where as Resident Evil has failed far too many times.
    So for me any good Metal Gear games for the PC that are Metal Gear & not a silly future joke, its all good for me. :)

  27. DrManhatten says:

    This looks even far better than the already excellent Witcher 3