Kirk Out: Interstellaria v0.4 Trailer Is Mighty Fine

I’ve covered Interstellaria a couple of times before, but so far this moody space 2D space exploration game has been focused on exploration in space. Now that the development team’s internal build has hit v0.4, they’re ready to show planetary exploration in greater detail. The new trailer below includes spaceships landing on planets, FTL-like crews adventuring across their surface, and a spot of diplomacy with the likes of the smug captain seen above.

From the YouTube description:

Your space management now extends into the planet phase. Instead of controlling a single crewmen, you can control them all! Gather up all the resources you can find on each planet, or simply destroy all enemies. Be aware that many important powerups only exist planet side.

Diplomacy is one of the most important features of the game. Without it, progression, mythos, and personality would never truly shine through as it usually does in these old school sims. Now you can communicate with the main races – and as the alpha/beta content grows so will the conversations you have with them.

Backers of the game’s successful Kickstarter have been poking around inside the game’s alpha for a while now, but the beta is due sometime soon. The Kickstarter update page notes that the game is getting close to “mechanic/code complete”. More details (and GIFs) await through at that link.


    • Neurotic says:

      If it has that, I will be most pleased.

    • dE says:

      Moments prior: “The comment section on the latest sexism article has been opened”

  1. Tony M says:

    The music for each alien race gives it a Star Control 2 feel.

  2. dE says:

    That starcaptain lacks the most important of qualities: Chest hair. I want my starcaptains with burly, bearly chest-hair, regardless of gender.

    • tobecooper says:

      It is logical that they will implement this feature in one of the future updates.
      Probably additional research is required to make the burly, bearly, chest-hair one hundred percent authentic.

    • Nidokoenig says:

      link to

      Three million years in GIMP. That sounded just as dirty in my head but I said it anyway.

      I don’t think it’s that great a look, mostly because dithering like that stands out too much in flat colour pixel art. But that might just be my lack of ideas and skill. I can see why they went with smooth.

  3. DrManhatten says:

    Could be a nice and interesting game if it just hadn’t had that poor looking retro 8 bit graphics which completely turns me off

  4. LionsPhil says:

    The lights flashing in the background stop when he winks. Tut.

  5. Quiffle says:

    Lack of appropriate tags is making me all twitchy.

  6. geldonyetich says:

    Anyone have a link to Starbound mods that probably exist and do all this already?