Build-A-Youth: The Sims 4’s Character Creator Demo

That's what young people look like nowadays, isn't it?

No matter what’s removed or added or changed or bro-ised with The Sims 4, we can be fairly certain it’ll allow one thing: making goofy-looking folks. But lawks a lummy, Maxis have only gone and released that part for free! The ‘Create A Sim’ character creator has been yanked out of the full game to make a demo (or we can treat it as simply a cool toy for everyone to play with). Nab it from Origin. This came out last week, but we overlooked it in all the fuss and bother of Gamescom. Luckily, pulling silly faces is timeless.

It’s not the full character creator, only letting y’all make folks in the Young Adult phase of their lives, not littluns or fogies. Still, who hasn’t wanted to drag a young person’s face and forcefully reshape it like meaty clay? Then dress them up in stupid hats and ugly dresses and give them daft beards and make them walk like wankers and talk like fools and drag and pull and yank on their faces distorting their horrible young faces how do they get to be so young why do they deserve it here wear this stupid earring what are you going to do about it WEAR IT we were all young once you know you’re nothing special what are you doing with your lives your time is so precious you’ll regret this you know you’ll regret it all and you can roll with it but never change it what happens happens and all we can do is try to live with it now try on this blazer and purse your lips.

The Sims 4 will be released in a few weeks, on September 4.


  1. Star Guarded says:

    I’ve been having a good time with it. Quick attempt at the Ventures (& Brock): link to

    It’s a lot more versatile than the Sims 3 creator. Who knows what the full game will be like, but I’ll probably play it.

  2. Wulfram says:

    I wish it still had sliders, at least as an option. The grab and pull stuff sometimes works great, but other times it can be very difficult to work out how to do something

    • RedViv says:

      It has been an interesting process, adapting to the new system. Pick a premade option *close* to what you want, and only *then* customise. You can’t really drag everything into every shape, but this way you can customise stuff that previously wasn’t quite possible. Dimples and bumps and edges, oh my!

      • TacticalNuclearPenguin says:

        This has mostly to do with the fact that the implementation is better.

        Sliders or “physical” dragging are little more than the user interface, you can do better stuff simply because each part is better engineered, especially in how each piece blends naturally with the next.

        I endorse the minimal UI and i can understand the reasoning behind going for this more intuitive route, yet i can’t deny that sometimes i’d like some finer tools, especially considering that this new tactile style doesn’t work flawlessy on every camera angle, and moving the latter a lot is something i value.

  3. waltC says:

    People actually “playing” these SIMS “games” is a phenomenon that has baffled me since I saw the first SIMs game at WalMart for $29.99 long years ago…;) The sales records are undeniable–people buy these “games” by the truckload. The thing is…I cannot for the life of me figure out why…;) To me, this software most closely reminds me of Silly Putty (TM)and Play Dough (TM) in terms of “gaming.”

    Is this, like, girls with Barbie/Ken Dolls, (and these days, guys, too, probably) and that sort of thing?…It’s difficult to understand the attraction from an adult standpoint.

    • khalilravanna says:

      Emergent gameplay is a helluva drug.

    • rexx.sabotage says:

      Dolls, that’s exactly what the Sims is. They are toys you use to make your own fun. Let me guess, growing up you only have half a slinky to play with and you had to share it with your brother?

      Emergent gameplay is a helluva drug.

    • Phasma Felis says:

      “It’s difficult to understand the attraction from an adult standpoint.”

      Please explain the attraction (from an adult standpoint, mind you) of:

      * breaking bricks by bouncing a ball off them repeatedly
      * arranging a series of blocks into particular configurations
      * rolling a sticky ball around
      * operating a simulated shipping company, possibly in space
      * murdering hundreds and hundreds of people.

      It’s fun because it’s fun, just like everything else fun.

    • Gnoupi says:

      See it as the ultimate RPG. You create your character, set its attributes. Then you control its actions, make it interact with the world.
      You level up your skills, go on quests (work or relationship). You can even have romances and sex, which is a necessary step in all RPGs since Mass Effect.

      But in general, you can just do whatever you want. Play the role you want.
      An introvert doing everything from his computer and never seeing the light of day?
      A “Mr Popular” having countless relationships and going to parties?
      A know-it-all successful scientist ?
      Someone living without a roof on their head and living through what he cultivates in his garden ?

      You can do a lot of different roles. You don’t have to play Barbie&Ken in it (but you can).

  4. rexx.sabotage says:

    the fidelity isn’t a huge leap up from 3, still rocking the hairhelmets I see but, at least they did pour some pizzazz into it.

    Still doesn’t make up for all the features that they have stripped from the game so they can sell them to you later. Then consider that this is going to be the most expensive Sims to date, only EA would charge more for less.

    • TacticalNuclearPenguin says:

      Actually, i’m willing to bet that on the technical side there’s a little downgrade from 3, mostly talking about shaders and stuff though.

      Still, at least i can finally dig the artstyle.

      • rexx.sabotage says:

        yeah, i think they have finally nailed their ‘look’. the original had the whole mid-century americana vibe but, 2 and 3 were pretty stale and generic stylistically.

  5. moocow says:

    “The Sims 4 will be released in a few weeks, on September 4.”

    Will RPS be getting a review copy before release?

    Not that you often conform to release date review deadlines, but it’s been claimed elsewhere that EA aren’t giving any review copies out at all before release, which inspires great confidence.

    • TechnicalBen says:

      It does not exist.

      It’s no doubt impossible to comprehend or totally immoral to request, or some other reason. There must be a reason for EA not to provide such info?

      • RedViv says:

        A severe case of the Bloody Stupid disease, most likely. So far, nothing from personal experiences of journalists or invited fans indicates that this could be close to the disaster that was the SimCity release, whereas that game gave folks plenty of reasons to doubt even before it came out. It seems absolutely daft to just completely stop any kind of pre-release insight into the game with an actual review copy. Not that there would be any consumer-friendly reason to do this anyway.
        Whichever suit dictated this has clearly passed the line of appearing comically evil for a long time now. But that’s where EA gets its reputation, after all.


          The Sims series sells like hotcakes to people outside of core gamer demographics *briefly stops to vomit copiously* so I think EA execs believe the chance of a negative reaction from the gaming press (that perhaps may leak out to the public at large) isn’t worth the risk since most people who will buy The Sims 4 won’t be bothered that it wasn’t previewed beforehand.

          I think I’ll go write for a bit now that I got all those needless adverbs and run-on sentences out of my system.

    • Smashbox says:

      Pssst – that mean’s it’s all but guaranteed to be garbage.

  6. TechnicalBen says:

    Someone just pointed out something very suspicious. It could be snapped up in 3 words.

    Tablet, tablet, tablet.

    Any chance this entire game is designed “for tablets first” but sneaking in through PC first for the PR/advertising etc? “The full Sims game from PC to tablet” sounds a lot better than “Sims for the Tablet” if they did a release on Tab first.

    So it’s not really Sims 4, it’s SimTab 0.5?

  7. Geebs says:

    So, the options for facial hair in the Sims are: nu-metal, hipster, djent, djent, djent, djent, hipster, nu-metal?

    American beards are strange and off-putting,