The Behemoth Tease New Game, Has World-Destroying Bear

Developers The Behemoth are responsible for Alien Hominid, Castle Crashers and most recently BattleBlock Theater. Our Marsh Davies liked the latter when he leapt about its puzzley-platformy levels back in May. He was especially fond of its narrator, so “heroically entertaining it might singlehandedly save a much lesser game than this, interjecting with exclamations that are by turns snarky, sinister and silly.”

That same voice returns in this short teaser for Behemoth’s next game, currently only known as Game 4. It seems to be set in a world plunged into chaos by a giant bear colliding with Earth. Sweet!

Or maybe we do know its name and it’s literally called “Game 4”.

Teaser trailers normally make me angry, causing me to burn all my belongings as an irrational expression of frustration at not having all the information I want immediately, right now, as soon as I want it. But this is funny and so I forgive it. The description beneath the YouTube video is also good:

Shortly before the release of BattleBlock Theater we started working on something new. We schemed up a bunch of concepts and picked our strongest one. From there we fleshed out the lone survivor prototype!!! As it grew stronger and stronger, we polished it, furnished it with delights, and added (gluten free?) sprinkles. Yes, as the chicken dictates, this game is of a genre we haven’t covered before and seek to breathe a new flavor into. Maybe you can find a hint in the video about which genre it is??

The obvious guess, based on the teaser trailer, would be the “survival” genre. But I hope not. I hope it’s a game about launching interstellar spacebears, swinging them around gravity wells to destroy planets. We’ll find out come PAX Prime next week.

Thanks, Eurogamer!


  1. oWn4g3 says:

    I knew that one day Horace would have enough of this puny planet.

  2. RedViv says:

    Do not underestimate even the tiniest of Horacespawn.

    I saw hexagons. Hexagons imply strategy.

    • nitehawk says:

      Lots of hexagon-based games being featured on RPS today. Great stuff, really satisfying my hexagon fetish. I don’t even care if the games are strategy games anymore, as long as there are hexagons.

      Though Mass Effect 3 really put hexagons to good “effect” on Miranda’s body.

    • Bugamn says:

      Crysis had hexagons. At least Crysis 2 had.

    • jakeandfinn says:

      neo scavenger had hexagons, but i guess it is a strategy game.

  3. MrFinnishDude says:

    I’m going to buy just because of Stamper.

    • UserWithNoName says:

      Stamper was the best part of Battleblock Theatre, everything else was just gravy.

  4. kwyjibo says:

    Can we find a hint in the video as to whether it’s an Xbox One exclusive?

  5. razgon says:

    Wow – thats a great, great voiceover! Game looks interesting as well.

  6. Afoxi says:


  7. clumsyandshy says:

    Damn it, all marketing stuff from The Behemoth is sooo good!

  8. Viroso says:

    God damn, so perfect

    “I find myself wondering what the world must’ve been like… before the bear crashed into our frail planet”.

    Such a perfect intro. Great writing.

    Anyway, hexagons and the planet make me think of a strategy game, but I can’t imagine Behemoth doing something so slow paced.

  9. Hmm-Hmm. says:

    Wonderful voice acting, that. I hope whoever did that enjoyed his performance.

  10. rexx.sabotage says:

    If you like the Behemoth’s stuff you should check out Tom Fulp’s other thing,

  11. Tei says:


    How you will solve a zombie breach?


    … with geneticaly engineered monsters, low orbit attack satellites and poison ICBN.

    So this game can be in the same genre of Atom Zombie Smasher, but completelly different.

  12. MkMax says:

    The voice over is awesome, it reminds of Megamind and that exactly how all bad guys sound in my head, i wholeheartedly approve

    Why are companies like Square Enix wasting millions on famous names that phone in lines when they can get this kind of delicious talent ?