Get Hype(rion): CCP Detail Next EVE Online Expansion

Space and junk yeah

EVE Online‘s next mini-expansion, Hyperion, is on the horizon and its preview website has gone up. The biggest changes are focusing on wormholes, which are having their most significant redesign since being introduced in early 2009 expansion Apocrypha. Also being added are a new selection of missions specifically designed for 1-on-1 fights in frigates against tricked out NPCs called “Burners.” There’s also a short explanation video of the changes and how CCP are hoping they’ll effect the game.

In a more detailed post specifically about the wormhole changes, CCP Fozzie discusses how the plans for wormholes have been modified by player use. Initially they were intended to be too unpredictable to be used as staging areas. However, CCP underestimated their player base’s skill and commitment to doing exactly that and are happier with what they have become five years later than how they planned it. The changes being implemented are therefore to balance how useful different types of wormhole are for their new, player-decided purpose.

The Burner Missions are the other major addition, an attempt to vary EVE’s classically boring (to put it mildly) PvE. Rather than a pirate base to raid or a group of fighters to take on, they’re 1v1 fights against NPCs with ships based on what PvP players use. They’re not supposed to be pushovers, requiring specific countermeasures to be equipped to deal with their gear. The initial release will have five possible targets and CCP are looking to expand it into more types of enemy frigate and make similar missions for heavier classes of ship.

It’s out on August 26th and there’s a bunch more info about smaller changes. The experiment of providing content in smaller packs more quickly is an interesting one to follow as we move further into the age of games as permanent services. More updates keep players coming back, but it’s a careful balance between that and still making the changes interesting for all the different styles of player. Blizzard have experimented with similar measures in WoW, and it lead to long periods of downtime once the patches ran out but full expansions weren’t ready. For those of you who are regular capsulars, how has it gone for EVE?


  1. granarythorax says:

    No comments yet? From my experience it feels like half of EVEs player base is camping out in the Elite:Dangerous beta at the moment. :)
    At least there seem to be lots of petitions in the E:D forums to implement EVE-like features.

    Seriously I’d be interested to hear from any regular EVE players whether you think E:D and other upcoming space games will have a negative impact on player numbers or whether the competition good – seems that CCP are committing to regular updates now.

    • FireStorm1010 says:

      Well i am not an active Eve player anymore but i used to play it for 10 years with long breaks inbetween.

      Imho the games are vastly differnet. From what i heard Elite pvp is suppsed to be more of a cooperation against NPC events/ships then a vast Eve-ish sandbox in which huge player organizations compete with each other.

      So while i do think some players will move on , specially in start of Elite, because there are for sure similariteis , in the end both games are fundamentally different and will retain different kind of players

      Me perosnally, im not interested in any kind of mmorpg atm , but im awaiting Elite to play it as a SP experience.

      • granarythorax says:

        I agree the games are fundamentally different but it hasn’t stopped some EVE player blocs wanting to import EVE’s mechanics so they can bring their corp/clan tactics into E:D. I don’t think it will work out for them because the game design and technology are so different.

        Like you I’m going to approach E:D as a lone wolf with occasional team ups. IMO the great thing about that game is the freedom.

      • Maxheadroom says:

        Ditto. Maybe I’m getting old but my hardcore raiding days are done and im after a more friendly social experience in my MMOs.
        In Eve especially it seems your only options are to go it alone and get ganked by dickbags, or join up with a big Corp for protection and get ordered around by different dickbags

        Some of my fondest memories in WoW are drunken friday night Karazhan raids with a bunch of mates and shooting the shit over teamspeak. Everything seems so serious and organised now

        • FireStorm1010 says:

          About the seriousnes yeah. The last time i resubscribed to Eve and got back to 0.0 life, it seemed to me like a freakign real life max efficency organization. Everything was complex, required quite some time , and i dont want to think what would happen if i would seriously mess up.

          On one hand it had some appeal cause the poeple were quite good at pvp , and i appreciate being good at a game, specially when you have to rely on others. But all in all it was to much for me.

        • Bastimoo says:

          Hey mate,
          even though I did not mean to advertise on public articles you do sound like a fit to us.
          We just picked up EVE last week and are actually Perpetuum based (another sandbox MMO with robots, which RPS has written a diary about), which is a bit.. dead at the moment (everyone is waiting for the next big patch).

          We are basically totally casual and do play to enjoy the game.
          This results in rather random corpactivities, “social”-structure instead of strict organization and pretty fun evenings.
          We do missionrunning, industry as well as Factionwarfare, so if you want to do small scale PvP we offer that too (although pretty unexperienced in EVE). Some Wormhole adventures are planned (just warping in, having some fun and going back home though!)
          Also be warned, efficiency is not necessarily what we strive for!

          If you want to give it a try feel free to contact me ingame (Khetar, or [R.AD]) or write me a mail :)

    • PeterPowers says:

      first of all, to describe my perspective:
      I’m an EVE player since 8 years, I’m also playing Elite: Dangerous
      since first alpha in last years december, and i have played previous elite titles when i was young.

      personally i don’t feel like the games intersect too much, i will be playing both. They are both quite different games, EVE being slower and more on a strategic and tactical level than E:D, where you command your spaceship, opposed to E:D where you control your spaceship (which is a lot more action focused).

      alot of that what some die-hard PvE fanatics credit as “EVE Features” is pretty valid concerns that people bring up about the course that E:D is planning to implement PvP or about social interaction.
      Yes a lot of people who post on those forums use EVE as an example, and it is easy to do, as EVE is outstanding in how PVP and social features are implemented.
      Both games strive to give a lot of freedom to the players, something that EVE has already suceeded in.

      The difference betwenn the players suggesting changes and the die-hard fanatics that opose them in my opinion is that a lot of people in the E:D Community still look at it basically from a single player point of view, and are not interested (or not experienced) in the implications that that much freedom for the players brings if you turn the option on to shoot at eachother.
      Some people oppose that FD adds community features more than ad-hoc grouping, totally ignorant of that players will form corps/clans/guilds/whatever you want to call ’em. There is nothing FD can do to prevent that. Adding features that support this would help FD to make the game more fun for those who are interested in this gameplay, and would allow them to balance for it, while still leaving the game open to those who are not interested in joining a subcommunity of players. (and yes there are quite a lot EVE solo or random players).
      If FD decides to ignore that group, then again players will form their subcommunities anyways (First Expedition is already such group), but they will have a lesser good experience doing so – which means that quite a few people will be dissatisfied.
      As for PvP FD is going a course where they seem to still follow the idea a lot of the die-hards have about solo and cooperative only. It feels kind of obvious to me that people who enjoy a good PvP game will pickup on a game that allows for PvP, and they will make suggestions on how to improve and what is destroying this PvP experience, giving a perspective on the mechanics (and motivations) that people who ignore PvP wont understand. That doesn’t mean they want E:D turned into EVE, it means they want a great PvP experience in F:D as well. There is no PvP in the original Elite, so using EVE as an example is the most natural thing to do.
      E:D with its heavy (micro-) instanced universe will never be able to turn into what makes EVE great, but that doesn’t mean that examples or lessons learned from EVE should be totally ignored.

      Will E:D have a negative impact on EVE? i doubt it, but i don’t know. I can just speak for myself (even though i know others who feel the same), I will not quit EVE just because there is another spaceship game, I’m playing EVE because of what I love about EVE, and i look forward to play E:D if i want a bit more action,
      and i don’t see a huge competition between the two games arise. E:D will likely have to deal with Star Citizen (if that ever goes anywhere), and EVE’s most likely copetitor will be seldoncrisis, if they are successfull with their crowd funding (which i hope).

      • granarythorax says:

        Good points. Especially the one about the option to group up and shoot each other having far-reaching consequences that the E:D community and existing design hasn’t appreciated yet.

        Frontier have stated in the past that they expect E:D to be primarily PvE co-op but I have my doubts that this will be the natural state of things given the tools player are given. Although I want to play E:D largely on my own, the presence of grouped up players may stop me doing so in open multi-player. Not because I don’t want PvP but because even 2 v 1 is lethal for the lone player.

        Compare that with EVE where the design of it’s world is built on the assumption that players are going to group up and fight each other.

        Anyway no way to be sure how it will turn out at the moment, hopefully they find a way to please everyone.

    • jellydonut says:

      Elite is nothing like Eve. The only thing they have in common is being set in space. It’s like asking if a new release of Police Quest would steal Counter-Strike’s player base.

      • granarythorax says:

        Yes it would be just like that but only if the Police Quest forums were full of Counter Strike players petitioning for Police Quest Rebooted to contain a remake of dust 2

    • Distec says:

      I think Eve’s gameplay and focus are very different from all the other upcoming games.

      That said, I think Eve has long had the luxury of being the only major game in that particular niche for years. It might be hard to believe, but I imagine a good chunk of its playerbase (probably mostly in high-security space) just want the experience of piloting a hulking mass of metal through space and could care less for cutthroat community. Those are the people I can see moving on.

      It’s hard to say how it would affect Eve. CCP doesn’t seem to ever plan on those players sticking around any way. They seem more interested in pumping money from their hardcore players with multiple accounts and PLEX incentives.

      Maybe if the whole “Walking in Stations” concept and avatar gameplay weren’t delivered with shit implementation and horrible timing they could have stymied any potential exodus. But it will probably be another decade until they go back to that.

      • hotmaildidntwork says:

        I think this is probably the most accurate assessment. Contrary to what many of the inhabitants of null-sec will sometimes claim (or as they’ll sometimes complain) a lot of EvE’s playerbase is not there to pvp. I think the majority of characters have still never left empire space? If EvE loses anything to E:D or Star Citizen it will be the players that are more like me. They came because there were shiny spaceships and the promise of a big universe, and they left because the spaceships were okay but ultimately felt samey and dull and the big universe was super-repetitive. And then they resubscribed a couple of times because CCP kept making those damned videos showing off how newly shiny the spaceships were but they’ve totally kicked the habit this time and they aren’t going back seriously they mean it.

  2. Blackcompany says:

    I recently discovered Starpoint Gemini 2, and all desire I had to return to EVE and put up with skill grinding and Goon vanished. SG2 isnt perect and its still Early Access. But the sandbox is there, and complete. Its like EVE, but I can play at my leisure. And no skill grind.

    Any more I have a hard time with Subs and MMO mechanics. Feels like level ups/skill ups exist solely to stretch out play time as opposed to heighten enjoyment.

    • Stephen Roberts says:

      Yeah the skill training mechanic in Eve is a pile of steaming inconvenience. But it’s not a grind, and it’s not playing. It’s just enforced waiting. It’s very poor design, really. I think all new characters should be given ~30 million skill points if they play for about three months, and certain in game activities should reward skill points. Nothing bad will happen, because it’s a crapshoot right now whether someone has billions of skill points or has just started the game. It’s not like it’s a balance concern, it just might upset some old timers and they are bitter about everything anyway (see: bittervet).

    • Quiffle says:

      Kind of reminds me of Eve and Escape Velocity: Nova in a way. If it can pull that off (particular the attributes of the latter) then I’ll be all over this.

      • Quiffle says:

        Er, I meant to say latter. Many hours were spent marauding around in my sleek black cruiser. Good times.

  3. LennyLeonardo says:

    Why are RPS so obsessed with Eve? There was a post up about Eve literally two and a half months ago!? I just can’t handle them posting about an interesting game with such frequency, for some reason! You’ve just lost yourself a… customer? I don’t know what I am.

    Anyway, I sometimes feel like resubscribing to Eve. Someone tie me to the mast until the compulsion passes, please.

    • zentropy says:

      Hah! I thought something was missing from the comments ;)

    • Rindan says:

      I’ll be honest, after your first sentence, I was considering hacking your computer (ignore that I have no hacking skills) to find your home address so that I could personally punch you because I am so utterly sick of those posts. By the end though, I was willing to buy you a pint.

    • PoLLeNSKi says:

      I fell for it a couple of months ago… Subbed up both my accounts, jumped in and ended up running some incursions, making more sick than I knew what to do with, bought a few more T3s and a really bling faction BS for my incurisioning, then flew some cheap ships into low and null to get ganked by the residents, harrassed some high sec bankers that took a liking to my tengu, planned another 12 months of training, made some spreadsheets for working out how to spend my LPs, I even gained a random newbie corpmate’s into my tax haven private corp and taught some of what I knew…then I thought/remembered ‘Fuck me I’m bored’

      Wonder what that corpmate’s upto….NO!

      • PoLLeNSKi says:

        For some reason my edit function is being disagreeable, I made more ISK than I knew what to do with, not sick…

        • hotmaildidntwork says:

          I was beginning to wonder if some new phraseology had established itself in my absence.

          • PoLLeNSKi says:

            The iPerils of the modern age… Also I wasn’t offered a premium APR whilst travelling low/null… sigh

  4. SuicideKing says:

    Are they adding Vault Hunters too?

  5. SaintShion says:

    *Scans for news related to World of Darkness MMO*
    *Remembers that they cancelled it.*
    *Cries ignoring the evidence it wasn’t going to be fun.*
    *Realizes none of this has anything to do with Eve Online and has no comment because Eve Online is a news headline about crazy wars not a game in his mind.*
    *Goes back to writing fanfiction.*

  6. kyrieee says:

    They’re not really expansions anymore (not that they ever were), CCP moved away from having a fixed 6 month release schedule. Now it’s just a bunch of updates bundled under a name, coming more frequently.

    • Rindan says:

      You are right, they are not full expansions. You could almost call them… “mini expansions”. I wish RPS would get this.

      **checks the first sentence of the article**


      • kyrieee says:

        Yeah well mini-expansions is what they used to be. Now they’re branded patches.

  7. Hydraulic Meerkat says:

    How wormholes are used has always contradicted what CCP prefers to believe is the reason everyone avoids 0.0, being that they’re risk averse. People have no trouble living in completely lawless space, it’s just the awful 0.0 mechanics that make it a ghost town. I’m glad to see CCP finally catering to wormhole dwellers rather than throwing more isk in the laps of the minority in 0.0 hoping it will magically improve one day.