Freeware Garden: Remnants Of A Beautiful Day

Art! Such an elusive thing, innit?

Remnants of a Beautiful Day is one of those games some would describe as walking simulators and others would refuse to even categorize as games. The much wiser Joel Goodwin would probably call it a secret box instead; an offer of moments or ideas for the player to explore rather than a test of the player’s abilities.

Soy Sauce, the game’s dev, on the other hand, cunningly avoids all controversy and pitfalls and describes its freeware oeuvre as an artistic first person narrative experience, which it most definitely and by all definitions is. What it isn’t is a boring walk through a beautiful forest with bloomy leaves in the autumn. It’s more surreal and definitely better than that and it is even wise enough to never outstay its welcome. Remnants of a Beautiful Day is a lovely playable vignette; a short interactive story that almost makes sense.

And there’s a very game-y bit in it too, which I frankly didn’t expect, though only people running Windows (and not AmigaOS or other exotic operating systems of the sort) will get to enjoy it. Unless you are good with emulating Windows, that is.


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    Lexx87 says:

    Soy Sauce is a great name for a Dev!

  2. Zanchito says:

    I really enjoy these “non-games”, and have been lucky enough to not find any sucky one yet. I’m glad computers are expanding the range of artistic expression and sharing between people.