The Great Prosperini, PI: The Vanishing Of Ethan Carter

On rails.

Private investigator seems a noble, or perhaps unambitious, career for a magic man. Possessing supernatural powers of precognition, Paul Prospero (he even has a great magician name!) decided to become a detective rather than e.g. a Strike It Lucky winner. No, instead he’s out poking around forests looking for a missing child in The Vanishing of Ethan Carter.

13 minutes of first-person mystery-solving gameplay are on this here Internet for your eyes to see in a new trailer from developers The Astronauts. The former Bulletstorm folks have also announced they’ll launch the game on September 25.

See, The Great Prosperini is looking for a missing kid who’d sent him a message about strange shenanigans in the remote community where he lived. He’s come to solve occult mysteries using his magic powers: word clouds swirling around clues like Sherlock Cumberbatch; special vision hinting at where missing objects lie; and the power to reconstruct dead folks’ final memories. It’s an adventure game, you see, but in full 3D free-roam-o-vision thanks to fancy tech that scans real-world objects and environments. It’ll cost £14.99.

Adam reminded me that he “had a proper good look” at the game during Gamescom, saying he’ll have words for you to read next week.


  1. frightlever says:

    “Private investigator seems a noble, or perhaps unambitious, career for a magic man.”

    The Dresden Files want to have a word with you.

    • SuddenSight says:

      I may have a skewed view of the Dresden Files, as I only watched the show, but “ambitious” is not a word I would use to describe the protagonist. Then again, neither is “noble.”

      • RecklessPrudence says:

        Eh, while I see your point on “ambitious”, I’m pretty sure I’d describe Dresden as noble. Not as noble as Michael, granted, but he’s a literal holy knight. And while the protagonist might not be ambitious, describing the career as unambitious for a wizard is definitely wrong for Dresden at least – while the magic gives you a leg up on the mundane cases, all it does when one of the Fae or something is involved is make you theoretically capable of surviving and solving – sure doesn’t make it easy!
        EDIT: And if you’ve only seen the TV series, I would HEAVILY recommend reading the books. Way better. Just… the first two books are the roughest, as they were Butcher’s first two published novels, as well as being the scene-setters. So give it a bit to get into gear.

  2. Niko says:

    I wonder if Randolph Carter can make a statement regarding the vanishing of Ethan Carter.

  3. staberas says:

    Wasnt this game a console exclusive?
    i also heard something about oculus support in the faaaar future?

  4. PC-GAMER-4LIFE says:

    Shame about the price it means its most likely only a few hours at most gameplay otherwise they would have asked for a lot more money.

  5. CelticPixel says:

    Looking good. Definitely gonna pick this up.

  6. BLACKOUT-MK2 says:

    I hope this is good. That fancy tech sure is fancy; interesting, too.

  7. Lars Westergren says:

    Looks fantastic. Sounds good too. I hope the 1st person adventure game genre takes off. Definitely getting this one.

  8. CookPassBabtridge says:

    This + Rift = Buy

  9. NukeWithG says:

    A first person Investigating/mystery/adventure game that is based on Weird Fiction (such as Lovecraftian stories) and focuses on the narrative and the characters rather than killing everything?
    Where have you been all my life?!?!

  10. msing says:

    I’m very intrigued!