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The RPS Bargain Bucket: Black Saturday

Turbulent Mess

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Here, in Malaysia, Hungry Ghost Festival is slowly creeping towards the end and soon, it will once again be safe to gallivant through dark alleys. Or something. (You shouldn’t visit dark alleys anywhere, folks. It is a Bad Idea.) This week has been a turbulent mess, for more than one reason, and I apologize for the lack of caffeine-driven cheer. It rather doesn’t help that today has been declared a national occasion for mourning. But where there is life, there is hope! At least, that’s the idea. Enjoy this week’s bucket of bargains, and Mike Luard’s Sonic the Hedgehog Plushie.

Ostensibly 50% off, but read below for nuances
Parkour-loving future marines and giant robots go together like peanut jelly and butter, right? Assuming you’re willing to brave Origin, it looks like the company has a discount on Titanfall, that first-person shooter that people wouldn’t stop talking about for a few months and I won’t play because a 52G download will mangle my poor hard drive. Interestingly, prices appear to vary depending on your location. More importantly, if you’re willing to bend a few rules and cajole Hola into co-operating with you, you may be able to pick up Titanfall for even less than the listed price. Beware the effect it may have on your immortal soul (and your Origin account.)

If you have a spare weekend, chances are you won’t even need to purchase Dishonored. Set within Dunwall, where whale bones and black magic abound, this first-person action game varies between being very clever and a plain delight. Featuring what is arguably my favorite “stealth” sequence yet, Dishonored comes with a garden of killing techniques and plenty of ways to circumnavigate murder. I loved it furiously, even though Corvo isn’t the best protagonist in the Assassin’s Guild, so to speak.

Gumshoe Music Bundle
Pay $14.75/£8.90/€11.14 for everything
Here, let’s put away the machinery and subtle killers for a moment. Bundle of Holding is selling “atmospheric soundtracks for investigative roleplaying” for rather cheap. Although unusual, the whole idea does certainly make sense. If digital games can be paired with music, why not tabletop campaigns? But, my mind remains blown. According to the official website, the bundle features at least six dozen short tracks intended to evoke “cinematic moods” appropriate for any situation, including those with angry tentacled beings of all stripes. Somewhere in that atmospheric mix, there also lurks the narrative talents of Wil Wheaton. Why? Because, I suppose. Because. Enjoy? Maybe? I think so. If you do buy the bundle, make sure to catalogue your experiences with it in the comments, okay?

Theme Hospital
I have vague but happy memories of Theme Hospital, which was an astonishingly cheery experience in spite of the fact it had a confused thirteen-year-old helming a medical institute. There is a monstrous quantity of silliness to be found here. Fix absurd ailments! Deal with outrageous patients! Clean up vomit and then make money by ruthlessly ensuring that all drinks are far too overpriced! Who can afford to question the legality of your decisions when their very lives are dependent on your whims? Something something or the other. Either way, Theme Hospital is a fantastic little diversion. I will lob a plushie at anyone who claims otherwise.

Also of note:

Frictional Games Bundle – $9.26/£5.59/€7.00
AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA – *deep breath* – AAAAAAAAAAAAAAH. (Great price for a pair of chilling games.)

The Walking Dead Pack – $8.10/£4.89/€6.12
There are games that require introduction, and there are games that make me raise my eyebrows very slightly and go, “What? Really? You haven’t heard of this? Can you tell me that with a straight face?” The Walking Dead pack comes with Season 1 and the 400 Days DLC.

Get Games’ Indie Carnival
Doubt, thy name is, er, I. Get Games is currently orchestrating an Indie Carnival, one that may be of interest to certain people. A wealth of cool games are currently on sales. The list includes Doorways, Surgeon Simulator 2013, the Cognition games, and The Cave. What’s interesting is that it looks like the discounts increase depending on the number of games you purchase. I’m a bit leery about telling you to go out and spend with wild abandon, but there may well be something for you here. Keep an eye out.

The Dirty Dozen Discount
Look! There! In the bushes! Blackwell Epiphany at 40%! And Infested Planet at 50%! Sir, You are Being Hunted by a discount too! I have a suspicion that these aren’t the best prices any of these games have been at. However, there’s a reason you should consider purchasing stuff from the Dirty Dozen promotional event. According to the website, “All 100% of your cash goes to the people who made the games. This site takes ZERO cut, so more than ever of your money goes towards making great new indie games.” If you have some spare cash and an interest in these games, take a moment to support the devs!

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