Quake For Noobs: Quake Live Adds Loadouts & Autohopping


18 is a difficult age, especially for a child prodigy. Even in its game-womb, Quake was praised as the greatest FPS ever. As a baby, all came to coo over it. But by the time it hit high school, people had already turned on poor little Quake. “You used to be cool,” they’d sneer, “what happened to you?” Quake’s early teens were difficult. But then! 18 years old! The series can drink and smoke and go to university and a new city and pretend it’s whoever it wants to be! They’ll like it now!

The latest Quake Live update has added starting weapon loadouts, auto-bunnyhopping, unified ammo packs, and timers for item respawns. You’ll like it now.

“While Quake will always be a home to the competitive base, we have often longed for a wider audience who could experience, appreciate, and fall in love with all that it has to offer,” producer Adam Pyle explained in yesterday’s announcement. So they’re trying something a bit different.

These changes come with a new default ruleset for Quake Live, changing a lot of how Quake has worked for yonks. Duel mode still uses the traditional rules, mind, and subscribers can create olde-style servers for any mode for everyone to join. But here’s a big list detailing the new hotness:

  • Players may now hold jump to continuously jump.
  • Players may now hold forward and jump to ‘bunny hop’, allowing them to slowly gain up to 2x their base movement speed.
  • Introduced Loadouts in select modes; allowing players to select one Primary Weapon (hmg, rl, lg, rg) and one Secondary Weapon (sg, gl, pg, mg).
  • Added the command “weapon toggle” to toggle between your Primary and Secondary weapons. Defaults to “f” for new users.
  • Unified weapon respawn time to 5 seconds across all game modes.
  • Unified friendly fire, disabled across all game modes.
  • Added global Ammo Packs, in lieu of weapon specific ammo, where each pack grants you a small amount of ammo for each weapon in your inventory.
  • Reduced ammo respawn time from 40 seconds to 10 seconds.
  • Added in-world item timers for “major” items, including armors, megahealth, power-ups, and medkit.
  • Items have taller pickup collision boxes, so that players will not miss items as they jump over them.
  • Added Power-up Spawn POIs, that appear 10 seconds before a power-up spawns.
  • Added Power-up POIs, that indicate when an available power-up is available in the arena.
  • Gasp! Shock! Horror! The update also adds a new heavy machinegun weapon, weapon damage number popups, and other new things. New, new, new, it’s all so new. Weapon loadouts are merely starting weapons, do note, rather than a hard limit. That auto-bunnyhopping is slower than proper strafe-jumping too, so players do have incentive to learn.

    It’s not the Quake I knew and loved, but I haven’t played that in a decade so I’m not sure I can complain. Quake Live obviously isn’t the stonking success id Software and ZeniMax had hoped for. It hasn’t found the new audience they’d wanted–or even the old one really. As Quake Live’s Steam launch approaches, perhaps this will help it find a new audience and be a gateway to Good Old Proper Quake. Perhaps not. The world has an awful lot of F2P FPSs and not many Quakes.


    1. NaturalDeity says:

      What do you know, Alice, about the TF2 Promo hat, Horace? It has something to do with this site. I just want to know how.

    2. bamboozlr says:

      Great idea, let’s casualise a game that never had any appeal to casuals whatsoever in an idiotic attempt to court them, while also alienating the core fanbase, which already wasn’t all too pleased with the game. Video games.

      • LionsPhil says:

        It is an amazing series of decisions.

        They need to fix the ugly graphics, too. It looks like a game from the ’90s, yuck!

    3. Tei says:

      Ok, Quake 3 apologist.

      “Quake” is and always will be Quake 1. Stop talking like Quake = Quake 3.

      People on the Quake community starting calling Quake 1 to “netquake” because have lan-optimized netcode, as oposed QuakeWorld, that have internet-oriented netcode.

      The difference is that “netquake” have no movement prediction. What you see, is what happened, and not what your client is tryiing to figure out and rendering on your screen instead.

      With less than 20ms lag, you are probably better of playing something like netquake, than any game made after it, since all games made after netquake have high-ping optimizations, they are designed to play smoothly for pings >200.

      Quake 3 is one of such games. Is a game for highpingers (just kidding).

      My high horse is a giraffe. By horse height is higher than yours :D

      • Lord_Santa says:

        yes. and it is baffling that you actually have to mention this to anyone above the age of 20 in these days… I mean, are we just going to forget about Quake? should we just forget about Doom 1 and 2? is it Doom 3 that is the new Doom? how about Thief? or [insert a wide range of classics here].

        /slightly off-topic: the same goes for Unreal for that matter. UT is Unreal Tournament; Unreal is Unreal 1.

        and for those out there in doubt as to whether Quake is still alive and kickin’ – yes, it very much is:

        link to quakeone.com

        • MadTinkerer says:

          It’s especially odd to those of us who didn’t have high speed internet until 2007-ish and therefore think of Quake as the game with all the awesome single player maps and mods, and Quake 3 as the Quake game that doesn’t actually exist.

      • slight says:

        I loved Quake, it will always have a special place in my heart, along with QWTF, but Quake3 (with CPMA) is better. Sorry.

        You’re right though, “Quake” is Quake 1, Quake 3 should be written “Quake 3” (or Q3A ofc). ;)

    4. AshRolls says:

      Quakelords (QL), Quake Police Department (QPD), Demonic Core (DC), Terminal Gibbage (TG), United Kingdom Clan League (UKCL), Modemers Clan War (MCW), United Kingdom One on One League (UKOOL), Ettu, Fragga, Sujoy, quakenet #quake.uk.

      1996 Good times.

      • Ovidiu GOA says:

        holy shit i was so happy when i downloaded the UKOOLDM map pack, i used to love ukooldm6, so many cool matches i had there. But as much as i loved quake i liked quake 2 better, the super shotgun chaingun and rail were so well designed, they had punch they had sound they had feedback, god i loved that CLINK ! sound from the chaingun and the sound of the super shotgun. Threewave CTF was awesome, the powerups and grapple made it so cool.
        I so want another quake 1 with the same twisted level design traps and similar gameplay, we need old school fps games done right. Some quake 1 maps were so nice, they managed to convey so much atmosphere with such limited graphics, i wonder how a new quake 1 game would look.

    5. Crainey says:

      The competitive Quake scene was dead anyway, I suppose. Still, doing this as a last ditch effort seems rather rash considering at best it will add a year to its life expectancy. No point delaying the inevitable.

    6. Kohlrabi says:

      I seriously thought this was some sort of delayed April Fool’s prank. Every single point on that changelog makes you raise your eyebrows in shock.

      • zentropy says:

        Haha, indeed!

        On the topic of nothing, does anybody know if people still play CPMA (the real Quake ™) over irc and such?

    7. Spacewalk says:

      Man, all this aiming shit is too much hassle can’t I just pay to get auto-aimed headshots and to see through walls?

      • Snakejuice says:

        You actually can, but you have to pay a 3rd party dev for that “feature”.

    8. The First Door says:

      I had a little grump about this over on Eurogamer, but it does seem just a little silly. For me, it takes away the two core things about arena shooters that makes me love them: Skillful movement and weapon control. Half the fun is knowing that if you get fragged you’ll have to start from nothing… giving you a rocket launcher out of the gate just seems like cheating.

      I’m not even very good at Quake 3/UT style games, but I at least had some of the basics down and I felt like eventually I might be decent!

      • Kaeoschassis says:

        I was a UT kid, and I’ve never even tried to get into Quake’s multiplayer scene, but if it’s even remotely like UT then yep, I completely agree. How does one win a multiplayer shooter? Move better and shoot better.
        Additionally, as folks already hinted at above, I just don’t think there’s any situation where trying to make a game for everyone is a good idea, and that seems like it’s exactly what they’re doing. If you try to change a game to appeal to everyone it’s just going to end up losing whatever identity it had.

        • The First Door says:

          I would argue (and I’ll probably get shouted at for this) that movement is even more important in Q3 that it is in UT, although they are obviously massively important in both. This is from a player who played the crap out of Q3, UT, & UT2k4 and loves them all.

          The bit that really gets me is why would you bother retreating if you know you are going to spawn with the rocket/shotgun combo? Where as before if you were kitted out, your best bet was to retreat and run for some health, now you’ll just die and get enough gear on spawn to be back in the fight instantly. Plus it sort of destroys the point of map control. If people get a rocket on spawn, why would I bother try to control the rocket spawn point?

          Just seems to be damaging the more advanced tactics which has kept the game fun for so long in the hope of, like you said, appealing to everyone. Ugh.

    9. princec says:

      Auto bunnyhopping, hmm? So to fix a design flaw in the original design they just automate the exploit for all players. Genius.

      • terves says:

        Originally Quake 3 (or was it quake 2? i forget) was intended to not have strafejumping but they put it back in due to massive outcry from the community. It was an exploit in the original quake but it eventually became a feature that defined the series. The new patch doesn’t ‘automate’ it, it gives noobs a much slower alternative to real strafejumping which gives you the same speed that the new ‘bunnyhopping’ does as the maximum in 2 jumps.

        • Tei says:

          I may be a glitch based on how you calculate distance.

          Calculate distance traveled as (delta X + delta Y) / 2 instead of sqrt ( delta X ^2 + delta Y^2 ) , so going “diagonal” allow to travel a bigger distance before your movement is capped, so you “run faster”.

          • kyrieee says:

            That’s not the nature of the bug. Q3 only lets you accelerate with WASD if your speed along the direction you’re trying to accelerate is < 320 ups, so by accelerating in a direction u that satisfies 0 < u·v / |u| < 320 you can increase v. That is to say you accelerate at an angle from where you're moving. The reason you use strafe is that strafe + forward adds 45 degrees for free so you don't have to turn your mouse as much, but you can do +forward "strafes" if you want.

    10. Bull0 says:

      Meanwhile UT gets an open source sequel!?!?! Come on, now. =(

      Couldn’t have seen this coming back when my friends were all playing UT and I was playing Quake 3.

    11. Crimsoneer says:

      I can understand them – the internet is complaining, but none of them was playing QL beforehand, so I can’t really blame them.

      The primary/secondary weapon seems like a mistake though…why wouldn’t you pick a rocket/rail combo every time?

      • terves says:

        Because you can’t. You can pick one primary and one secondary and rl and rg are both primaries.

      • LionsPhil says:

        Maybe that’s also because there were already a number of Quake source ports that ran as real programs, including just sticking with the original, rather than some horrid little browser-bound cripple.

        Apparently they dropped that idiocy a year ago and made it a real boy, but the mindshare damage is done.

      • Ovidiu GOA says:

        lg + shotgun

    12. zentropy says:

      Oh, holy shit! I thought this was an obvious troll rumor when it surfaced, simply because – WTF?

      Ah, well RIP <3

    13. Hunchback says:

      As an old-timer and somewhat Quake vet and fan, these patch notes made me cry.

    14. GameCat says:


      It’s like patching Chess into Checkers, because why bother to learn how move that rook or knight.

    15. Tjee says:

      In other news, Wickland just got greenlit and is looking very promising.
      Link: steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=298386874

      They currently have an Open Beta running.

      You can get the game for cheaps in the current Groupees Build Your Own Bundle bundle as a bonus, if you’re interested.
      Link: link to groupees.com
      Minimum price: 0.50 USD

      • terves says:

        UE3 is the worst possible engine for a fast-paced arena fps.

        • Tjee says:

          I disagree. Tower of Guns did an excellent job at fast paced action on that engine.

    16. derbefrier says:

      I don’t see what the big deal is. They said you could play on and create servers with the original ruleset. Its interesting they would make it a default mode but as long as the old one remains acceesable the outcry is typical unwarranted nerd rage. This is the first I have heard of it comming to steam though which is cool. I always forget this exists but if I see it in my steam library I might actually play a few matchews here and there.

      Also. UT>Q3A. :)

      • Tei says:

        I <3 Q

      • LionsPhil says:

        They say subscribers can, which probably costs money.

        By which point, why not just pay once to buy a copy of the real Q3A (it’s on Steam), or play one of the open source derivatives for free?

    17. Faxanadu says:

      How many of you have actually played the new QL?

      I’ve played Quakelive since the start, and so far I’m okay with the update. I can still move and shoot normally, nobody has gained an advantage over me, I don’t have to deal with a weaponcamper anymore “buh buh killing weaponcampers is part of the game buh” -no it was dull, spawning infront of a guy with a better weapon is no fun really. Aaaaand also draw damage looks funny, actually has made me damage a bit better.

      All in all, I don’t see much at all to complain about the update, and if it helps bring new players, awesome.

      • Jinoru says:

        Do you delay when you spawn? I don’t really but I should as I play FFA. Luckily most of my spawns have been fair and I’ve had a solid opportunity to run away or whatever. I’ve got no problem with weapon campers, though they’re not all that effective if they’re just chilling for the entire spawn time.

    18. ain says:

      This is disgusting. Shame on everyone involved.

    19. Barberetti says:

      Wow, what a gigantic list of shit. Why don’t they just call it “Quake: Dumbed Down” and have done with it? Might as well go the whole way and have an Elder Scrolls style compass showing you the location of the other players.

    20. Distec says:

      I owned both Quake 3 and Team Arena around when they came out. I was usually more of a UT person honestly, but id’s competitor was had a smoothness and speed that I quite enjoyed. Years later, I have long since lost the CDs and their keys (REMEMBER THOSE?!?!?!) and figured I’d give Quake Live a whirl.

      What followed was probably one of the most brutal, humbling, and emasculating experiences I’ve had with games in a good while. After fucking up my rocket jumps in the training area for a few minutes, I proceeded to get savaged by the training bot, then I went online and got savaged by the players. I had no idea what the shit was going on as everything flew by so quickly. I think I got two kills with the rocket launcher…?

      I actually felt slightly depressed. I was never a godlike player, but I could hold my own. Did my skills really atrophy so terribly? Do I suck now? Should I blame myself or the endless parade of slower-paced military shooters I’ve been forced to endure for the last decade? I uninstalled it with a tear in my eye.

      Hopefully I won’t have the same reaction to the upcoming UT.

      • thecat17 says:

        You shouldn’t be so hard on yourself. And I think you’d have a better time playing it for pure enjoyment, rather than comparing your current skill to how it used to be. You can get back to that level but it’ll take time. A lot less time than when you first played since you’ve already learned.

        And think of how hard you’ll pwn the n00bs who are actually starting for the first time.

        • Distec says:

          A little bit of colorful embellishment there, but yeah. I also reminisce about some of my older MMO experiences that just aren’t possible any more due to various reasons. :(

    21. catscratch says:

      Guys, calm down. Let’s have a word from someone that actually plays the damn game.

      This update changes very little. They AREN’T removing traditional bunnyhopping (strafejumping, whatever you want to call it) from the game. They’re simply adding a new movement option that’s easy to do and is not as effective as the old options. You can’t do any of the important jumps with the new autohopping, so if you had visions of beating Cypher with your newfound autohopping prowess, I’m going to have to disappoint you. For those of us that know how to do it manually, movement feels EXACTLY THE SAME, and those that want to get good at the game will still have to know how to move properly.

      Besides, you can still play the classic ruleset, you just need someone with a subscription to start up a server. Which there are a lot of already. So if you don’t want the new stuff, you don’t have to play it.

      Now, let’s take a look at why they’re doing this. Bethesda/Zenimax/id are running QL at a loss. Putting it on steam is an attempt to get it to break even, and they need to do something that will improve the experience of a beginner picking up the game for the first time. For a beginner, this game is extremely obtuse. Its rules and fundamentals aren’t clear. It has a ridiculous execution requirement, to the point that a new player simply cannot believe in most cases how good some people are at this game; they’re far more likely to think others are cheating. For them, id needs to do something, anything, that will help noobs figure out what’s going on. And this is an attempt to do that that has a minimal impact on how experienced players will play the game.

      As a Quake player I support anything that gets more people to come and play the game, and have a good time doing it. As long as it doesn’t fundamentally change the game I know and love – and this doesn’t, at least not in any meaningful way – I’m all for making it easier for other people to transition to this game from modern shooters. Quake has been in stagnation for so long now it’s virtually a zombie game; there are some people still playing but the comminuty is small. Hopefully putting it on Steam will bring it back to life, or at least get it to shuffle along and mutter about brains more enthusiastically.

    22. Lord_Santa says:

      this should clear things up.

      link to scar3crow.com