When Hope Dies: Breach And Clear – Deadline

Breach And Clear: DEADline is another zombie game but it’s [edit: possibly not] a tactical turn-based zombie game so I’m willing to give it a chance. If you put a turn-based game about OXO in front of me, it’d probably occupy me for at least a couple of hours. As already mentioned, this is a beefed up version of an iOS release and a new developer diary sheds light on the design philosophy of the development teams.

“One of the phrases that we are using here internally and is basically written on the wall everywhere we go is ‘what does it feel like when hope dies?'”

So says Gun Media creative director Wes Keltner. I really hope he doesn’t have reason to visit many public places with his permanent marker pen.

I go to the sound guy and I say, ‘what does it sound like when hope dies?’

I go to the visual artists and I say, ‘what does it look like when hope dies?’

I go to the janitor, a bucket of slops in my hand, ‘this is what it smells like when hope dies.’

Nothing I’ve seen has convinced me that DEADline will more than a short-lived berth on my hard drive but chances are I’ll take a look when it’s released this Autumn.

Edit: seems the ‘real-time’ elements might actually mean that the game is more of a top-down shooter rather than a turn-based tactical game, like the original Breach and Clear.


  1. padger says:

    This actually looks like it might work.

  2. skyturnedred says:

    This game is not turn-based, it’s an action shooter.

    Edit: This video on Gamespot shows quite clearly that it is in real-time, but does include pause: link to gamespot.com

    • frightlever says:

      “Enthralling Action: Adds real-time strategy to a franchise already acclaimed for its tactical combat ”

      Looks like you’re right. The original was a TBS, wasn’t it? This looks to be more action with pause (hopefully).

    • XhomeB says:

      And there goes my interest. Another top down real time shooter, which are a dime a dozen (not to mention super boring in the long run).

    • webs1 says:

      Makes one wonder if Adam actually watched the video. I mean, it’s quite clear to see that this is not turn-based.

      • Premium User Badge

        Adam Smith says:

        Evidently I was watching the people talking rather than the clips from the game. I had the fact that the previous game was turn-based in my head and didn’t realise this one had changed as much, so my brain assumed the footage was showing special abilities in use or something.

        Also it was very early on a Friday morning and….oops.

        • webs1 says:

          Yeah, I thought it was something along the lines of tired brain/too much input. It’s just that I would have really liked something like this with turn-based movement, as would you, I supppose. So it’s damn disappointing this is likely to turn out as just more of the same..

  3. LionsPhil says:

    It would be a gravy mistake to play OXO without mods; in the stock game, you’ll be punching cubes for hours just to get your basic resources.

  4. Janichsan says:

    “What does it feel like when hope dies?”

    Like having to see yet another zombie game.

    • Baines says:

      That seems to be the real joke about the game, the sheer feeling of apathy that sets in upon hearing the zombie part.

      Adam might even get a double dose of hope dying. First from the zombie announcement, then from possibly giving ti a chance and playing it anyway on release.

  5. Gap Gen says:

    “One of the phrases that we are using here internally and is basically written on the wall everywhere we go is ‘what does it feel like when hope dies?’”

    Fun place to work.

    • frightlever says:

      Maybe they’re former EA developers and they wanted to feel at home.

  6. Morlock says:

    What does it sound like when hope dies?

    “Reloading. Reloading.”


  7. GeminiathXL says:

    “What does it feel like when hope dies?”

    Printed on their paycheck as well, just to be sure.

  8. Christo4 says:

    Would be more fun if it was more tactical instead of just spray and pray.
    Something like, 2 people in front and 2 people in back, the 2 in back won’t shoot unless the others crouch because otherwise they might hit them (of course, with pausable combat so you can order them to do so).
    Or if you could select what weapons each uses and what parts they aim at (like a sniper in the back aims at the head and someone in front aims for the feet of runners).

  9. ceriphim says:

    Does anyone else get the feeling this whole trailer is a joke? The game they are describing has literally nothing to do with the one that’s being shown. They’ve had to learn a lot about tactics? What tactics? It’s clear from the bit of game you’ve shown us that tactics have nothing to do with this (except for the Ferguson PD tactics of “hold the trigger down”)

    “What does it feel like when hope dies?”, “Everyone here’s got a lot of passion for this game.” Hunh? As the British say, are you taking the piss? The Diablo 3 pony level had more gravitas than your not-a-mobile-game-we-promise action-shooter does. Sheesh.

  10. MightyRabbitJosh says:

    Hey, just wanted to drop in and comment since the video didn’t do much to describe our game as it currently exists. Deadline is not explicitly an action game, rather it is a tactical action-RPG. It’s a Diablo like extrapolated into a special forces context with a heavy dose of tactics – the game is not a twin-stick shooter per se, but that is how it is controlled (because the control scheme works well for what we are doing).

    Players can directly control their squad members and at any time pause the game and queue up to three actions for each soldier to perform. The entire game can be played by queuing actions, so if you want to play it slowly and methodically, you can. While queuing actions, players can create and orchestrate complex plans. This is actually kind of similar to what I’ve seen of Dragon Age: Inquisition’s combat – except I think they only allow one action to be queued.

    The game is open world so players are free to move through it as they please – the open world is littered with dynamically generated “dungeons” (sewers, office buildings, caves, etc.) that are filled with enemies and loot (there is no in-game store in Deadline, all supplies must be found). As enemies are defeated, players earn experience and level up allowing them to earn new combat abilities. As with the original Breach & Clear, players will be able to customize their team completely.

    We’re very conscious of the over saturation of twin-stick shooters and we don’t want to contribute to that pile. I absolutely abhor the walk backwards while shooting gameplay that most of those devolve into, so you won’t see that here. We’re building an experience that allows you to pick a location and hunker down – shooting enemies staggers them (a la Resident Evil 4), so you can easily perform crowd control – especially if you’re issuing orders to your squad mates and prioritizing targets.

    Please don’t watch these videos and write Deadline off – keep it on your radar and give us a chance to prove we are doing something different. If you absolutely hate games of this theme, i don’t know what we can do to change that – but the game play experience here will certainly be different from most other games on the market.

    Oh, I should also add that human enemies are a big part of this game (mercenaries, bandits, etc.) – saw some comments on other sites alleging we went the undead route to save on AI programming. Trust me, we didn’t – mercenaries will pack a punch that will require the smart application of tactics.

    • skyturnedred says:

      I think you need to release a video that better showcases the advanced tactics you can use in the game. And most of all, PC users want to see how it plays on mouse and keyboard.