Full Motion Video: Dying Light

Dying Light is a 1-4 player cooperative first-person game set in an urban location that is full of zombies. Under development at Techland and originally conceived as a sequel to Dead Island, it contains all the expected gore and giblets, but also goes in for some of that parkour that the kids use to commute to their office jobs these days. Graham went hands-on at Gamescom and found the controls fussy, which I take to mean that he jumped off a building and landed in a zombie’s gob by mistake. I’m glad to have a sprinkling of doubt because a Mirror’s Edge/Left 4 Dead mash-up is mighty tempting and the brand new video below is brill. Graham keeps expectations in check, like a glum father explaining the queue sizes and fatality rates before a trip to the funfair.

There are more big claims thrown around in that video than in a ramshackle frontier casino during the early days of the California Gold Rush. I can say one thing for sure though – I want to run around lopping bits off zombies during the day and flee screaming up the side of a building when night falls. It’s OK to want that. I have a balanced timetable of grand strategy, turn-based tactics, the occasional adventure and PE sports sims on a Wednesday afternoon before double maths. There’s space for some zombie slicing, surely?


  1. Chaz says:

    They’re very modest about their game aren’t they.

    • Stevostin says:

      I’d rather have something ambitious that fail that something that succeed without ambition. I hope they get it working the way they like.

      Personnally this is more the part of Dead Island that I liked. The moody part that apparently very few ppl enjoyed. I hope the feel of zombie apocalypse is as intense than it could be in Dead Island for me (ie more than in any other zombie game). Moving like mirror edge ? I may decide not to if that doesn’t feel realistic to me.

      • Christo4 says:

        Actually, i really liked the mood of dead light at the beginning.
        You were a lone survivor, with a paddle, fighting monster.
        Then it got gameified with electric weapons and rpg trees and monsters that show for how many hit points u hit them for i believe.

    • Gravy100 says:

      I think the difference is having to read the translation in subtitle form, it just makes you realise how much hype game developers talk when they do these advert-videos. I guess after 5-6 hours of this game I’m just not going to be satisfied with my other brand-x games! puh-lease!

      EDIT: Just watched the end of the video there where they say that evolution thing…ok…bit far guys, scale it back.

      • Chaz says:

        Yeah, basically they’re saying that this is the ultimate evolution of every FPS that ever went before it. That after playing this game you’ll never be satisfied with another FPS again.

        It’s basically a mash-up of Dead Island, Mirrors Edge and Assassins Creed. And whilst Dead Island had it’s moments in co-op play I’d hardly say it was brilliant. This just looks like Dead Island with free running.

        • dievinity says:

          To me, personally, I can see why they would say it’s the final evolution, although the ‘final’ is sort of what gets me on that. I don’t quite think they meant it as a drastic change between games, but more-so saying that “everything before has led up to this“, and that this will eventually lead up to some other sort of game. That’s just how I see it, but I can also see how there would be a lot of disinterest in how the devs are talking.

          As for the Mirror’s Edge bit that’s been going around, I’d like to point out that Dying Light is supposedly open world, and that Mirror’s Edge, as amazing as it was, was quite linear in terms of level design. This is promising much more movement ability than Mirror’s Edge had, where, from what it looks like, anyway, anything can be used; a bit of a deviation from the uniformly made set pieces made along the routes in Mirror’s Edge.

          Frankly, I don’t quite know if I can trust this game, but I’ll be damned if I don’t keep my eye on it.

  2. J. Cosmo Cohen says:

    Dying Light, eh? Why don’t they just replace the lightbulb?

    • GameCat says:

      What if bulb is fine and dying light is caused by malfunction of power wires?

      • J. Cosmo Cohen says:

        I think you can use some scissors or any other metal object to get the juice flowing again. I’m no electrician, though.

  3. Tinus says:

    Guys, guys, it’s fine. You can just mention Mirror’s Edge and no one will think any less of you. In fact, they’ll probably commend you on your excellent taste in source material.

    • Bravado says:

      I was thinking exactly the same thing. What the hell is so special about this game?! It’s effin’ Mirror’s Edge with zombies.

      • tumbleworld says:

        It may turn out more like Dishonored with zombies. But, basically, yes.

        • Reapy says:

          Saw a bit of 1st person assasin’s creed in there too.

          Game still looks it has potential to be fun though.

          • Bravado says:

            No, I get it – almost every game out there has been influenced in some way or another by previous games.

            But these devs are talking as if we haven’t seen anything like this before. Which is absolue BS.

          • kament says:

            I don’t know. I mean, I did think of ME, too, of course, but that game is actually very differrent. DL seems to be offering open-world sandbox gameplay, which ME never had.

  4. Gravy100 says:

    This looks good but it is a rather hyped up video. I played a little of dead island and thought it was sleazy trash though, that game had no style or taste.

  5. Raztaman says:

    Video is private.

  6. Fartango says:

    This appears to be the same video: link to youtube.com

  7. Chaku01 says:

    Wolfenstein… Quake… and then Dying Light??? So, there are the “other games”, that recycle and introduce just slight variations of proven concepts and there is dying light, a game that introduces a cutting edge well implemented original “thing”. What would that thing be? Zombies? Mirror edge movement? Assasins creed “fall from rooftop hope you’ve got no vertigo”, day night cycle?Semi open world? Crafting?… They have just chosen concepts that work and slapped them together, might end up good for a few hours like dead island (started to get really bored after 4 hours) but the next step in fps evolution? Hardly…

    • Raztaman says:

      If all FPS games gave you this kind of freedom of movement then yeah its a big evolution in comparison to older games which are plagued with invisible walls.

  8. Smoky_the_Bear says:

    “Dying Light is a 1-4 player cooperative first-person game set in an urban location that is full of zombies.”

    So they copied Left 4 Dead then?

    Then they realised it was a blatant ripoff and added Mirror’s Edge.

    Now it’s hyped beyond belief and will sell millions.