Super Meat Boy Forever Is An Auto-Running Platformer

Team Meat’s peculiar teaser a fortnight ago for a game they’d called A Voyeur For September, has been revealed to in fact be a game called Super Meat Boy Forever (anagram, see?). And despite thoughts it was to be a “live action stealth game”, it is in fact a touch-based “auto-runner”, that will have a Steam release alongside phone/tablet. Confused? I think they were aiming for that.

What a silly pair they are. The original live-“action” trailer of someone creepily staring through a lady’s window in fuzzy, sometimes upside down film, doesn’t seem to have the faintest thing to do with the gif of the game released by Team Meat.

As you can see from that brief clip, it’s more complicated than an endless runner, with some more detailed platforming elements. It seems it’s simplified for portable screens, the running done for you with its platformingnessment from finger-based controls – however we can’t presume this means it’s a single-button mouse game for its PC release. They specify it’s not a single-button game. Team Meat explains,

“Our goal with SMB:F is to design a new full length platformer for touch devices from the ground up to avoid tacking bad controls on an existing design. we want to make something that embodies the original Super Meat Boy but is designed around a simple yet intuitive control scheme allowing for pin point accuracy and surprisingly deep controls without the use of multiple buttons/analog sticks.”

It’ll have a full story across six chapters, along with boss fights, in randomly generated levels – and lots of deaths. An endless mode is planned as well, with online league tables and “daily runs”, which might be daily challenges? They’re only two months into developing it,


  1. Eight Rooks says:

    I admire them for being one of the few “core” developers to ever publicly concede that perhaps they were wrong about this whole mobile gaming thing/they don’t understand it so they should stop mocking it. They’re still wrong about virtual sticks, mind – League of Evil is every bit the diamond-hard, beautifully tuned old-school platformer they kept insisting couldn’t be done – and Badland beat them to a masterful one-touch precision obstacle course ages ago, to name but two. But I do think they can make something as good as their competition or better, and I’m looking forward to seeing how they go about it.

  2. Viroso says:

    I wish it was a single button game.

  3. The First Door says:

    So… it sort of looks like Rayman Jungle Run, but less pretty and with randomly generated levels? I’m not quite sure how I feel about that!

  4. quietone says:

    They put on hold Mew-Genics for this?

    Curse them!

    • iniudan says:

      Well Mew-Genics development was mind crushing to them, so they had to take a break from it and work on other project.

  5. Cockie says:

    Articles on a saturday? What heresy is this?

  6. Matzerath says:

    It looks like Runman: Race Around the World + death hazards.

  7. Juan Carlo says:

    I hate autorunning platformers. They do make sense on mobile devices, though.

    • Geebs says:

      My theory is that they are trying to do something which would actually be playable on that Steam controller thing that’s never coming out.

  8. Ravenholme says:

    I think the live action short of someone creepily staring through the window at a lady was a probably a reference to Dr Fetus (Or whatever the villain’s name was in the first game) and his creepily expressed affection for Bandage Girl (You know… kidnapping her)

  9. BooleanBob says:

    This September
    Spawned a voyeur in the shape of this meat
    Which was quite neat

    A hostage to platforms and the wheels of a grinder
    A hostage to platforms and the wheels of a grinder

    A symbol of where mad meat lovers
    Must jump and smear red lines

  10. Big Murray says:

    “Our goal with SMB:F is to design a new full length platformer for touch devices from the ground up to avoid tacking bad controls on an existing design.”

    Didn’t bother you with the keyboard controls for the first game.

    • Kitsunin says:

      The only 2d platformers that work on pc are shooters which take advantage of mouse movement. Even those might work better with a dual stick. Fact is, some genres don’t work with some controls. Sometimes, there are ways to make them work, but sometimes there are limitations.