Hex And The Witty: Behemoth Game 4 Is Tactical, Co-op

The Behemoth have a strong track record. Actually, ‘strong’ may not be the right word – the track is littered with banana skins and slick pools of blood, and dappled with spluttering sprinkles of deer poo. Castle Crashers, simple thing that it is, was one of my favourite XBLA games. Prop a couple of friends on a couch with controllers in their hands and the cartoon lunacy of the world is a joyous thing to beat seven thousand shades of shite out of. Battleblock Theater is a lovely thing as well, with the best narrator since Bastion. That narrator returns in ‘Game 4’, which has now been revealed. It’s a turn-based tactical game, made up of delicious hexes. The singleplayer mode is showing at PAX and the short video below follows each playthrough.

The Behemoth state that “Game 4 was revealed as a turn-based co-op adventure”, which is just about the dandiest thing that they could have stated. Is it too much to hope for the joys of Castle Crashers with the intricacies of Disgaea, Tactics Ogre or Final Fantasy Tactics? As far as I can see, there’s no confirmation of platforms or release dates yet, but a period of Xbonesclusivity wouldn’t surprise me.

I’d say it’s a sad day when any tactical game doesn’t recognise that my hard drive is it’s natural home but to do so would be to admit that we have been living in sorrowful times for many years. Still no Valkyria Chronicles or any of the three mentioned above. There are always gaps.


  1. lowprices says:

    Get yourself a Vita, Adam. Then you can have Disgaea 1-4, Tactics Ogre AND Final Fantasy Tactics.

    This reminds me of Skulls of the Shogun, with it’s chirpy take on the SRPG. I loved that (as well as the Behemoth’s previous games) so I’ll keep an eye out for this. Hopefully any exclusivity won’t be long.

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      Adam Smith says:

      I really should, shouldn’t I? I don’t have a single console for the first time in ages and a Vita might be a wise decision. I foolishly thought I didn’t need any kind of handheld now that phones and tablets have become such powerful little gaming devices.

      • tjohnfranklin says:

        I bought the Vita just for Dragons Crown (again, not on PC and nothing really like it) – the depth of Sony’s library, particularly for RPG and tactics games is just gravy. Not to mention the games that made it to the states but not PAL back in the day.

        • welverin says:

          Nothing like it you say in a comment for an article that mentions Castle Crashers? You also have access to the D&D Mystara games.

          I know Dragon’s Crown is more advanced/complex than them mechanically, but the core gameplay is the same.

          • tjohnfranklin says:

            Fair play, Castle Crashers, Dragon’s Crown and and Mystara are all descendants of Double Dragon and Golden Axe so you’re right that they’re similar. I suppose I meant that nothing else has quite the same blend of elements – in the same way that the Dark / Demon Souls series has things in common with Oblivion, Dragon’s Dogma, Witcher, and even Zelda, but is really unique in the way it combines its elements. But you might disagree that that’s enough to say something’s truly unique – and you might know better. I haven’t played the Mystara games. How do they stack up against Dragon’s Crown?

          • welverin says:

            I’d say they’re all part of the same lineage, descended from Golden Axe.

            The Mystara Games are fairly contemporary with GA time wise, but have more complexity due to being D&D licensed, thus some of the progression elements you see in DC. They also have branching paths which you see there.

            Castle Crashers hews closer to Golden Axe’s gameplay, but still benefits from design evolution over the last couple of decades.

            I suppose the reason I don’t see Dragon’s Crown as being unique is that I see it as the natural evolution of the genre over the last twenty-five to thirty years. The differences just seem more stark because it was a genre all but dead over that time so you see the progression. I look at it and see where things would have ended up if developers had kept making these type of games.

            p.s. If you up for some retro gaming and can handle something a little more archaic in design, the D&D Chronicles of Mystara pack is worth some time, especially if you can get some friends to go in on a four pack with you.

      • lowprices says:

        You can get the War of the Lions version of FFT on ipad, but none of the others. I’d say the Vita is worth it. Some great games of its own, the PSP and PS1 back catalogs, and ports of loads of indie games (which are usually later than the PC versions, granted, but with Unity and GameMaker supporting Sony that seems to be changing).

      • MkMax says:

        I had the exactly same idea as you did, Adam, but was sadly dissapointed at the game releases and glacial release rate for “promised” ports from big developers like square and capcom (and the bonehead drm they use now, why make a sp game refuse to run in plane mode ?), at least you can run pretty good PSP, Playstation, Snes and DS emulators on android and many of those games are available in said emulators

        on paper portable consoles should be dead, in reality the reluctance to port to Android is holding them back, at least for now, man if they released persona 5 of the disgaea games on android i would be so over that

      • SubparFiddle says:

        Dustforce works well on the Vita, and even comes with some user created levels. It’s not a perfect port though, with some fps issues on certain levels. And of course Spelunky is perfect for handheld gaming!

    • welverin says:

      Is Valkyria Chronicles 2 playable on the Vita? I ask when I could just check the VIta store myself, and I don’t see it, so doing that yet.

      Adam, phones and tablets may be powerful gaming devices now, but there are plenty of games that just don’t work well on them, leaving handhelds a place in the market.

      • lowprices says:

        It is playable. I bought it when I had a working PSP, so don’t know if you can buy it in the Vita store, as I just get it from “Downloads”. Sorry I can’t be more help.

        It is, also, much worse than the PS3 VC, but still worth a punt if it’s cheap.

        • welverin says:

          After I started typing my response I realized I could check myself, and I didn’t see it under PSP game on the Vita store, but if you can get it onto your Vita through the downloads screen, then you can easily buy it from the webstore and do that.

          • Chizu says:

            Yeah, that works. Valk2 didn’t work on the vita till fairly recently, and only just recently did all the dlc become downloadable on a vita. But it does work now, I’ve been playing it on mine.
            Too bad 2 is inferior to 1, and that 3 never even got localized, cause its at least better than 2.
            But that said, I still enjoy Valk2.
            Just purchases it on the SEN store and it’ll be in your vita’s download list. (Why its not just visible on the vita store, I’ve no idea, that PSN store is a mess.)

  2. axfelix says:

    for the record, the recent Valkyria Chronicles 3 English patch works beautifully in the recent-mature ppsspp emulator, and the third game also cleans up a huge amount of the tedium and unbalancedness from the first two…

  3. rexx.sabotage says:

    it looks a bit shite stylistically, I was hoping Behemoth would finally eschew their flash heritage trappings and make a decent looking game. apparently they have yet to receive the memo that this is no longer 2003 Doodlesburg.

    • Phasma Felis says:

      You wouldn’t think we’d have to keep saying this over and over and over and over, but an awful lot of people enjoy stylized, non-realistic art for its own sake, not just because it’s cheaper to make and undemanding on processors. Dan Paladin’s sketchy style looked fine in 2002 and it looks fine now. It wouldn’t be a Behemoth game without it.

  4. Synesthesia says:

    I recognise that artwork. Whose is it?

    • Phasma Felis says:

      Dan Paladin. He does the design for all the Behemoth games.