Episodic Survival Adventure Game: Kôna Is Kickstarting


Left to survive under my own motivation, well, I end up with a life like this. A survival game with a little direction, that I’d fancy. I keep meaning to make time for Miasmata, which I hear great things about, and now I’m keeping an eye on Kôna too. Set in the white wilds of ’70s Northern Quebec, it’s a “survival adventure game” about investigating where the heck everyone in a rural community has got to, while trying to avoid being eaten by wolves or a wendigo. That wendigo’s involved, I bet.

It’s on Kickstarter, natch, and y’can play an early demo.

The demo is over here, a chunk developers Parabole warn is “an early development version.” I still had a splendid time driving through the blizzard in a naff old car, poking around buildings and opening drawers, whipping out my chunky camera to snap photos, and generally being engulfed in a thick storm. Pleasant, and slightly makes me wish I could make use of the Oculus Rift support.

Puzzles are simple and logical, more things one would naturally do than convoluted roadblocks. The demo’s light on survival, but this is only the very start of the game. Kôna will be released episodically in chunks of an hour or two, so it’s certainly not a full-on survival sandbox anyway.

It’s got a cracking narrator too, speaking in lovely French over subtitles. They’re planning an English voice track, though I imagine I’d stick with this. I also played the Assassin’s Creed 2 subseries in Italian with subtitles–for the tone it sets, and because the Italian cast sound better.

The Kickstarter is looking for $40,000 Canadian (£22k) only to fund the first episode. To make the rest they’ll need to sell enough copies, though they plan to apply for arts funding too and are willing to find a publisher if needs be. Be quite aware of what you’d be getting if you backed it. Pledging £4 would get you the finished first episode, while season passes including the potential future episode start at £11. With four days left to go, Kôna is about £6k short.


  1. Freud says:

    A wendigo ate my baby!

  2. Wisq says:

    Re: Kõna … sounds interesting, backed. They’re almost there — I hope this publicity is what it needs to push it over the top. Plus it’ll also be interesting to play a game in a foreign language I actually know for once.

    Re: Italian AC2 … Indeed, I played AC2:B in Italian (years ago), and quite enjoyed the experience. It almost incited me to go learn the language, but I’m lazy and I never did manage to learn much the last time I tried a new language (Japanese), so I didn’t.

    I’m actually right now playing AC2 for the first time, having finished AC1. (Weird order, I know.) I started out playing it in Italian again, but I ended up switching to English, mainly because a) not everything is subtitled, and b) there’s no “original language” option. So by switching to Italian, I could no longer understand what guards said (although that’s usually just “get off the #!@$ing roof!”), nor the town crier / civilians, plus the “real world” scenes were in Italian too and I had grown used to the English voices from AC1.

    It’s annoying, because it would’ve been so easy for them to add an “original language” hybrid option, and/or a second set of mini-subtitles for atmosphere stuff.

    • Ross Angus says:

      AC2 has one of the funniest endings of any game I’ve played. I don’t think they intended it to be, though.

  3. AlexandreFiset says:

    Thank you for the coverage :D We really appreciate that and we’ll put a banner on our page as well as in our next update to send some people over here :)

    If anybody has questions about the game, feel free to ask, I’ll be watching this page.

    • GameCat says:

      I like the music samples. There’s something refreshing in them and they seems to have bright white sound that goes well with snow theme. Very cool stuff (pardon that little pun).

      • AlexandreFiset says:

        Thanks! The music is made specifically for the game by a talented local folk-rock band called CuréLabel.

        Good thing they record while looking at the game :)

  4. Urthman says:

    Miasmata is great. You won’t regret it.

  5. WrenBoy says:

    The Miasmata link seems to go nowhere.

    As an aside, Miasmata was so good. I’d love to know what the IonFx guys are up to now. Please please someone interview them.

    • Manburger says:

      Yes to this!! Miasmata is magnificent, and I’d love to hear something from brothers Bob and Joe Johnson.
      (Missed opportunity; with names like that they really should have called their studio Bob & Joe’s Video Game Emporium)

      Kôna deffo seems intriguing and possibly lovely!

      • aerozol says:

        Oh man, those names get me every time. The best.
        Really love Miasmata. Last time I was playing it I couldn’t help but think the engine (even the same island) could be used for something interesting. Use their crazy physics and put bike tracks throughout the island? Would be rad…

  6. kwyjibo says:

    Subtitles, yes! I’m sure the shit American dub will be more popular, but thanks for the option.

    • Henke says:

      You’ve already made your mind up that the American version will be inferior to the original foreign version before it’s even been recorded, eh? You hipster.

  7. BLACKOUT-MK2 says:

    I’ve never been too much of a fan of the French accent, but that narrator’s voice is very relaxing.

  8. Xocrates says:

    Ok, so, I’m sure this happens a lot, but I feel like mentioning it simply because it’s distracting me so much.

    Kôna is pronounced (though not spelled) like the Portuguese word for c*nt.

    I’m sure it’s a lovely game and all, but it does mean I do a double take every time I see it mentioned.

    • AlexandreFiset says:

      Yes we know that now and we’ll definitely have to find a way to fix it. Words are tricky on this planet…

    • Eggman says:

      Remember when the Honda Jazz/Fit was called the Fitta? Honda were preparing their launch in Sweden and had already made TV ads, printed billboard ads etc. The slogans were “a daily pleasure” and “small on the outside, but large when you enter inside.”
      Problem is, Fitta is the Swedish word for p*ssy.
      And this is why they changed the name to Jazz in Europe and Fit in NA.

      • Volcanu says:

        The Nissan “Pajero” always makes me smile. What with that being the Spanish word for w*nker.

        I assume it’s called something different in Spanish speaking countries….

  9. soundsofscience says:

    A Mac version of the demo does exist, but RPS hasn’t linked to it.You can find it here:

    link to parabole.ca

    (PS: It would be great if you could keep us non-Windows people in mind in the future! That might sound passive aggressive but I don’t mean it to be.)