Project Godulous: Reprisal Universe

Almost three years ago to the day, Reprisal appeared and I saw that it was good. Firmly in the terraforming tradition of God game Godfather Populous, Reprisal is a game of powers and control over tiny little warring tribes. The free version is still available to play and it may act as a perfect antidote for any poor souls inflicted with a severe case of projectile Godus. The expanded commercial release is due on September 15th and it’s looking tasty.

While Reprisal Universe may be a denomination of the Populous faith rather than an entirely fresh creation, it appears to have enough new doctrines to represent at least a reformation of sorts. The most intriguing aspect, as I see it, is the changing nature of the lands that players visit and conquer.

Created in homage to Populous, Reprisal’s Universe spans over 34 planets and 184 islands pitting you against 3 other tribes – each with their own aggression traits. Learn to control the 15 totem powers, upgrading them as you explore and harness the 5 Wonder totems for maximum effect. In this Universe you won’t be alone, other explorer’s will be present helping you to uncover items and leaving their own legacy’s on islands you will explore.

I am preparing to ascend in anticipation.


  1. padger says:

    Argh. This does look good, but Godus has tainted all such games by association! What a terrible crime against Wanting To Spend Money.

    • Scurra says:

      Hmmm. Am I the only RPS reader who actually enjoys Godus, both for what it currently is, and for what it has been slowly becoming? Although I guess at least it’s good that Peter Molyneux isn’t a woman, or the levels of insults and venom thrown at him from some quarters would probably have devolved into far more basic and direct forms of abuse by now.

      • Cinek says:

        Nope, you’re not.
        And BTW: At least Godus got it’s own arts style instead of going for way-too-overused pixelmode.

        • cpy says:

          I was hoping, that godus would be something like Populous 3 mixed with Black and White, but this facebook style game does not appear to me much.

          • Cinek says:

            They never promised Populous 3 though. It’s a good game on it’s own, but got very little to deal with the Populus series, other than the “god” topic.

          • zentropy says:

            Well calm down, it’s not released yet.

            It will appear for you then.

        • somnolentsurfer says:

          It would be churlish not to admit that there are lots of things Godus has done well. It’s just a shame the being fun to play isn’t one of them.

          • Crafter says:

            haha, that’s a good description.
            There are some good ideas in Godus but god is that game repetitive.
            It has improved a lot since the disastrous first version but there are still many deep design issues. It feels more like a clicking simulator than anything else.

          • somnolentsurfer says:

            Thing is, I’m not sure it has.

            It’s certainly prettier, and the new settlement mechanic is lovely. But at least the first release had a campaign mode with an objective. And you wouldn’t reload a save game after a weekend away and find that all your people had deserted you because their happiness had fallen while you wen’t even playing. I’ve basically given up on it because of that. I don’t want to have to start again from scratch every time I have something going on in real life.

            Having just played the first third of the free version of Reprisal, it’s a heck of a lot more fun. I can actually use the powerful abilities that make me feel like a God, because mana builds up at a pace of something that’s designed to be played with, not waited on. I mean, I don’t really need to, ’cause I’m still just making everything flat till I’ve got a big enough population, then clicking ‘fight’, but I could if I wanted to.

          • Crafter says:

            @ somnolentsurfer I did not go that far. After one or two hours of doing exactly the same thing (sculpting the world with clumsy mouse swipes and clicking on huts to build more huts, not to mention timers everywhere), I saw that the next step was just even more of the same very repetitive thing and I un-installed the game.

          • somnolentsurfer says:

            Yeah, it’s the timers that are the real problem with Godus, and the fact that everything is just so sodding expensive. I ended up playing the free version of Reprisal to completion yesterday, and I probably made just as many mistakes sculpting land as I do in Godus, but in Reprisal it never takes more than a couple seconds for you to have enough mana to fix it. In Godus you could be waiting 20 minutes.

            There’s also just much less to do in Godus. Reprisal isn’t that imaginative with its god powers, but it has volcanos, tidal waves, whirlpools, thunderstorms, tornados, all the stuff you’d expect from a god game. Godus is made by a team ten times the size, and it has meteor and um… nothing else.

            Edit: Oh God, what was that apostrophe doing there?

    • HauntedQuiche says:

      The problem I’m having with Reprisal is…. I honestly don’t think Populous was a very good game. Like, same aspects of it are pretty neat, I guess…? But overall I just felt it was a shallow little casual clickfest.

      I accept that this may not have been the case at the time but now? Populous is essentially a casual mobile-style game. And one that begins to drag pretty quickly, too.

      • padger says:

        Yes, that might actually be the root of the problem for both this and Godus: we’ve moved on from Populous.

      • Big Murray says:

        So many of the games of olde can be described as “casual mobile style” these days. Theme Hospital would work as a mobile game extremely well, for instance. Doesn’t mean they shouldn’t still get made.

  2. mashkeyboardgetusername says:



  3. GrandpaOption says:

    This is THE music.