Chilled Out Noodling: Ojoon EP

Sooner or later, we all make the little flowers grow.

“Enjoy a relaxing moment on a break from work, or set the mood for a chill party,” suggest the makers of Ojoon EP. Don’t mind if I do! With clocking-off time nearing, I’ve had a lovely few minutes noodling away on the “visual instrument”, watching colours and shapes grow and twist as I tap out rhythms and futz with the pitch. Ojoon was released for free this week by creator Jukio Kallio, who you might better know for working on the Luftrausers and Nuclear Throne soundtracks under his stage name of Kozilek. It’s free, and it’s a balmy Thursday evening, so come chill.

Ojoon is a keyboard with some pretty things to look at, really, but what a lovely one! It’s also an EP, as its three scenes have background music from a different musician–Daniel Hagström, Rudolf Westerholm, and Kozilek himself–that quietly support even the wildest noodling. You can tap out notes, boom bass notes, twiddle pitch, and also ‘change sides’ for a different take on each song.

My favourite’s probably the spinning pentagons and hexagons that open portals to a spotty dimension. Soothing. It almost makes me feel musically competent, too.

Ojoon EP’s a free download for Windows and Mac from I should note that Kozilek once played a set at an event I helped organise but I don’t think we even spoke and, er, it’s free, innit?


  1. padger says:

    Oh man. Beer and special tobacco.

  2. Eukatheude says:

    MinimogueVA + Savihost.

    You’ll thank me later.
    (all freely downloadable stuff, if you enjoy virtual instruments this is pretty cool)

  3. SuddenSight says:

    This is great. But this kind of game always has two stages for me:

    1) Wow! Their sound design is incredible! Here I am, randomly pressing buttons, and listenable stuff is coming out!

    2) Man. I just can’t… seem… to make any cool tunes come out. I really am a talentless hack. Ah well.

    It makes me wish there was some goal to keep me engaged (press the numbers that appear on the screen! or some such). Regardless, fabulous noises and pretty visuals. At the sweet sweet price of free, I love it.

  4. ehtan says:

    This is pretty damn good. I love things that make me feel like I have talent where I have no discernible talent.