Syndicate Remake Satellite Reign GIFs Us An Update

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“I wonder what’s going on with Syndicate remake/spiritual sequel Satellite Reign?” I asked myself yesterday. “It’s been a while since we heard anything about it. Oh God, maybe it’s dead, oh no, please”, I panicked, before realising that “heard” would involve “games sites covering it”, which meant that I simply hadn’t checked in on it for a few months, which meant that I should go and do that right now. So I did. And I’m glad I did.

It seems they’ve been putting out progress updates several weeks or sometimes months apart, mustering only nine in the year since their Kickstarter completed, which unsurprisingly caused some community alarm, but it’s been defended as a consequence of the team being too buried in the game’s development. The July and August updates showed off a fair amount of stuff though, and they claim to be on track for an Early Access release before the year’s out, with backer alphas ahead of that.

The updates do concentrate heavily on the visual side of the game, including environmental design, which I guess is important for getting people excited, but I’m keen to see more about how the thing works – particularly in terms of the contentious move to an XCOM class system.

This is a good-lookin’ futurescape, though:

The meaty stuff should hit in October, when devs 5 Lives are taking the game to PAX Australia on the 31st and letting the public get hands-on with it for the first time. It’s possible backers will have alpha access before then, but we shall see.

In the meantime, a set of GIFs show off the crowd tech, NPC animations, sci-fi gizmos and some laser-death:

Do click through to big-size versions with more detail.

I guess it screams Bladerunner more than it does Syndicate right now, but my eyes are pleased by it nevertheless.

The post-Kickstarter pledging system has now closed too, but pre-orders are promised soon, if speculative purchasing is your bag, baby.

I’m excited, but I’m excited more because Syndicate has been either ignored or mistreated for the last couple of decades than I am about anything Satellite Reign has shown so far. I hope that’ll flip around in a few weeks’ time.


  1. Lonestar1771 says:

    This is looking pretty good.

  2. sendmark says:

    This was high on my list of most anticipated, but the lack of updates and visible progress had me worried. Hopefully the Alpha is promising and it doesn’t then get stuck in Early Access hell for eons.

    • Caiman says:

      I’m not worried at all, their updates have been 1-2 months apart and have consistently shown great progress, and it’s clear they are working with the relatively limited budget they have as efficiently as possible. Sounds like great project management to me. I guess we’ll found out more within the next month or two.

  3. xfstef says:

    Guys, listen, if you’re going to have to absolutely NEED to put GIFs in your articles please make sure that they don’t automatically run in an endless loop, making me scratch my head as to why the damn browser is throttling my CPU to 20% or more without me having any media open in it.

    Thank you !

    • ukpanik says:

      Jesus Christ! Did it blow?

    • Alice O'Connor says:

      It’s good that you have so much CPU power at your disposal, then!

      (These are technically animated gifs turned into videos by Gfycat, though they’ll fall back on plain old .gif if your browser doesn’t accept those for whatever reason).

      • eggy toast says:

        Noscript with RPS on the whitelist still blocks them as a third party script and blocks them.

        • jrodman says:

          Indeed for me, they look pretty much like broken links for the same reason.

      • xfstef says:

        Well on a desktop this is obviously a non issue. I was however browsing this page, at the time, on my i5 integrated graphics notebook, which made him get very loud all of the sudden and my first thoughts were that it’s probably broke or something.

        Yes, I am an overly sensible individual, but my feedback might be useful, I hope ?!?

    • LionsPhil says:

      Another good question is how browsers have got so bad that it nearly maxes out a core (assuming you have four) playing an animated GIF, when this is something they have been able to do since the ’90s, when speeds where measured in MHz.

  4. Premium User Badge

    Hodge says:

    The updates might be a bit sparse, but they’ve generally been pretty good, like this one about how they’re doing their mo-cap stuff on the cheap. I think it’s basically a case of them just shutting up and getting on with it.

    If I do have a worry it’s that all of the little systems that they’re building the game from won’t work when they’re all combined, so we end up with a clever little playset but an otherwise dull game. I’m not panicking yet, though.

  5. 2late2die says:

    Speaking of BladeRunneresque games, whatever happened to that CDProjekt game CyberPunk 2077? Anybody heard anything new?

    • JoeX111 says:

      Methinks they’re focused on getting Wild Hunt out the door.

      • jezcentral says:

        Yeah, and the due date is 2017, so they probably won’t have anything to show for ages yet.

    • somnolentsurfer says:

      Also what happened to that Syndicate style game someone was making in Qbasic?

      Edit: It’s called Black Annex, but I can’t see anything since this trailer last year: link to

  6. Premium User Badge

    Earl-Grey says:

    All is quiet on the GIF\JIF front these days, apparently.


    This is even more Syndicatey than I could expect.

  8. oceanclub says:

    I never played Syndicate back in the day, only more recently, and was surprised how simplistic it is. Basically you select all your team and point them at places. Will this remake have more to it?


    • bonuswavepilot says:

      Weeelll to be fair there was a bit more to it than that – had yr research and upgrades stuff, you could recruit with the Persuadatron (which both saved having to kill people and gave you recruits), little bit of high-level choice on which mission to take next, weapons loudout choices etc.

      There was the tactics of how to split your team, and the ‘stim’ chemical system to both provide combat boosts and modify how your dudes would behave when you weren’t in direct control of them, which had to be managed as your dudes developed resistance to them.

      Also the destructibility of things meant you could set up some fun stuff with exploding vehicles and whatnot…