The RPS Bargain Bucket: What the floof?

We helped put together a bundle of our own this week, which feels slightly bizarre because we’re usually writing about bundles. (At least, I am.) Bargains continue to rain across the internet however, so get out your wallets and start your weekend with a well-considered purchase. (Also, this week’s fluffy chimera is from Jim Huxter.)

Creatures Series
Once upon a time, long before Dwarf Fortress became a monument to video games AI, there was a game called Creatures. Here, you play as a divine force charged with … doing whatever you want, really. The Norns are your responsibility, and also your playthings. Turn them into genetically superior versions of themselves or breed awful traits together. Mess with them, watch over them. Do whatever you want to them.

Night Dive Bundle
I’ve never played Shadow Man, but I love the assortment of other titles present within the NightDive Bundle. Although not all of them are “horrific” in the traditional sense of the word, there are enough uncomfortable moments interspaced throughout the collection to build a Guillermo del Toro movie. Be advised that you probably will not enjoy Bad Mojo if you have a thing against creepy crawlies. I mean, just look at that cover art, guys.

Dungeons & Dragons Anthology: The Master Collection
Baldur’s Gate? Icewind Dale? Planescape? Temple of Elemental Evil? Yes, yes, yes, and yes again. You can’t go wrong with these games, honestly. Unless, that is, you were aiming to have a life outside of your computer screen in which case you really should not buy this bundle. It will devour you. It will eat your soul. It will replace what little time you have on their earth with warm, cherished memories and – wait, I suppose that’s not that bad at all.

The Cat Lady – $2.00/£1.22/€1.54
Knowing my luck (and yours), this will probably be at full price again by the time you read this. Still, hope springs eternal. I love everything about The Cat Lady. From the grungy aesthetics to the fact that the main character is an older lady with difficult issues, there’s just so much about it that goes against the norm. It’s brutal and bloody and perfect in a nightmarish sort of way.

Humble Weekly Bundle: Rock, Paper, Shotgun
Pay $6/£3.67/€4.63 for everything
Is it unethical to want to talk about the games that your editorial overlords curated? Does it make me a bad person? Because I really like the games that they picked, although I’d probably swap at least one of the games for another. (Do not kill me for my blasphemy, editorial overlords.) My personal recommendation from this particular conglomeration of titles is Dungeons of Dredmor, which is hilarious and rather well put-together.

Also of note:

Saturday’s Night Symbiosis – Free!
Okay, I’m cheating here. Pierrec’s games have, by and large, always been available for free. (I think you can pay for some of them.) However, there’s no reason not to consider them bargains. The writing is uniformly excellent, and sometimes surprisingly heartfelt. Saturday’s Night Symbiosis is Pierrec’s latest Ludum Dare title. You should play it because I said so.

Bravest Warriors Sale
I think, ladies and gentleplushes, that it might be a bit of stretch to claim that Adventure Time is universally loved but I suspect you all probably liked it. In case you weren’t already aware, Pendleton Ward also devised a web series called “Bravest Warriors,” which is an almost tooth-achingly adorable tale about four very brave friends. (Catbug is the best thing in the world, by the way.) Moving on, Bravest Warriors actualy spawned a bunch of comics that are, if you haven’t guessed already, on sale. Yay!


  1. welverin says:

    No description for this weeks plushie?

    • MaXimillion says:

      It would appear to be a Tepig, ridden by a Probopass.

      • jimangi says:

        It’s a Tepig, ridden by Avatar Aang with a Probopass for a head, in my sun hat. The only bucket I had was a manky bin, so I used the hat instead.

        Edit: To clarify, that’s a ‘manky’ bin and not a ‘Mankey’ bin

        • welverin says:

          I don’t know what any of that is, you’re clarifying does me no good (the links however did).

          • jimangi says:

            Sorry, I couldn’t work out how to put a hyperlink on, and URLs would have been cumbersome.

          • welverin says:

            That’s o.k., I expect to come across words and phrases I’m just not going to get on occasion.

            It just amused me that you wanted to make sure no one thought you were meant to use a different word, and I have no idea what either of them are.

          • SuddenSight says:

            A quick explanation of some of the words not hyperlinked (I am too lazy to hyperlink myself):

            Avatar Aang comes from a TV Show called Avatar: The Last Airbender.
            Manky is regional dielect from northern England and Scotland that means “dirty” or “disgusting.”
            Mankey is the name of a Pokemon that looks very similar to a monkey.

            In other news – neat plushie image. I saw the Tepig, but I didn’t recognize Probopass/Aang because I thought they were one character! (you are very sneaky)

          • CookPassBabtridge says:

            Plushie confusion and resulting grumpiness = comedy gold.

    • Revolving Ocelot says:

      One of you is going to have to get Omega Ruby to compliment my Alpha Sapphire.

  2. CookPassBabtridge says:

    I’ve been blithering about it all week because PLAAAAAANNNES, but Eagle Dynamics is having a big non-steam DCS World modules sale until the 14th Sept :) The newer titles are less discounted obviously, but you can pick up A-10C for $15, Huey for $25 and so on. I am going to get me some choppers (snigger) as thats the sort of guy I am.

    • All is Well says:

      Thanks for the tip! You wouldn’t happen to know if the P-51 has any contemporary AI opponents (i.e. the Dora) yet? I find the more modern aircraft a bit daunting, but at the same time I don’t want to learn the P-51 just to find I can only fight jets :)

  3. mpk says:

    I’ve been tempted to pick that D&D bundle up every single time I see it. Suppose it’s about time. I still have my original BG1 DVD* and BG2 CDs, but since I don’t have an optical drive in my machine anymore, they’re kind of hard to play.

    *The first DVD game I ever owned. Man, that was special.

    • welverin says:

      This will also save you if the discs stop working, and the other games worth playing as well, so definitely worth it.

    • JFS says:

      Psshhh, BG1 is meant to be3 played via 5+1 CD-ROMs. Digitally would probably also work, though.

      • All is Well says:

        For the optimal experience, you should emulate a much smaller hard drive than you really have and not install all the maps, so that you have to swap CD:s to move between areas.

    • Gargenville says:

      It doesn’t come with steam keys by any chance, does it?

  4. Slouch says:

    Is Creatures still worth picking up if you never played it back in the day? If not, what’s a good alternative life simulation game besides DF?

    • Cassandra Khaw says:

      I think so! It’s a piece of history I deeply approve of. You will need to enjoy retro graphics though

      Alternative life simulation that I am most addicted to right now is Clockwork Empires, which has wonderful bugs.

    • Steve Catens says:

      DF is the only game.

      That said, as far as life sims where the focus is on the lives and the malleable personalities of the inhabitants, I was going to mention that the Sims 4 came out this week, except it appears as if that has turned into another playerbase-hating debacle from EA. Sims 3 seems to be popular with many, if you’re into that. There is also the old Black & White from Lionhead.

      While not specifically Life Sims, you might get enough overlap with management sim games like Startopia or Evil Genius to scratch an itch. Both of those are great and on GoG. Some people enjoy the Tropico games. Colony sim games like Banished overlap as well, so you might get some mileage there.

      • Press X to Gary Busey says:

        Pretty much all of the Tropico games and DLC are on sale at some places this weekend. Tropico Reloaded (1+2 with expansions) for 1.75€ at GamersGate.

        link to

    • Lagran says:

      I picked it up and have been dabbling in it despite never having played it when I was younger (80% of my GOG library is that, admittedly — one game [soon to be three, hopefully] that I played in the past, seventeen indies, and eighty-five older games that I either wanted when I was younger but never got around to buying, were on ‘must play’ lists, or I picked up because they were interesting).

      I’ve found it a good mix between fun and challenging, though I’ve had to restart a couple of times because I’ve not been doing things properly. I really need a print-out of the guide or a second monitor to be able to flick to when I need it.

  5. oceanclub says:

    “Is it unethical to want to talk about the games that your editorial overlords curated? Does it make me a bad person”

    Pretty sure this is #gamergamergate.


  6. rustybroomhandle says:

    Blink have a bundle on at the moment. Smaller titles (including my own *cough cough*;) but some good ‘uns in there. They’re all Steam keys.

    link to

    The loadout is thus:
    Aces Wild: Manic Brawling Action!
    Real World Racing
    Riptide GP2
    The Maker’s Eden

    • Jurple says:

      So which one is yours? I was going to pass on that collection, but I’ll give you a chance to talk me into it :)


      Wait, is Maker’s Eden out already?

  7. Gap Gen says:

    The Bravest Warriors comics are pretty good. I think Joey Comeau’s sense of humour works pretty well with the format (wasn’t so convinced by some of the AT ones, despite liking the authors’ other work). The sale seems to be on for non-dolla-users, too, but the site kinda loses you when it converts so you have to search for it again.

  8. frightlever says:

    Love me some Bravest Warriors.

    Official season 1 videos complete:

    link to

    Season 2 videos complete:

    link to

    Love this show.

    Haven’t actually read any of the comics, nor the Adventure Time ones, but given the availability of handheld Youtube devices why comic? Semi-serious question. I spend about fifty to sixty quid a month on comics. WHY?

    • Kaeoschassis says:

      Why not?

    • ThTa says:

      The comics (for both Bravest Warriors and Adventure Time) all feature completely original (all canon in BW’s case, AT varies) stories.

      In the case of Bravest Warriors, you could even say the comics feature more of the story than the series.

      They also feature some great art from various artists. I fully intend to pick them up print as a collection at some point.

      • Gap Gen says:

        I think it’s just a way for them to expand the range of BW/AT things to buy without costing too much (it’s basically hiring a popular webcomic artist to draw and write a book, compared to hiring a whole team to storyboard, animate, voice act, etc. Like I said above, I’m not so convinced by the AT comics, since a lot of that relies on the raw energy of the voice acting and movement, but the BW stuff seems to fit the format pretty well.

    • welverin says:

      Because you like it and want more, and there are limits to how many episode of the show can be produce. Rewatching it isn’t the same as getting new original content, even if it is in a different format. Plus, you may not have an internet connection.


    Speaking of bundles, does anyone know if the books in the ongoing Star Trek bundle by Humble are new stories or just novelizations (…graphic novelizations?) of the TV episodes?

    • malkav11 says:

      I think you mean Star Trek.


        Yes, that is what I had said from the start, and defintively didn’t just edit to prevent a black mark in my nerd cred.

    • welverin says:

      Since you didn’t say Star Wars, I can help you a bit.

      I don’t have experience with the first tier at all, the Gold Key stuff predates me and I don’t remember the Wildstorm stuff (not sure I even read that). The Klingon book might be good based on the other things by the Tiptons I read, but I have yet to read that.

      Beat the Average: I liked Mirrors, The Hive was o.k. and the other two would fall in the same category as the Klingon book.

      $15 tier: I haven’t read the adaptation of the movie, but I’ve like all of the other stuff. Everything in the new movie continuity has been pretty good.

      IDW has been doing a good job with the license based on the things I have read.

  10. Wytefang says:

    While it’s neat that RPS got to put together their own bundle – I found it mostly full of lame games.

    • Jalan says:

      It’s full of bundle repeats, most of which are either genuinely good or at the very least fun to play for a short time.

    • bill says:

      Huh. It’s full of awesome classics. That’s the problem, most of us already have them all.

    • Gap Gen says:

      Amnesia: Dark Descent writhes in agony on the track. Its leg irreparably broken, the most humane thing is for John Walker to quickly and kindly put it to sleep. The crowd looks on in horror and fascination. They came to have a flutter on the geegees, but today they have seen death.

  11. Ejia says:

    I never felt the need to catch them all, but the prospect of doing so with Pokémon in plushie form does seem rather appealing right now.

  12. Caiman says:

    Am I the only person who couldn’t stand Dungeons of Dredmore? I wanted to like it, I really did, I even pre-ordered the damn thing, but it just turned into Inventory Management: The Game.

    • tormos says:

      I didn’t really like it (the humor and repetitiveness tended to grate after a while) but it did lead to the beginning of my occasionally life consuming Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup addiction