Sharks Vs. Divers: Depth Surfacing In November

Oh good their eyes even glow in torchlight great.

It’s been long enough since we last looked at Depth that I’d entirely forgotten about it, and even felt confident enough to swim in the sea a few weeks ago. Now a new trailer and word of a November release for the shark vs. treasure hunters swim ’em up remind me that–good grief!–the ocean is a terrifying place. And a messy place, littered with severed limbs and bullet-ridden corpses. Sink your teeth into (watch) this new trailer below.

Treasure hunters are trying to gather treasure, see, while sharks are after a good meal. Apparently the divers are aware of this, as they come armed with everything from dual pistols to explosive spearguns. The profession’s death toll is enormous. They must really want that treasure. Both sides unlock fancier murdertools as they slaughter, with sharks undergoing spontaneous ‘evolutions’ and divers getting new weapons. Perhaps helping with the perennial problem of indie multiplayer-only games failing to secure playerbases, Depth also will have an offline mode with AI bots.

Horrifying. It’s all horrifying. I’ve started swimming in the tranquil yet murky waters of Kenwood Ladies’ Pond on Hampstead Heath, and still struggle with a primitive part of my brain insisting something will eat me. It’s the banks concealed by lilies and reeds that I’m most afraid of. That’s where crocodiles and hippos lurk, you know. Now I’ll fear the depths too, wary of inland sharks.

Depth will be on Steam this November.


  1. CookPassBabtridge says:

    Fin-ally. A game with some depth.

  2. Elarmarth says:

    Apparently, you will also be mentored by Tony Montana.

  3. Steve Catens says:

    * Waits for developer commentary on how a game about wholesale slaughter of endangered species for kicks is “satire”. *

    • Spacewalk says:


    • Durgendorf says:

      You could just as easily blame the developers as you could Spielberg for tapping into a primordial if irrational fear. Except in this case the humans are treasure hunters instead of a small town sheriff defending his family.

      If you’re still pissed just grab a mouse and remove their limbs.

      • Steve Catens says:

        Spielberg has a lot to answer for. I’m still not over 1941. But you’re correct that Jaws did no favors for the public perception of these important species, and we’ve been piling it on ever since, exaggerating their status as monsters. Now most species of shark range from threatened status to being in imminent danger of extinction from overfishing and fin harvesting, while the public is apathetic because who cares about a monster?

        To give games a pass because they’re “tapping into a primitive fear”, is also to give a pass to games that portray women a certain way because of “primitive gender distinctions”–something that I understand is a bit of a hot topic these days. It’s not that those primitive attitudes don’t exist, or don’t speak to some truth about human nature, it’s just that at some point they reached a critical mass and now all they do is serve to reinforce those primitive ideas long past the point where it is beneficial for us to do so. In short, it’s just too much. Too, too much. There have been too many games featuring this sort of thing, the last couple making feeble attempts at claiming satire, and to make this game now you’re just “that guy”. The guy who didn’t get that the joke has worn thin, and wasn’t that funny in the first place.

        This is a game about sport divers exploiting the ocean for it’s sweet, sweet treasure candy, and mowing down any shark that gets in their way with automatic weapon fire. If it’s not parody, it should be. It reads like parody, but as in the case of Far Cry 3, it’s not doing a good job of delivering the wink. But if it can demonstrate enough self-awareness to make the case for parody, then it also implies a level of awareness great enough to understand the problems these species face, and a willing choice to profit by further anesthetizing the public to the idea of killing these animals by letting them pull the trigger in a realistic simulation.

        To be clear, I’m not “one of those”, by which I mean whatever stereotype people get in their head when confronted by someone who suggests it’s probably not a good idea to casually allow species to disappear from ecosystems. I don’t believe in “earth spirits”, or man’s sacred communion with nature. I pretty much think nature is awful, and I’m happy my species has evolved the tools to build comforting boxes around ourselves to shut it out. Like most sensible mammals, I don’t fancy swimming in close proximity to sharks in their environment. But it is entirely possible to want to conserve natural resources for purely self interested reasons. Vital species cannot disappear from ecosystems honed over millions of years without having massive effects all the way down the line. Kill wolves in Yellowstone park, you get riverbank erosion. Maybe I just like eating shellfish, whose populations would plummet if sharks were to disappear entirely, as they remove a lot of shellfish predators.

        This game actively works against my interests, and the interests of the human species by promoting stereotypes about animals that are suffering from those primitive stereotypes and superstition. It normalizes unnecessary violence against them as entertainment. I personally think that’s kind of lousy. That other people have also done this, changes nothing.

  4. Jerppa says:

    I hope Fonzie will be playable.

  5. RayEllis says:

    Oh dear! This looked quite interesting until I watched the trailer and saw people using firearms underwater.

    Whilst guns will fire underwater, the bullet loses energy rapidly once it outruns the gas envelope generated by the propellant. A handgun won’t fire much more than say, three feet, before the bullet loses all momentum. Depends on the type of ammunition, of course, but firearms really aren’t a very good weapon for underwater defence.

    I know, it’s a game, but this was just silly.

  6. Arathorn says:

    So… will you be able to play as a shark?

  7. DOLBYdigital says:

    Looks fun to play as shark and very hard to play as humans. Anyone know if this is Alex’s new game? (killing floor creator)