Noct: Kickstarter For A Stylish Top-Down Teleglitch-Like

Who wouldn’t want more games like Teleglitch? Noct is set in a similarly monster-filled ruined world, similarly viewed from above, and similarly blends quick combat with RPG and survival mechanics. The difference is that it’s also optionally multiplayer, “viewed through a thermal imaging satellite”, and looking for $22,000 CAD on Kickstarter now.

Teleglitch is a relatively simple idea for a game, but I loved it for the execution of its atmosphere and make-shift weaponry. It’s fun to see Noct take the same or similar ideas but present them in a different way – you as an unflinching eye staring down from space upon a dying world – and come out with an atmosphere that feels completely different.

I wonder, though: does that appearance of similarity to a recent, good game make you interested (‘it looks like more a thing I love!’) or less interested (‘I already have this game and therefore don’t need to back another’)? I can’t tell what drives Kickstarter appeal anymore.

$10 CAD (£5.63, $9.19 USD) gets you a copy of the game on release, while $25 nets you “early beta access” whenever that launches. Take a look.


  1. RARARA says:

    Obviously another attempt at copying Modern Warfare to recreate its success 7 years later.

    Joking aside, it piqued my interest when the monsters started showing up. Also, scanlines make me unreasonably happy (as did Teleglitch’s chromatic aberrations).

    The music needs to be a bit more threatening though. The trailer music sounds like Justin Bieber slowed down 800%.

    • lurkalisk says:

      I think the music sounds appropriately menacing, but also detached, as it looks like it ought to. Maybe it’s just me…

  2. c3sk says:

    Ah you guys… way to /swoon me at 4am while writing codes.

  3. dozer86 says:

    Oh man, Cant wait to play this. it looks fantastic.


  4. BrokenMambo says:

    This looks so awesome, I need to play this

  5. dethtoll says:

    I’m wit it. I liked Teleglitch in looks more than execution (bored with permadeath) and I’d like to see more games in that vein. This looks reasonably fun and I like the visual concept.

  6. Sinky says:

    “Unique Line of Sight System – You see only what is within your actual awareness area. You can see down every hallway around you, but not around the corners.”

    Makes little sense when it’s supposed to be a view from an orbital camera. And it’s not unique, since Teleglitch.

    • hutchjuke says:

      Since when did Teleglitch make any sense? Maybe just me? but this feels different. Cannot wait!

    • Bugamn says:

      Nox also had that “top view obscured by corners” camera. I wish more games had that.

    • Danny252 says:

      You needn’t even quote teleglitch – fog of war that follows your LOS has been a feature since at least the 90s…