Super Game Jam Episode 4 Out, Trailer Below

Indie devs, for sure.

Super Game Jam continues. The online reality series pairs two indie creators together for 48 hours in order to create a game, films the process, and releases both documentary and resultant game together. Episode four is out now and stars Hotline Miami co-creator Jonatan Söderström and Rymdkapsel creator Martin Jonasson, and their game about underwater something-or-other. There’s a new trailer below.

Isn’t it weird that Jonatan “Cactus” Söderström is now “Hotline Miami co-creator Jonatan Söderström”? I remember when all t’were fields, and his name was prefaced by a handful of strange, experimental games chosen from a list of dozens. I’d still recommend Mondo Agency, Psychosomnium, and Clean Asia! to everyone, but successful careers are an exercise in giving writers simpler ways to introduce you in news posts. This is true also of Nidhogg’s Mark Essen and Super Hexagon’s Terry Cavanagh. See?

Episodes of Super Game Jam ride on the chemistry of each episode’s stars, and the tension wrung from their attempt to make a game within the time limit. Some episodes, making something fun and functional in 48 hours seems like a breeze. Some episodes, it turns out that indie game creators are shy and don’t come out of their shell in front of a camera. I don’t know what this latest episode is like, but whether easy and shy or dramatic and gregarious, I’ve enjoyed every episode I’ve seen so far. There’s an enjoyable intimacy simply in seeing people create things.

Super Game Jam is available through Steam as a series and there’s more information on previous episodes and the last remaining at the series’ own site.


  1. zerstoerer says:

    Love what these guys came up with (a cooperative subaquatic 2d action game, I suppose). Probably my favourite episode so far!

  2. Gap Gen says:

    Cactus comes across as being pretty shy, whereas Martin Jonasson talks a lot more and sort of drives the episode with ideas and thoughts. I agree that it often comes across as quite muted if you have shy Europeans sitting in front of a laptop for 30 minutes, but like the first episode the fourth has a sort of trance-like charm with two clever people making something interesting. My favourite is still ep 3, purely because Drucker and Sos are such energetic, fun people, and watching them slowly go insane through sleep deprivation is pretty great.

  3. Crimsoneer says:

    The Hotline Miami dude is very, very quiet. If I had to spend 48 hours with the incredibly quiet guy who makes hyper-violent games, I’d be concerned :P

  4. mpOzelot says:

    Would suggest to not watch all episodes in a row, since the slow pacing and over consistent editing are more apparent and reduce focus. In this fourth episode, Söderström comes out as a quite pragmatic developer, he doesn’t open his mouth often, but when he does talk about the game his comments are spot on.