D/Generation To Return! An HD Remake On The Way

I’m not saying I cause all the good things in the world. I leave it to others to accurately observe this. So it will have to be someone else who gives me my deserved credit for the exciting news that West Coast Software has gained the license to remake D/Generation. I mean, I mentioned it only three weeks ago on RPS, as an example of a game people have forgotten about but that brings a wave of joyful nostalgia when recalled. And now, well, I’m just saying. Big thanks to Retro Gamer for the spot.

Of course, on sharing this news in the RPS bunker, I was horrified to learn that of the ghastly young flibbertigibbets working today (Alice, Graham, Alec and Ben), none of them remember it. Ben, who is I think seven, linked this. Just no words. But fortunately, I know I’ll not be alone, and I’ll not be the only person who sees screenshots of the original and feels a weird old shiver.

Oh gosh, those coloured doors, the blue lines around the furniture… Original creator Robert Cook seems to have managed to retain the license, despite original 1991 publishers Mindscape still going. And he’s given the go-ahead to West Coast Software, the developers behind Putty Squad, a recent James Pond remake, and, um, NOW! That’s What I Call Music Dance & Sing.

They’ve got the chap behind the Amiga and ST versions of the original, John Jones-Steele (who worked on Ingrid’s Back! Declaration of interests: I play-tested that game when I was 10), and intend to create a faithful HD remake.

They suggest a Christmas release in their press release, which means it’s not long to wait to see if they pull it off. In the meantime, here’s a longplay by World Of Longplays:

I swear I still see those pipe things in my dreams.


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    Hodge says:

    Yeah this was awesome and it hardly even needs updating. It would sit nicely among all the pixel art 2D indie puzzley things that are around now without upgrading a thing.

    It was bastard hard, though. I don’t think I ever made it past the third floor.

    • El_MUERkO says:

      Loved that game on the Amiga, got stuck half way through, and i bought it budget so I had no access to guides :*(

  2. thaquoth says:

    Guhh, I had a shareware/demo thingy of that on one of these shareware/demo-thingy-cds.

    Jebus. Totally forgot about this. Hah. I think young me really enjoyed it. Cool stuff!

  3. Moni says:

    D/Generation taught me how to spell ‘Ostrich’. That’s about all I can remember of that game. Oh, and the terrifying Rover-like thingie.

  4. cardboardartisan says:

    A “scientist” named “J. Derrida” – heh, so the game has a sense of humor. That intro theme is great, too.

  5. Quistie says:

    While the tube things were scary the first time you meet a C-Generation baddy was the worst. The game taught me never to trust office furniture in any way on pain of death. It was one of a very few games I completed at that age (young) which is strange as I found it pretty tough!

    • mouseclicker says:

      The C/Generations still scare the crap out of me. Even when I know one of the hostages is actually a C/Generation, I get all nervous and anxious approaching it and just spam grenades as soon as it reveals itself.

  6. jodi says:

    I audibly gasped when I saw that post title. D/Generation had entirely slipped from my mind. I’m stunned that there’ll be a remake, but very much looking forward to it.

  7. ansionnach says:

    Great game, as others have said, it doesn’t need any changes beyond a windows port.

    Seth’s password was sometimes “pestilence”, which was the first time I’d seen the word. Remember trying “posterich” and all sorts of things until my young brain realised I had to use his username too!

    It was probably playing this game that I gained the manual dexterity to play action games using the keyboard. Sure back then every game had different controls. Standardising something that should not necessarily be the same doesn’t make sense to me. Think the controls were cursor keys or numpad for movement (numpad was best as you needed precise 8-way movement), space for fire, t for torpedo and enter to talk. Mouse and WASD that!

    • pullthewires says:

      To be honest, I hope they do update the controls. It’s been a long time, but I remember the controls being very awkward.

      Also, James Pond remake? A quick search shows articles about it being in development for an early 2014 release but I can’t see it on sale anywhere. Did it actually come to fruition?

  8. fuggles says:

    Ingrids back! Gosh I remember that. If you got anywhere on that when you were 10, you are much better and text(ish) based adventure games.

  9. B4rberblacksheep says:

    Are you ready… You think you can tell me what to do… What to wear… You think you’re be- Oh whoops wrong Degeneration ;)

  10. PostieDoc says:

    Loved this on the mighty Amiga.
    There are many games from that machines library I would love to see get an HD remake (not crappy new version like with Flashback).

    Talking of which, I notice Defender Of The Crown is now available at GOG.
    Apparently it includes both the Amiga and ugly PC version.

    • Paul B says:

      Oh, for a HD version of Hired Guns by Psygnosis. I don’t think there’s been a simultaneous four player RPG since, and I never did get around to finishing it.

      • captain nemo says:

        Hired Guns on the Amiga was classic

        • BenAttenborough says:

          There’s some awesome vids of Hired Guns on youTube. If they did remake it I hope they would keep the great 1990s acid house soundtrack. Thing is watching the videos I’m not sure I could bring myself to get lost in those endlessly repeating corridors and to use awkward interface (good for its time granted). Game design has moved on for the better in some ways!

  11. Eddie Bax says:

    If anyone is interested in playing some D/Generation in the meantime, there’s a homebrew remake/sequel called rE/Generation that came out a few years ago.

  12. BenAttenborough says:

    Wow, wow, wow, I remember this, it was fantastic although I never did finish it. It was one of those games where you had to play for hours to get to the place you were stuck only to die and have to start again. No save games! If I recall the scientist responsible for the “incident” in the game was called Derida which also reminds me of ultra-tough English coursework reading material!

  13. mouseclicker says:

    Holy crap, this immediately became my most anticipated game of the year. I remember playing this with my dad when I was just starting out playing games. Most recently I configured an Amiga emulator for my soft-modded Wii so I could play it on my TV.

    I am so unbelievably happy.

  14. Spongbo says:

    Let’s have Crusader No Remorse / No Regret next! With better controls!

    Yay isometric puzzle/actioners!