Freeware Garden: Capsule

A starship the size of Wales looks a bit like this.

I am slowly yet surely discovering that I adore illustrated interactive fiction. I believe I could take the thing and live with it on a desert island, where I’d fish and cook and it’d provide me with stuff like Capsule. Ah, yes, it would be a lovely exercise in calm, enlightened misanthropy.

Playing a truly well-written and entertaining game on humanity’s doom would be really lovely there and surely interactive fiction would enjoy all those sleek CSS effects too, but, yes, this metaphor is getting tired.

Point is, Capsule by PaperBlurt is a mighty fine sci-fi choose-your-own-adventure you should absolutely play. It may not be huge or sport dozens of branches, but it’s an extremely polished Twine game; possibly one of the most beautifully presented ones the tool has so far managed.

More importantly, it’s a game with a great sci-fi story and all the intensity of a smartly crafted short story.

You are alone among millions of cryogenically frozen humans on a spaceship the size of Wales. You are responsible for making sure everything goes smoothly for just a little bit longer and have already survived almost eight years of complete solitude, extreme boredom, a control console that’s self-updating and loves surfer speak, and mediocre (at best) porn, but the end of the journey is too close to despair.

And now something seems to be a bit off over at Sector 24-R and you have to embark on a journey through the huge spaceship and make some seriously demanding choices. Go on, just pack your stuff and do it.


  1. Prolar Bear says:

    Nice, I liked it. I did find some parts of the text slightly inconsistent in tone, though, especially in the later stretch.

    • SuddenSight says:

      I must admit I found some of the endings rather disappointing, but the buildup is quite nice. That CSS is beautiful, though. My goodness. Someone really knows their way around Twine.

  2. Engineseer says:

    I do not play interactive fiction or text adventures (as I knew them back in the day) due to the horrors of HGTTG and the babel fish puzzle, but that looks really interesting. I really like the collumn, Kostantine! Greetings from Greece!

  3. Gog Magog says:

    Since the GAME (come fight me) doesn’t have music or sound I’d strongly recommend listening to Godspeed You Black Emperor! via the magic of Yutub.
    (I have no idea how to link to it)

  4. Niko says:

    Going to check it out. It’s a bit of a shame the developers didn’t check if there was another game with the same name, which was covered on RPS under the same tag even. CONFUSION!

    • Shadow says:

      Yeah. For a moment, I thought the other Capsule game had gone free.