Birthdays And Holidays: GOG And Humble Sales

Not on sale: actual cars.

It’s been a long game-summer. We’ve met loads of new games and formed new game-friendships that’ll surely last forever–I’ll call every weekend–but now it’s time to settle down for a long game-autumn, foraging for game-nuts to stash. Rather than be down about this, GOG and the Humble Store are seeing summer off with big sales. GOG are celebrating their sixth birthday, while Humble just want to party. Cram their game-berries into your cheeks and bury them to play over game-winter.

Humble are opening their sale with hearty daily discounts including Euro Truck Simulator 2 for £3.49, The Swapper for £1.99, The Wolf Among Us for £7.99, Gone Home for £4.99, Kerbal Space Program for £11.99, and The Bridge for £0.69. This being Humble, games come as DRM-free versions, Steam keys, or both of those (check before you buy, obvs).

You can also nab Warlock: Master of the Arcane for free. New discounts will come each day, and the odd freebie or two.

GOG, meanwhile, are celebrating their birthday by reliving the happiest releases of its DRM-free life, one year each day. The first day brought discounts from when they were very much still Good Old Games, including Heroes of Might & Magic 3 Complete for £1.89, Beyond Good & Evil for £1.89, Unreal for £1.59, Unreal Tournament 2004 for £1.59, Duke Nukem 3D for £1.19, Tex Murphy: Under a Killing Moon for £1.89, and Simon the Sorcerer for £0.89.

Those’ll only be up for another three hours though, before the next lot come in. Er, sorry about that. Chop chop. GOG tease that they’ll have deals on Deus Ex, S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl, Hotline Miami, Banished, The Witcher series, and more over the week. Those are good video games.

As both disclosure and a reminder, hey, the Humble RPS Bundle (which we don’t see a penny of, and nor do Humble if you want) is still on for another few days.


  1. heretic says:

    Thanks for the headsup, just managed to get Jagged Alliance 2 – never played it and always missed it when it was on sale before!

    • sinister agent says:

      I first played it in 2009, and it is excellent. Once you’ve had enough of it (and I recommend playing vanilla first, it’s great as it is), you might enjoy the unofficial mod/megapatch JA2 1.13, too. Adds a loooot of complex stuff to the game, overhauls just about everything, makes most things modifiable. Probably the most significant change is that it adds (or rather, enables) suppression, which would be enough to transform how the game plays on its own.

      BUT the vanilla game is still excellent, so if you can’t be arsed, it’s all good.

  2. Drake Sigar says:

    Give Euro Truck Simulator 2 a try, people. You just might like it!

    • Guvornator says:

      The best bit is the fact you can pick up internet radio on it. Cruising through some Sunflower filled fields, while the sun sets with the liquid DnB station on – that’s the definition of a relaxing gaming experience. Unlike trying to reverse the &%*(ing truck into a tight space…

      • jrodman says:

        Eventually, parking in a difficult spot became my favourite part of the game. Am I bad?

        • CookPassBabtridge says:

          If thats bad, I don’t wanna be good.
          BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP PING YEEEEEEEEAAAAHHHH *chair dances to victory music*

          Also I know I keep ramming I HAVE A DK2 down everyone’s throats but ETS2 is just gob smacking in the rift. Do you know how big truck wing mirrors are? Massive. Who knew?

          • Premium User Badge

            phuzz says:

            I picked up ETS2, purely because I wanted to have a game that worked on my Rift.

        • trjp says:

          If you like that part of it – Scania Truck Sim is worth a peek, that’s all ‘difficult manoever’ driving stuff.

          The nice part is – from practicing in ETS2, I could do the parking stuff purely from the ‘cab seat’ cameras – great feeling reversing into a space first-time just from the ‘lean out of the cab view’ ;0

    • defunct says:

      I only have a hundred hours in it, but it’s been fun for me so far. I finally picked up the Going East expansion because I got tired of waiting for a sale, and I’ve been having fun with that, too. It’s very relaxing (although, if I relax TOO much, I forget to steer…) and I can play for as little, or much, time as I like, which is convenient with how I have to juggle things!

  3. Guvornator says:

    Warlock is very, very good. Go get it!

    • Thrippy says:

      As I read it, odd freebies are announced each Monday until the 22nd. Next freebie should be on the 15th.

  4. Steve Catens says:

    I noticed that Prison Architect is down to 9.99 USD from the usual 30, and not featured on the front page of the Humble sale. (Better deal available in new Humble Bundle)

    • Steve Catens says:

      I should amend that Prison Architect is now in the new Humble Bundle which is a peach. For the same price you get Papers Please, Gone Home, Gunpoint, and others.

  5. AngoraFish says:

    Now in Humble Indie Bundle 12 for the same price…

    • Skabooga says:

      It’s a bundle where I both want to play most of the games in it and simultaneously don’t own any of the games in it. So exciting, just like the old days! And I’d like to think it means I’ve tempered my impulsive game buying, even if I just bought this latest bundle ten minutes after learning about it.