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Bundle purchase: approved!

Look, I realise that it’s been barely a day since I last told you a load of ace video games were on sale at pocket change prices, so I’m sorry if I keep banging on about this. I imagine you’re so bored of this sort of nonsense. “Blah blah Humble Bundle blah blah Gunpoint Luftrausers Papers, Please,” must be how your tired ears hear my droning, “blah blah Gone Home woopity doo Prison Architect.” But please, indulge my grotesque interest in telling people about rad games one more time.

The Humble Indie Bundle 12 does the usual pay-what-you want thing to get shovelling Metroidvania-y platformer SteamWorld Dig (wot John called “a really lovely, very fun time”), rogue electrician sim Gunpoint (“for a debut Gunpoint is enormously impressive” said Alec), and four-player co-op dungeon crawler Hammerwatch (review not found).

Beating the average price, which is $7.90 (about £5) as I write, also gets you paperwork sim Papers, Please (“peculiarly engrossing, darkly ominous, and a fascinating exploration of morality versus progress” said John), arcade dogfighter Luftrausers (“a hoot” is wot Alec thought), ’90s simulator Gone Home (“touching, unsettling, deeply honest, and enormously compassionate” –John), and something else Humble are keeping secret for now.

Oh, and paying more than $10 (£6.20) gets you Prison Architect too. Everything comes DRM-free, and with a Steam key as long as you pay at least $1.

Look, the point is that you can get some ruddy good games for very little money.

Psst, hey, the RPS Humble Weekly Bundle with some of our favourite games (and which we don’t see a penny of) is still on too.


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    Hodge says:

    You can also pay over $65 and get a physical boxed copy, complete with a t-shirt and a vinyl EP featuring a song from each of the games and other assorted feelies.

    This is distressing to me because I’m totally a sucker for all that shit.

  2. Xocrates says:

    Annoyingly, they put Gone Home on sale the previous day on the Humble Store, and I got it there for roughly the same price and none of the other games attached :/

    Which was kind of a dick move by them, but it’s not like I complain too much for not getting a cheap game for cheaper.

    • Aninhumer says:

      They seem to put a lot of games on offer at different times on the humble store, so it’s probably just a coincidence. I doubt they did it intentionally.

    • Malibu Stacey says:

      Prison Architect on it’s own is £6.66 (66% off from the regular price of £19.99) in the sale until 18:00 BST while the $10 to get it plus all the other games works out around £6.20 at current exchange rates.

      It’s even sillier if you get to the USD version of the Humble Store as it’s $9.99 there.

  3. jasta85 says:

    wow, heard good things about most of these games but never actually picked any of them up. definitely a good buy, so glad I held off on buying prison architect ($30 base price). getting all of this stuff for $10 is nice

  4. grimdanfango says:


  5. fauxC says:

    I haven’t bought a Humble Bundle for a while – they’ve all been a bit “meh” lately, but even though I’ve got a couple of these games already, this is an astonishing deal.

    • JFS says:

      I don’t like their trend to hiding the good stuff behind a fixed amount. “Humble Bundle… getting less humble every day!” *cue jingle*

      • Mister_Inveigler says:

        Well as it’s mostly for donating to charity…I think it makes sense to entice you to pay more.

        • fish99 says:

          Not exactly accurate when the default split gives 3x as much to devs as to charity (as it should).

  6. Aninhumer says:

    I’d have to say, this bundle seems a lot more RPS to me than the RPS one…

  7. Siimon says:

    All these Prison Architect sales makes me feel silly for buying it at full price.

    • Carra says:

      Yeah, I picked it up at half price, for €17. It does feel wrong to give away a game for $10 when it’s not even released. At least wait until a month after it has been released.

      If you don’t have it, it’s worth it to invest the $10, great game selection.

    • Malibu Stacey says:

      I’ve got into the habit of only buying games when they’re deeply discounted because I don’t have the time to play everything I already own (400+ games on Steam so far). Seeing as I already have Hammerwatch & Gunpoint from this bundle (both as yet unplayed) I may just stop buying indie games all together unless they’re in a bundle.

      When I say “I don’t have the time to play everything I already own” I mean I spend most of my gaming time playing stuff like Dota 2 & Minecraft which doesn’t help matters.

      • The First Door says:

        If it helps I was in the same boat with Gunpoint for a while, but it is surprisingly excellent and not that long! I played through it in a touch under 4 hours and really rather enjoyed my time with it.

        • thedosbox says:

          FYI, steam workshop integration is now in place, so you can fool around with all the player developed levels.

      • Hahaha says:

        “I may just stop buying indie games all together unless they’re in a bundle.”

        Translation – “I’m going to help destroy the indie scene by only buying games in bundles”

        • bonuswavepilot says:

          Hmmm, do you reckon it does though?

          I can see the argument that for those games which an interested player might have bought anyway, the developer loses the potential extra cash of a full-price purchase, but I wonder how that stacks up against the extra income from all those people who were mostly interested in other titles in the bundle, and would never have bought at full price.

          It’s a tricky one to measure, and seems to have a lot to do with relative obscurity.

  8. Chuckleluck says:

    Hammerwatch. Can I talk about how I dislike that game? It was entertaining for maybe five minutes, and played off nothing but nostalgia. Anyway, as a proud owner of them Gunpoint and Papers, Please I can attest the bundle to be worth the price.

    • Niko says:

      Can you go into details? I know what my problem with it – same levels don’t go well with perma-death.

      • Chuckleluck says:

        I think the repetitiousness (sp?) factors into it a lot. Not just static levels and permadeath, but it feels like all the maps and the enemies are the same, the former with uninspired traps and the latter changing only with speed/hitpoints/etc.

        The potential for modding seems high (I know there’s a level editor) but from what I’ve seen people aren’t doing much. Last I checked the Steam workshop had a whopping 23 entries.

    • haradaya says:

      After finally getting it to work in CO-OP multiplayer, it was indeed enjoyable for about 5 minutes. That’s about when I realized the melee fighter was a terrible choice compared to a ranged character.
      I think Realm of a Mad God was a more enjoyable “RPG” bullethell. Hammerwatch only had the visuals going for it.

      • SkittleDiddler says:

        If Hammerwatch’s visuals are the only thing it has going for it, it must be a truly terrible game.

    • limbeckd says:

      I had a fair amount of fun playing it on the couch with my wife. She liked being the ranger, and I’d be the wizard or warlock. It is definitely a challenge, though. The levels are large, and it really is a game about mastering each level (and your class). I wouldn’t recommend playing it solo.

    • TechnicalBen says:

      Must not buy… must not… Gah. No chance. While I have one of the games, a couple of the others were on my “to get at some point” list, and now… well, they are on the list!

  9. Gnoupi says:

    Ah, the Humble Indie Bundle, the thing which includes almost only games I’ve bought in the last 6 months at full price or a bit less.

    It’s starting to annoy me, to be honest.
    I liked the games I’ve bought, and they were good value for the price I paid them. But I would like to enjoy that value without having constantly such bundles which are almost mocking my impatience.

    With bundles like that, I can’t help the feeling that I “made a not sound decision” by buying on release. It’s silly, but it appeals to the part of my brain trained to detect good deals, and save money. When seeing such bundles, this part just screams at me “see, you are silly that you didn’t wait a few months”.

    • bad guy says:

      You reward developers of your liking. Think positive.

      • Gnoupi says:

        I’m aware of that. But it’s just that the accumulation of bundles starts adding a sensation of “too high price”, even when those prices are ridiculously low (well, maybe not ridiculously, but 15 euros isn’t that steep even on tight budgets).
        It puts in mind the idea that “this could be bought much cheaper, therefor it’s a loss of money and a poor decision to buy it outside of big deals and bundles”, and it’s annoying.

    • lomaxgnome says:

      You should only feel regret if you haven’t played them. All games get cheaper over time, and at this point, the vast majority of them end up bundled at some point. For example, I bought Steamworld Dig over the summer sale for $2.50. Both myself and my girlfriend played all the way through it over the summer, something we probably wouldn’t have time to do now. So waiting would have actually been a mistake, even though it would have been cheaper. Gunpoint on the other hand I bought last winter sale for $3 or so, and have barely played. That one I clearly should have waited on.

      Of course, I also bought The Bridge a couple weeks ago for a dollar and haven’t even installed it yet, so you can thank me if it ends up being one of the bonuses next week.

    • Hahaha says:

      You just want cheap things that’s fine just remove the gamer tag on your way out.

  10. drewski says:

    Alas, I already have the only two games in this bundle that particularly appeal (Gunpoint and Gone Home).

    Sitting this one out.

    • welverin says:

      That’s not my name and I don’t remember posting this, and yet it’s exactly I feel on this one.

  11. shaydeeadi says:

    I was just admiring the mega bundle and had to stop and look. Who has a floppy drive any more? Can you even buy them?

  12. eggy toast says:

    I bought Steam World Dig during the last Steam sale for a few bucks after really looking forward to it, it was one of my only purchases during the sale, and I really felt like it was pretty disappointing compared to how much I had been looking forward to it. But for $1 I can’t imagine anyone not finding $1 worth of fun in it, it’s not a Earth-shaker, but it’s worth installing and trying out.

  13. kwyjibo says:

    This is the best Humble Indie Bundle since the last one.

    That might seem a bit glib, but the last true Indie Bundle was in February. All the other assorted bundles in the meantime just haven’t been appealing, either I’ve got too many of the games already, or the pricing structure is such that you have to pay a set (not average) price to get the only good stuff, and effectively get a load of tripe for free.

  14. says:

    You just continue doing that Alice, some of us still don’t have all the cool games on their account(s)!

  15. Hmm-Hmm. says:

    Ooh. Great bundle! Also, I’ve been waiting for Gunpoint to come out for mac. This is the first time I’ve heard about it actually being finished.

    Maybe Torchlight 2 will come out for the mac some time in the near future, as well.

  16. derbefrier says:

    Well this is the first bundle ib a long time were I. Don’t own any of the games. Very tempting

  17. Jalan says:

    Gunpoint – just as I predicted.

  18. DrollRemark says:

    Oh my god this is tragic I bought some of these games before for more than they are currently available for. Truly this is the worst of times!

    Oh no, wait, I enjoyed all those games and think they were worth the money I paid. Right. Carry on then.

  19. Jalan says:

    Something that’s made me curious is why the soundtrack to Gunpoint wasn’t included.

    I know I’ve seen John Robert Matz (one of many talented individuals who worked on that soundtrack) post around here and I’m wondering if he might be able to comment on why it isn’t included.