Sandbox Space: MechWarrior Online Devs’ Transverse

Ooh, doesn't it look fancy?

Say, how’d you fancy crowdfunding a persistent sandbox space MMORPG? Drifting between the stars in a spaceship of your own, making ends meet however you jolly well please–space-trading, space-mining, space-manufacturing, space-murdering, and all that space-jazz. No, not Elite, nor Star Citizen. Another one. MechWarrior Online developers Piranha Games have launched their rocket-powered space-hat into the ring and announced Transverse, a sandbox space etc. The main difference is that they’re trying to cut down on NPCs as much as possible. It certainly is pretty, and I do fancy running a space-bar. Come watch the trailer.

The grand vision is a big sandbox universe where ships, stations, and bars are built and run by players. Pirates are other players. Mercenaries are other players. Miners are other players. Merchants are other players. It’s mighty ambitious. Even EVE Online relies heavily on NPCs as it simply doesn’t have the playerbase or game systems to do away with them entirely. Transverse might feel oh so vibrant if it takes off, or empty if it doesn’t.

In a Star Citizen-y sort of way, they’re hoping to fund and make it with a series of goals. $1 million (£620,000-ish) will see them release a sandbox to simply fly around. With another half-mil they’ll work on spaceship construction, then combat, and so on. Pledges start at $30 (£19) for the game and a basic ship, running up to $250 (£155) for the fanciest ship and other typical backer bits.

If I sound sceptical it’s not because of the game–that sounds jolly pleasant–but the business model. Elite and Star Citizen have already taken huge wads of cash from people with crowdfunding. I’m not sure Transverse is different enough to get those same people to jam squillions more pounds, dollars, and euros through its own Internetbox, or to attract enough people who didn’t fancy either of those for whatever reason. And if they’re cutting down on NPCs, it sorta needs to be a hit.

Say, but what about MechWarrior? Piranha also announced this week that they’ve got the publishing rights back from Infinite Game Publishing and are now solely responsible for MWO. They say, with the greatest of delicacy, that it can “be very difficult at times to make the corporate needs and strategies of two companies align”. Maybe they’ll finally start a European server now.


  1. Quiffle says:

    Given the dev’s history with MWO, not a chance.

    Could someone competent please pick up the Heavy Gear license for the dollar and a half it’s likely going for these days and give us a real mech sim?

    • Truga says:

      Their forums are a comedy goldmine right now though.

      • derbefrier says:

        Oh god yes. The ones claiming they rippedoff star citizens ship design are making waves in the SC community. Some of them do look awfully similar but I don’t think its enough to warrant a lawsuit like some seem to think but I am no lawyer.

        • 0positivo says:

          Seriously, why is this practice of accusing people of ripping off something else so prevalent? Is it a cultural thing? I just don’t get it, I just see someone getting awfully pissy at someone else for very little reason, especially considering an industry that is based so much on iteration

          • P.Funk says:

            Its because the rise of intellectual property laws over the last 20 years has lead to a concurrent rise in advertizing and marketing and overall cultural consciousness bending actions by the companies that seek to benefit from those laws because they know as well as any dictator that controlling the perception of the order of things is important for maintaining their hegemony over whatsoever they consider “theirs”.

            Its an interesting experience actually trawling through the history of what we considered “right” with respect to property, ideas, copyright, etc over the last 150 years or so. One can only come to the stark and sobering conclusion that we’ve been carefully moulded to change our values, particularly in the last generation or two, and its such a radical departure from classical values that its impressive that we don’t even notice, except for those of us who pay attention to these things.

            Frankly I think our culture is in decline if we don’t shake out of this mindset. When you have consumers cheer leading for the limitation of the spread of ideas, when the concept of influence and fair use becomes criminal and worthy of a lawsuit, I can only suppose that the next 100 years will be the most staggering expansion of technology and industrial development made in parallel with the most stagnant and unimpressive cultural growth. With global free trade agreements being made in secret poised to place corporations on par with and even superior to governments its going to be interesting to see how important corporate culture becomes to everyone’s culture.

            Ownership is going to be an interesting word to define over the next several decades. I predict a sour Hunter Thompsonlike mood to sweep over me as the years bore on. Its a new generation of swine.

      • LionsPhil says:

        What, they haven’t banned everyone for “trolling” yet?

        • zero says:

          They have banned huge amounts of paying customers across the past few months. There is even evidence that they have sought out people saying negative things about their shit game on OTHER SITES (i.e facebook, social media etc). and then banned the accounts they suspected were related to them…

          • P.Funk says:

            Are they a Russian developer by chance?

            I only ask because apparently recently Eagle Dynamics has changed or clarified their rules to state that if you shit talk them on another site they might just ban you on theirs, paying customer or not.

    • EvilSnake says:

      Oh, someone did. Heavy Gear Assault is being developed right now by the MekTek team of MW4 MekPacks fame.
      link to

      • Corb says:

        If you’re being sarcastic *queue the laughter*
        if you aren’t being sarcastic *queue the laughter*
        tl;dr; They are hard workers, but competent was not the first word to cross my mind about how they handled HG:assualt.
        …because seriously those guys had the worst crow funding I’ve ever seen in my life and then they went onto a live stream and complained about not being able to fund it because people perceived it as a poor investment/shady because…they really had nothing to show at the time. I do give them credit for pushing forward as they have been though. I just hope they didn’t angle the “esports” stuff too hard because that’s a great way to kill a game before it even launches.

    • Matchstick says:

      You mean someone like Mektek Studios creating something like Heavy Gear Assault ?
      link to

      Sadly access to the current Alpha is closed at the moment (it *may* be reopening later) and it’s under NDA so can’t talk about it (plus I haven’t had a change to play in a while so I haven’t seen the latest changes)

    • Anti-Skub says:

      I was about to say just that. They failed to make an even passable multiplayer shooter, probably the least ambitious genre available to them and now their going to try and make a real time combat MMO? Good luck with that.

      • Distec says:

        I’m not sure if you can really compare mech games/sims to your garden variety shooter. I’d argue it actually does take some ambition to make the former.

        Granted, they still didn’t do a good job.

      • hotmaildidntwork says:

        All the more so given that in the process they legally strangled a significantly more ambitious and successful multiplayer shooter mod.

      • Corb says:

        The real time kinda works well for Heavy gear though. It never has been plodding/slow but it isn’t Gundam dash/fly stuff either. HG really is a nice balance between the two, and the mech designs are awesome, the lore is pretty well done if you ask me and their new artist is amazing. I’m just sad HG hasn’t garnered more attention because it really is awesome and deserves some love but most of that can be blamed on the exorbitant pricing on the models and the earlier years when their artist….wasn’t up to snuff. (but seriously droppod 9 makes wonderful models if that’s your thing and you have the money for it, and heavy gear really is an interesting universe).

    • KDR_11k says:

      You could try MAV (link to for stompy mechs or Armored core for fast mechs…

    • zero says:


      Seriously, this is about as close to a scam as you can get without it being an outright scam…which honestly it might be. PGI is the most incompetent, dishonest, poorly run studio I have ever seen or heard of. You could fill an entire series of articles with their fuck ups, lies, blunders, failures etc.

      The only reason they got MWO off the ground was taking advantage of a fan base of mostly middle aged gamers (disposable income, not a lot of time) who had been waiting for this game for over 10 years.

      Before MWO, PGI worked on such amazing titles as Duke nukem forever, bass pro fishing something, for the wii. And some crap need for speed game on the DS. Before that (they changed their name to distance themselves) they made, I believe it was, 8-10 of those $5 walmart bargain bin “Afghanistan pro sniper 2 warrior 3” rip off games.

      MWO will continue to slowly die, with little content/improvement and frequent cash grabs. Please let PGI go bankrupt after that. It is what they deserve.

      • Corb says:

        not to mention the whole part where it was originally going to be a “real game” with a box, single/multiplayer but then someone at the top decided that wasn’t enough money grubbing so they broke it into arena mode and killed any chance of there being a universe or story.

    • MadMattH says:

      I would like to see someone pick up the old Metaltech/Starsiege/Cyberstorm universe. It seems the ideas all went the way of Tribes instead.

    • jamjam says:

      The Heavy Gear license was picked up by the old mekpak developers AND they’ve been doing an awesome job grass rooting a pretty awesome product that I am also alpha testing right now.

      link to

  2. Anthile says:

    Speaking of Mechwarrior, I would like to see RPS investigating the apparent demise of Mechwarrior Tactics.

    • Alice O'Connor says:

      I’ve sent a few e-mails and will see what happens!

      • Darksaber says:

        If you’re looking into that, could we get a nice retrospective piece on PGI’s history with deadlines, their general deception, and what they consider ‘customer engagement’? I’d hate to see well-meaning people get suckered out of their money by supporting this company, given their history.

    • Cinek says:

      Wow…. did PGI just want Full-on-scam?!

      Impressive. Where’s lawsuit in the US?

      I did play an alpha version – I didn’t spend any money on it, and I’m glad. Game wasn’t particularly fun anyway.

      • ShDynasty says:

        MWT was being developed by a different studio. I tried it too and the browser thing just wasn’t working well for me.

  3. Hanban says:

    After MWO and my disappointment with it, this is just a big NOPE.

  4. Undermind_Mike says:

    Cringe cringe cringe. I am so tired of faux military dialogue in games.


    I think if Star Citizen and Elite need a competitor it should be one that tries to innovate…

    • Anti-Skub says:

      What’s worse is the faux military dialogue mixed with faux science. The news announcer in the trailer says a blockade has been set up in the nearby systems of Proxima AND Centauri. Neither of those are systems. There’s a system called Alpha Centauri and stars called Alpha Centauri A & B and Proxima Centauri…but all three stars are in the Alpha Centauri system.

      They also say they are on the “edge of the known universe” and then show “The Fringe” on a map of what is clearly meant to be the Milky Way. The Milky Way is a Galaxy, one of billions that we already know about…so what are they saying, does humanity just forget that the rest of the universe exists in the future?

      And to make matters worse the area they’ve circled on the image of the Milky Way that they are calling “The Fringe” isn’t even on the bloody edge of the galaxy, it’s about as far away from the center as the earth is.

      I need to make one of those South Park ski instructor memes. “If you try and make a game for the space sim crowd and half ass it on the science…you’re going to have a bad time.”

      • Cvnk says:

        Those examples don’t seem particularly egregious. Who’s to say how star/system names would evolve in a reality where travel between them is possible (talk about stretching scientific credulity…). Also maybe in that improbable reality the term “The Known Universe” refers to the set of stars humanity has explored so far.

        I think the bigger problem with this whole thing is that we have a developer proposing these pie-in-the-sky features and trying to wow people with CGI cartoon.

        • Anti-Skub says:

          I think you are really overestimating them there. They’ve clearly just used words they’ve heard elsewhere that sound scifiy without bothering to check what they actually mean.

  5. frightlever says:

    My Alice writes about alcohol drinking game never caught on but this would be another DRINK!.

  6. -Spooky- says:

    *mmhmm* Let me think:
    – EvE Online *check
    – Star Citizen *check
    – Elite Dangerous *check
    – Trans | Verse .. *oh wait*

    Is this some kind of Underverse? U know? The thingy from Riddick .. *pew pew* MWO is Okish, but nothing to compare with the old MechWarrior. Sad, but true.

    • Sacarathe says:

      Lets just hope they don’t claim cloud imperium games is in breach of trademark with their flagrant use of the phrase “in the ‘verse” at every opportunity.

  7. Koozer says:

    Could someone explain why the MWO devs are supposed to be so terrible? I’ve played MWO and it seems pretty similar to World of Tanks in its business model. Except those clan mechs that went for a few hundred dollars, but the amount of vitriol seems like there’s more to it.

    • RogueJello says:

      I agree with you, it’s a pretty cool game.

      I think a lot of the vitriol stems from a couple of things:
      1) Game balance is not perfect, and people are very vocal about it, and want it changed to their way (whatever that might be)

      2) Over promised, and under delivered. As with most projects this one started with a lot of energy and excitement on all sides, and the devs might have promised more than they should have. Personally I’m used to delays and things taking longer than they should, but other customers might not.

      I think you also have to factor in the nerdrage/hate of the general forum poster. People don’t usually get on forums to say how happy they are with something, and games forums seem particularly bad in this regard.

    • Anti-Skub says:

      It’s just that they promised a lot and ended up delivering an exceptionally ordinary game. The only thing that made it Mechwarrior “Online” is that they didn’t bother to put in a single player campaign like the previous games had. It didn’t look great, it didn’t play great, and it wasn’t well balanced.

      It wasn’t a terrible game but I guess when people pay in advance threw crowd funding they tend to get a bit angrier when the game turns out to be mediocre.

    • Celebrochan says:

      I can only provide examples…

      -The launch of the game was an anti-climax
      -It has been stated by several of their beta-testers that the game was more fun in beta.
      -Features promised at the beginning are still missing from the game (Role warfare, single player anything, territory control).
      -Frequent excuses why things aren’t fixed, and when they fix the excuses nothing changes (U.I. 2.0) or it gets actively worse.
      -The progress they have made has been lackluster, two or three new maps, and an endless string of weapon nerfs / more mechs / re-balancing that doesn’t add anything to the game.
      -The systems the game uses aren’t documented in the system (Ghost heat). A new player has no idea why they overheat when they do something valid in the TT game (which wouldn’t be an issue if they were told about it).
      -The last time they had a community event, it looked like they put the power-point (planning and all) together in an hour.
      -Third party sites do a better job of mech planning than their own systems (link to is essential to plan and build mechs.)
      -Their pricing scheme is ludicrous and the game is very grindy.

    • K_Sezegedin says:

      I like Mechwarrior Online and play quite a bit of it, – but I don’t have much confidence in its developers.

      They have a tendency to solve problems with stupid ideas that cause more problems. Then instead of going back and trying new solutions to the original problem that caused the new problems, they come up with another dumb idea to try and solve the new problems and pretty soon the game mechanics become awkward, inbred and too convoluted to go back to the basics and figure out what the original problems were.

      The game has its redeeming qualities, most of the artwork is very strong and matches can be incredibly intense. But I shudder to think of these guys tackling a single player Mechwarrior sometime in the future.

      It could end up cross-contaminated with the weird meandering balancing efforts they’ve put into the multiplayer product.

      But their biggest demerit is the length of time they’ve spent mulling over the real meat of their proposed game, the Community Warfare system that promises context to player battles.

      Given the way they play whack-a-mole with the game mechanics of their current product, which is relatively simple compared to the systems they have planned, its hard to believe they will be able to deliver something that isn’t an awkward pile of stillborn ideas.

      But we’ll see!

    • LionsPhil says:

      MWO has spent most of its life deeply technically broken. Which is impressive, given it was based on an existing licensed engine. From netcode to physics to graphics, they managed to bug out everything in weird and exciting ways.

      They have pretty amazing artist types, the look-and-feel was wonderful. Everyone else needs to find some other field to work in.

      In conclusion,

      • hamburger_cheesedoodle says:

        For those not in on the joke: For months, MWO’s UI was terribly broken, and would replace the names of random elements, from mechs to weapons to percentages with the string WWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW, leading to the game being dubbed “Mechwwwwwwwwwarrior Online.”

        To be fair, the UI is still really badly broken; the version of Scaleform being used is pretty awful, and it’s not uncommon to get a ~20 FPS boost by turning the UI off.

    • Diatribe says:

      Well, since you asked…

      The devs have a long record of broken promises. E.g., when they were soliciting Founder cash, they promised that the game would always be first person, and never have third person because that interfered with one of the pillars of design, and would break immersion in the simulation aspect of the game. (Previous Mechwarrior games with third person have devolved into hiding behind a hill and peeking over it using the 3rd person camera, then jumping up and shooting your opponent with virtually no risk. AKA “jump sniping.” It’s a very degenerate play style.) Later, they admitted they were “looking into” a third person mode, but that no one would “ever” be required to play with third person view if they didn’t want to. Lo and behold, a year or so later they told the community (a day or two before they patched it into the game) that they had spent a whole bunch of resources developing a third person view and everyone was getting it, and no, you couldn’t opt out of playing with people using it.

      The devs badly prioritized development resources. When they were soliciting Founder cash, they promised “role warfare,” which was supposed to create jobs for the lighter mechs. In other words, all the mech chassis’ were supposed to be useful; the lights couldn’t go toe to toe with assaults, but they would be necessary for scouting. There would be (and they would be necessary) mechs devoted to “command” which would have little in the way of firepower, but would be incredibly important for the team. What actually happened is that rewards are based on how much damage you do to the other team, and “scouting” is not really needed at all (although I suppose it can be useful having someone tag other mechs for LRMs, but you don’t need a light mech for that). So, just like every other Mechwarrior game, you want to be in a big mech, because the small ones are rather useless. The most recent band-aid fix for this has been to require teams be composed at least partially of far less useful light and medium mechs.

      Game balance and the meta have been horrible for a long time. The developers are very bad at balance. Currently, long range weapons are far better than close-in weapons. And the best users of long range weapons are the clans, which can currently only be purchased for real money (not even in-game premium currency… yes, people who already bought in with the premium currency have to fork over additional real cash to buy them). Right now, it’s blatantly pay to win. I realize WoT is like that as well, but the devs did promise their game would never be pay to win. (See broken promises, above.) Some weapons systems have been useless for forever (flamer, machine guns), others go back and forth from useless to amazing with patches (LRMS, SRMS, PPCS). Don’t even get me started on how stupid ECM is (and it used to be MUCH worse).

      The game is incredibly unfriendly to new players. As someone who bought in early, I considered trying to get my friends to play, but the rules systems are nearly impenetrable unless you understand battletech AND have been following the changes from the beginning. Also the grind is HORRIBLE.

      The matchmaking system is bad, and has only very slowly been getting better. Want to play with a single friend? Well, you’re now in the group queue and might get matched up against a full team of other players coordinating with VOIP. That being said, the matchmaking is currently better than it ever has been before.

      Features have been removed since open beta, and things promised well before launch have not been delivered in the 2 years since launch. Initially, collisions were in the game. They were “temporarily removed” over 2 years ago. We’re all still waiting on promised game modes (dropship mode, etc), and the integration so your affiliation matters. All of this was promised before release (2 years ago).

      All in all, the whole development cycle has just been… sad. Very little accomplished (and much of what was done is underwhelming or semi-broken) over a very long period of time. Almost all of the dev resources seem to have been spent generating more items for the cash shop, or in developing features no one wants.

      • LionsPhil says:

        Ah, yes, the flamethrower that heats your own mech up more than your target.

      • phanteh says:

        Agree with all of this.

        Knowing PGI have anything to do with this game is a major barrier: I have come to regret spending money on MWO and there’s not a chance in hell I’d give them money for something they’ve yet to make.

      • JohnH says:

        Yeah PGI will never get my money again after that whole MWO “scam”. I was in the beta, I bought a founder pack and they’ve done nothing but break promises since.
        I’m also a Star Citizen founder, so this blatant ripoff is just another reason to hate on PGI for me!

      • ShDynasty says:

        I just wanted to point out that Clan Mechs have recently started releasing for ingame/grind currency for the past month and premiums currency for two months. Also, while I was suspicious of this game of being p2w, not once have i experienced it while playing. Although I haven’t played in the last month and the changes to Mech module slotting might make me rethink that.

        • Diatribe says:

          The light ones were releasing for cbills last I checked. Of course those are all inferior to inner sphere lights because the clan lights don’t go fast enough and you can’t make them faster.

          Some clan mechs are bad, and worse than inner sphere ones (the ones you can buy for ingame normal currency now) the good ones, such as the Timber Wolf are still real cash dollars only.

          I felt my post was long enough so I simplified that part of it rather than talking about the slow release schedule of clans.

      • P.Funk says:

        “So, just like every other Mechwarrior game, you want to be in a big mech, because the small ones are rather useless.”

        Except for Living Legends, which they killed to make this game. Bravo.

        • DarkFenix says:

          The team behind MWLL is who they should have handed the franchise to, people who created basically a full game out of nothing more than love for the series. Instead we got the abomination called MWO from a developer as lazy and incompetent as it is greedy.

      • gi_ty says:

        I really can’t understand your points about light and medium mechs, and short range weapons including machine guns. I played a lot in a clan for about 6 months and I have mechs of all classes. To say lights and mediums are useless is utterly stupid. I along with my lance have taken down a full lance of assaults with ease in lights and mediums. Maneuverability is hugely important. Your claim about machine guns being useless is also ridiculous. I put 2 a/c10’s and four MG’s on a jaeger DD and it would melt people. All you have to do is use the terrain and be smart to get close and/or flank. Also flamers are not there to heat mechs as much as they are to blind them. 2 Two firestarters one with flamer and another with a decent ballistic can take out any stragglers before they can even react.

        Honestly your post reads like someone who doesn’t have a grasp at all on how to utilize various classes, and thats ok plenty of people I play with are only effective in certain types. Your claim on the pay to win is also a drastic overstatement. Clan mechs excepting perhaps the Timber Wolf are not any better than Sphere ones. Its all in how you play.

        • Diatribe says:

          I’ve played MWO since the closed beta and I am a Founder.

          Since the closed beta* medium mechs have been objectively worse than other mech classes. If you want to go fast, you’re better off in a light. If you want to do long range combat, you’re better off with more tonnage for weapons in a heavier mech. If you want to brawl, you’re better off in a heavier mech with more armor and weapons. Saying medium mechs are “fine” demonstrates your lack of knowledge about this game. They’ve never actually been good for anything, and only since the Shadowhawk (note that it’s almost a heavy mech by tonnage) have they had a chassis that wasn’t complete garbage.

          Lights are useful for going fast and being maneuverable, although with host state rewind, your life expectancy is incredibly low. You’re better off in a clan (like a Timberwolf, only $55, what a bargain!) if you want to go almost as quickly and still rack up cbills. And yes, I have 3 Jenners and have played lights since closed beta and do quite well in them killing bad players who strayed away from the deathball. But they’re still in a bad spot right now. Since rewards (cbills and exp) are awarded primarily for doing damage to the enemy and assisting in kills, you are better off in a mech that can do more damage. That means bigger.

          *Once they limited engine sizes rather than allowing them to be unrestricted for all chassis.

          • gi_ty says:

            I like Griffins (well one of them) and there are some really useful hunchback variants. You can hit 100 kph in them and thats pretty fast. Sure you can go almost as fast in a TB but you also have a bigger profile and attract more aggro. I can see you point but I just cant agree that it is that clear cut. If all you there for is to grind for c-bills, then sure I could understand, but good teamwork with a clan is far more fun and you will still get your c-bills even its not the absolute highest amount on average. Basically my contention with your point is mediums and lights are very useful in coordination with others, you seem to be focused solely on their c-bill farming capacity.

      • drinniol says:

        In other words, CryEngine has a shit netcode and they spent months fixing it. Oh noes they is terribads!

        They have astutely avoided pay to win, they have more Mechs available than any other MW game at this point I believe, the balance is close to even and is adjusted bi-weekly, and this new game is very, very early days. When all the code for MW:O is sorted you just think the coders should be fired? Megods, internet people are horrible.

        • Diatribe says:

          Either you didn’t read what I wrote or you’re trying to reply to someone else.

        • zero says:

          Cryengines netcode is fine. PGI is just incompetent as shit and broke it all.

        • hamburger_cheesedoodle says:

          Hahahaha, they’ve avoided pay to win, that’s a good one.

          You know, except for the part where in June eight new mechs were released for cash-only purchase, and are just starting to become buyable now. By the developer’s own numbers, these mechs have a 90% winrate when matched up against the previously available mechs.

          Not sure what kind of definition of pay to win you have, but until those mechs finish coming out for the rest of the plebs, the game is pay to win, by definition. You paid cash money, now you win more easily. The best mech in the game (A steal at just $55!) is not going to be buyable until November. But what’s five months of pay to win between friends, right?

  8. Vorrin says:

    Getting a bit overcrowded in spaceland uh?
    And Piranha aren’t receiving too much love from the whole MWO thing these days uh?
    Also, Alice the internet-rightness-police points out that (thankfully) a $ is still only .6 of a £ (so they’re after ‘only’ 600k£)

  9. DarkFenix says:

    Nice try Piranha, but no. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

  10. Wonderboy2402 says:

    Mechwarrior had lacked an official release in like a decade, which is why they got as much founder money as they did for MWO.

    Now this transverse annoucement appears during a time with Mwo players are fed up. Glacial development and missing features have plagued PGI progress with Mwo.

    So Mwo fans have made it clear they do not want this. People outside this niche community interested in space sims have star citizen or elite.

    I guess people not already commited to these games can throw their money at transverse… But I would scrutinize this project with a wary eye.

  11. LegendaryTeeth says:

    Maybe they should try finishing up MWO, or at least finishing all the stuff they had promised for “launch” first before they start building some new ridiculously ambitious game.

    MWO would be a lot of fun if they had any mode other than Team Death Match. Where’s my capture the flag? David vs. Goliath? Any kind of respawning mode? MW4 had the best CTF mode ever, excepting perhaps the Tribes games.

  12. Zenicetus says:

    I suppose this would have thrilled me if I had seen it 5 or 10 years ago (and didn’t know anything about the company history). Seen from today’s perspective it just looks boring, derivative, and ugly. The one cockpit they show is extra special ugly. Hire a new art director guys, and quit looking at other space games. Have some imagination, for cryin’ out loud!

    Also, I don’t think “No NPC’s!” will work in this type of game. Who wants to be the guy pumping fuel and loading missiles at the dock, when you can fly a spaceship?

  13. nojan says:

    their pledge site is a poor mimic of star citizen’s , and they even did exact copies two of star citizen ships!!! the redeemer( tngs winner) and the cutlass, you can look it up…. that’s low…

  14. Heliocentric says:

    I’m still bitter living legend died because of these parasites.

  15. vartul says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised if the entire game takes place inside that man’s neck. He could solve World Space crunch with that thing.

  16. Moraven says:

    Would have been more interesting if this money was put to MWO and expanding to a Mercenaries/EVE of sorts in the Mechwarrior world.

  17. killmachine says:

    heard some bad things about the developer. dunno what’s true about it. judge for yourself.

    but this just seems to me that they want to cash in on the space sim “hype” that star citizen created. hey, if they want to create something unique and good, why not? competition breeds excellence etc…

    however, i would have preferred some coverage about elite dangerous which is out there but pretty much unheard of for a lot of people. i recently bought into their beta (the game will be released this year), just because i wanted to play a proper space sim. and this game already delivers, unlike star citizen which has a long road ahead. really, this game is absolutely great and you should do some research about it, if you’re interested in the space sim genre. fyi., this is actually more of a sim than a space action game.

  18. grenadeh says:

    Yea maybe finish and fix MWO first. You know considering that’s kind of why Jordan Weisman made the studio.