Endless Legend’s Early Access Not Endless, Ends Soon

DRAGONS? I wanna play these guys.

The three-game Endless universe and its interconnecting lore is one of my favourite games-related tidbits right now. Amplitude Studios’ two in-development games, Endless Legend–a fantastical grand strategy–and Dungeon of the Endless–a roguelike dungeon crawling/tower defense–are both prequels to Endless Space. It all ties together wonderfully, with monsters from Dungeon being minor races in Legend, some of whom have become playable factions by Space. While Dungeon is still wandering the halls of Early Access, Legend is launching onto Steam proper on September 18th.

Lighthouse Livingston, as he’s known to friends colleagues me, cast his criticism light over Legend in May, reporting it did a good job of simulating his desire to kill all humans. Since then Amplitude have released several updates, including a new faction of dragon warriors who will almost certainly be my first pick. They also put the game’s soundtrack up on Bandcamp and it’s excellent.

Dungeon of the Endless, meanwhile, had an experimental update last week. There’s no word on release yet, but they’ve now added all the playable characters and version numbers are fast approaching 1.0.

Legend and Dungeon can be picked up in their Early Access states for £24.29 and £8.99 respectively, both on 10% sale. There’s likely to be another Legend update some time in the next week as a final test before the full release.


  1. mandrill says:

    I wonder if their next step is tying the three together with more than just lore. Dungeon of the Endless as the start of your career working your way to heroic leader in a rouge-like RPG, the traits and attributes chosen impacting the character or your empire in Endless Legend, and the evolution of your civilization from Medieval society to galaxy spanning empire. That would be quite interesting I think.

  2. Premium User Badge

    Bluerps says:

    Any idea when there might be a WIT?

  3. Penguin_Factory says:

    Cool, I’ve been curious about this but I was waiting until it left early access.

  4. jasta85 says:

    seems odd that they would finish this before dungeons of the endless as that game was announced first and is still in early access with no release date yet.

    Will definitely check this out post release although with warlock 2, age of wonders 3, crusader kings 2 and civ 5 it’s kind of hard to find room for another grand strategy game.

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      Ben Barrett says:

      I think development on this was sped up by some amount of the systems being based on Endless Space, where as Dungeons is all new. Even if it wasn’t using some mechanics from that game, they’re more experienced with developing 4Xs from that.

      • bills6693 says:

        Furthurmore, I get the impression that Dungeon is a much smaller team, on a smaller project – almost a kind of hold-over for staff not working on Legend perhaps?

        Its absoloutly great and I have loved playing it ever since discovering it at Rezzed, but the game has a smaller scope and slower development than Legend, probably because Legend is their focus (and, as Ben said, a 4X which is probably what they are most comfortable developing). Its also reflected in the lower price of Dungeon – its almost a fun tie-in to the universe, in a different genre, that gets people in and is a nice thing to play around in but not to sink so long into as Endless Space or Endless Legend.