Payday 2: Hotline Miami Announced, Is Exciting To Imagine

This makes sense. Co-operative bank robbery manshoot Payday 2 is getting a new piece of DLC which is themed around the propulsive, topdown, ultra-violent manbeat Hotline Miami. It’s called Payday 2: Hotline Miami, and there’s a live-action trailer below which contains little detail, followed by some further sentences which contain similarly little detail.

The Steam page for the DLC has a little more information, confirming that the DLC will be out on September 30th and that it’ll include a new heist. So at least we know it’s not just a set of custom animal masks. This does raise an obvious question though, which is whether Payday 2’s artstyle will be bent to match the scuzzy, fizzing neon of Hotline Miami’s synth-’80s world. I hope so, because I’d like to see that in first-person.

Payday 2 sold very well, though I didn’t personally fall for its woolly, throw-it-all-in mechanics. I did love Hotline Miami, so maybe this is where I fall for the former’s charms. Here’s Alec calling it “brilliant, vital, a tactical and aesthetic masterpiece”.

In lieu of any further details, Overkill provided this poster. Nice – and you can click for larger.


  1. Chorltonwheelie says:

    Single player like HM or multi with bobbins single like Payday?

  2. Ksempac says:

    OMG, 2 of my favorite games united in a DLC ? Definitely gonna get that !

    However I’m kind of worried how they are gonna mix the Payday 2 “professionals” with the Hotline Miami crazy maniac that is just a pawn for others interests. Also troubling is that the games timelines are probably 20 or 30 years apart. Maybe it’s gonna be an alternate universe ? or just “a one shot what if ?” so don’t think too much about it” ?

    But more Payday 2 can’t be a bad thing. I bought Payday 2 during the July Steam sales, not sure whether i would like it, and ever since that day, I’ve almost only played that (I’m already above 150h playtime)

    • Rizlar says:

      Presumably it will be like the other DLC: some Hotline Miami themed weapons, HM masks and/or maybe even a mission requiring you to kill a thousand russian mobsters.

      Also we should totally play some more Payday 2 soon. Especially since they bumped up the xp the other day. No more Rats!

    • BlitzThose says:

      Ksempac, you already have a kinda Professional + crazy. plot with all the vlad heists, so I suspect this will be another one of his.

  3. Gog Magog says:

    And Alpha Protocol too, it would appear.
    The guy sounded rather like Konstantin “How Many Gay Cheetahs Had to Die for that Jacket” Brayko.

  4. Dog Pants says:

    It would be worth it just for the masks and weapons, but if it could replicate just a smidgin of the game I’ll be happy as a man in a chicken mask.

  5. int says:

    I would pay real money for ultra gore in Payday.

    • Slade says:

      There is some, actually. With the HoxHud mod, you can set deadly headshots to your enemies : their heads burst with a bloody mess with high caliber weapons, but you can also set it to all guns. You need to join the Steam group to use it.

      Check the link here

  6. AyeBraine says:

    The teaser was very bad, I think. If the guys in the “verite” video you’re shooting are all in masks, and only have to perform a few simple actions, it doesn’t mean they don’t need to know how to act. Actually, actor studies, the exercises that all actors do for years until they are ready to train-as-they-work, are exactly that: one example would be a man who has to look scary without saying anything. Another is a man who tries to weasel out of interrogation, but is intimidated in the end. This is hella hard.

    It seems these guys didn’t even suspect that.

  7. Servicemaster says:

    And I JUST uninstalled it. Guess I have to redownload and buy it after…. PAYDAY AH HAHAHAAAA

  8. manny says:

    What do they do in Hotline Miami? Does this mean you’ll do home and business invasion hits? Or maybe kidnappings?

  9. Hahaha says: