Last Week, On Resident Evil Revelations 2…

Monster punx rule ok

Episodic gaming! Get the whole family in, crowding round the computer at 9 o’clock on a Monday night, excited to see how they’ll resolve last week’s cliffhanger. Did Wilfred…? And surely Fanny won’t…? Who swiped the Super Shotgun anyway? Oh, if only! Often it’s more like waiting for the next Only Fools And Horses Christmas Special, trying to remember if they were rich or poor last time, and who’s even still alive. Did Del Boy survive that fall through the bar? Was it all a coma dream?

Resident Evil Revelations 2 will be properly TV-episodic. Capcom have announced that they’ll release the spooky shooter in four weekly episodes in “early 2015”, which is quite novel and exciting.

Downloadable episodes will cost $6 apiece, while the $25 season pass and later $40 retail disc will include mysterious “additional game content” too.

“Fans will be able to share in the experience and participate in the weekly conversation around the drama” Capcom said in yesterday’s announcement. Seems they’re hoping for that TV sort of buzz, and I’m quite keen to see how it works out. I suspect that for many it’ll be more the case of watching the first episode on TV, forgetting about it, then later going on a DVD box set binge. (A box set, for our younger readers, was sort of a YouTube playlist you could actually touch and buy and display on a shelf to show off how cultured you were).

Oh, and Capcom have said what the game actually is, beyond the assumed ‘third-person game where you shoot monsters’. It stars Claire Redfield and the daughter of Barry Burton, Moira, because Resident Evil can’t help but connect everything in some way. They end up on an island filled with monsters, which they’ll need to shoot. It’ll have other modes on top of the episodic story too. More details on its site and in this new trailer:


  1. DaftPunk says:

    People say revelations was more faithful to the core series but after playing it,its another shooter,and not good one either..

    • Keiggo says:

      I think that says more about the woeful quality of the games that immediately preceded it. That said, I actually liked playing Resi-lations on 3DS. I imagine it’s a little less impactful on a big boy PC, mind you.

    • noom says:

      I played it and was left largely unimpressed, mostly by the shoddy companion AI. Gave up after an occasion in which I was almost dead, backed into a corner and desperately reloading my pistol, while my buddy was stood next to the big evil blobby monster trying to kill me, his pistol held calmly in his hands, just watching me struggle. Both he and said blobby monster were happily ignoring one another. Broke the fourth wall somewhat.

  2. Gog Magog says:

    I never played a single RE game. Watched a playthrough of the 4th one by Two Best Friends and apparently thats the best one and it looked like complete and utter crud and even the stupid was awful instead of funny. Admittedly I quit Dead Space about the time you meet the twitchy guys because the game was absolutely mind-numbing and I can see that that’s a similar style.
    Maybe I will never know the joy the joy of shooting zombies
    Raccoon City can kill me
    But it can’t make me care

    • felisc says:

      you should give the REmake that’s soon coming out a go. It is very nice and not third person, and has very little in common with what the serie is now. Also … I’d argue that RE4 is best played than watched on youtube … !

    • GameCat says:

      RE4 is awesome.

      It’s a game where you can shoot parasite-infected villagers in the face and then kick them like Chuck Norris.
      It’s a game where you can run from parasite-infected villagers, hide in the house and when they will start banging at the door, you make hole in that door and then you throw grenade at enemies.
      It’s a game where with some training you can feel like real pro, killing bunch of enemies using only few bullets and lots of kicks and knife slashes.

      Seriously, mechanics in RE4-5-6 are AWESOME, especially in 6. Too bad that since RE5 all things outside combat are getting less horror and more CoD-like. Turret sections, EXPLOSIONS that would give Michael Bay a boner. etc.

      • zentropy says:

        So many hours spent in Mercenary Mode on ye olde GameCube. Good times.
        Also, whats with people trying to judge a game solely off of streamers/lpers? This ain’t the movies, son.

  3. Volcanu says:

    I’m not sure how I feel about “episodic” gaming. Getting something where each individual episode feels rich and satisfying enough on it’s own yet also ties into a larger, contiguous piece would seem to be a challenge.

    I cant help but think of the Dark Souls 2 “episodic style ” DLC versus Dark Souls 1’s single expansion. The DS2 “episodes” are very enjoyable and of a high standard, but I cant help but feel that they are rather like an amuse bouche compared to the meatier Artorias of the Abyss expansion. Each one of the “epsiodes” so far has worked as a standalone piece, but they dont really hang together* as a seamless whole, and each one is over a little too soon.

    Returning to RER2, I’d much rather have the full experience of the game to get stuck into, rather than having it dribbled out. I suspect even if you wait for all the “epsiodes” to be released you’ll be able to see the joins. And the spectre of HL2 Episode 3 tends to loom large in my mind when I think of “episodic” gaming….

    * Clearly the third one isnt out yet so perhaps it will actually tie them altogether…but that doesnt seem too likely.

    • zentropy says:

      To be fair, the only ‘DLC’ that was ever a decent purchase was undoubtedly for Dark Souls (1). I find the whole concept abysSmal.

  4. Philomelle says:

    “Wow, that zombie game about a little girl is selling like hotcakes. Let’s see if we can generate the same amount of hype by copying its format.”

    …is what I imagine happened in Capcom prior to this announcement.

  5. Tom Walker says:

    Are they just assuming that their fans can’t multiply, then? $25 for four things that cost $6 each is not a good deal.

  6. Kefren says:

    Episodic gaming is a brilliant idea. Half Life 2 springs to mind. I love stories being unfinished. Like a book with the last chapter torn out.