GTA 5 PC Release Date Postponed: Gripe City

Good news, urban misanthropy fans: Rockstar have offered a few more details on the PC (and PS4/Xbone) version of Grand Theft Auto V, and put out a new trailer showing it off.

Bad news: they’ve also announced a delay for the PC edition. Nobody loves us waaaaaaaaaaaaah.

While the Next Jennifer console versions of the open world driving/murder/tennis/etc sim will arrive on 18th November this year, the PC take on it won’t be with us until January 27, 2015. 2015 is not the same year as 2014! Not fair! No reason for the delay has been given as yet.

Promised for this overhaul of the 360/PS3 title are:

  • – New activities;
  • – New weapons;
  • – New vehicles;
  • – Additional wildlife;
  • – Denser traffic;
  • – New foliage system;
  • – Enhanced damage and weather effects, and much more.

That “much more” includes more songs on the radio stations, ‘classic’ vehicles from older GTAs and, once again, “more”. MMOish multiplayer mode GTA Online, meanwhile, will support up to 30 players ‘on PS4 and Xbox One’, and the omission of PC there (it’s specifically namechecked for other features in this here press release) seems deliberate. Is there any merit in speculating that the PC version will support more players? That might take the sting out of the delay, at least.

I suspect we won’t find out quite what’s going on in PC-land specifically until the marketing hammer hits again at that start of next year.

Speaking of marketing, here’s a new trailer for the overhauled GTA V, apparently captured from the PS4 version, though consisting of very carefully-chosen shots:

I would now offer you my own opinion on GTA V, but that wouldn’t be pure objectivity, would it?


  1. Alberto says:

    If no one starts screaming in anger for heists, this will be a failed GTAV comment thread.

    • Sleepy Will says:

      I dare not watch the video in front of a 4 year old, are heists being removed?

      • Carr0t says:

        Heists (i.e. the ability to plan, set-up and execute player-defined heists as a team within the GTA online world) were one of the features that was most anticipated when the game first came out. They’ve yet to be implemented at all, heists currently only exists as 2 or 3 plot missions that can be approached in a few different ways within the single player campaign. The supposed idea for the multiplayer version was/is that you could choose to knock over banks, jewellery stores etc within the online world whenever you wanted. It would take considerable planning, money, resources and teamwork to set up, but if you could pull it off the monetary reward would be worthwhile.

        Every time Rockstar releases a new (free) content update with more cars, the top voted player-created deathmatches/races made ‘official’ etc there are many screams of “What is this bullshit? When are we going to get heists?” from the masses. On the one hand, they give the rest of us a bad name with their badmouthing and acting like idiots. On the other hand, I can understand their frustration. Noone knows if heists are still being worked on, have basically been given up on as “We couldn’t make this fun to do and not game breaking” or what, and it was one of the major features advertised and promoted for the GTA Online game. It’s like when Diablo 3 shipped with a box that advertised awesome PvP, and then a year down the line the game still didn’t have any ability to fight other players at all, balanced or otherwise.

        • malkav11 says:

          Except that heists actually sound cool, whereas PvP is perhaps the most pointless addition to an ARPG ever.

          • SavageTech says:

            While I agree, PvP was fairly popular in Diablo II, so leaving it out of the sequel for so long was a pretty big deal to those players. If anything, I think this is less impactful since Rockstar didn’t fail to deliver on a promise involving a feature that was already in the GTA series.

            The heists do sound amazing though, and I wasn’t aware that they weren’t in the finished game. It makes this delay a lot easier to stomach, that’s for sure.

  2. Drake Sigar says:

    I can give you two reasons – fear of piracy, and releasing console versions alongside a superior PC version could bring up a boat load of problems.

    • adamacuo says:

      I can think of a few more reasons – the PC version will be released at a lower price and it will have more features. It makes sense for them to milk the console crowd now with talk of how *great* their port looks while charging them full price. When it comes out for the PC they will say the same think re: the next gen versions but charge $10 less for it. My two pennies.

      • stupid_mcgee says:

        I can think of another one that doesn’t involve malicious intent: PC games take more effort to QA due to hardware variety. Not just the different CPUs, but also the wide array of GPU cards as well as SLI/Crossfire configurations and even different sound cards.

        • Strazz says:

          I can think of another one that doesn’t involve malicious intent: PC games take more effort to QA due to hardware variety. Not just the different CPUs, but also the wide array of GPU cards as well as SLI/Crossfire configurations and even different sound cards.

          Agreed. If these two months help them release the game in a better state for PC than they did with GTA IV then it’ll be worth the wait.

          • CameO73 says:

            I’ll take the cynical approach: I wouldn’t be surprised if the build date for the PC version will be the same as for the XBox One and PS4 versions. They’re selling it as “a couple of months of optimisation” … but it’s probably just a marketing ploy.

        • says:

          I an think of variation of your reason – PC games are more difficult to Q&A, but that didn’t stop Rockstar to release sub-par products before. It’s more likely (to me) that they don’t have enough resources for all 3 platforms, are splitting their resources between consoles, cause console war and projected revenue, and they’re leaving just those 3 month in-between time to do all the work on PC. Or at least lion’s share of it.
          Effect of it will be we’ll get yet again sub-par product, cause PC got far less Q&A time opposed to both consoles.

    • HadToLogin says:

      They just know there are idiots who bought X360/PS3 version, they will now buy current-gen version in November and then PC version in 2015.

  3. Buemba says:

    So Rockstar decided to take a page from Ubisoft’s oh so beloved playbook? Here’s hoping the delay is so they can implement GFWL on the PC version as a final gift for us.

    • Premium User Badge

      phuzz says:

      Oh they’ve already got GFWL integration ready. And Steamworks, and Rockstar social club. The delay is to add Facebook and Myspace integration.
      Oh, and you’ll need a saved game from either XBOX live or Playstation Plus in order to start a game.
      Oh, and it’ll be locked to 640×480 at 10Hz.

      • danijami23 says:

        Personally I don’t get the desire these companies have for integrating youspace, mytube or whatever the hell else is out there these days. Maybe it’s just me, but I was under the impression nobody gives a shit.

        • FurryLippedSquid says:

          The Youth are bang in to social networking. They fucking love it.

        • realitysconcierge says:

          If you use the integration then it’s basically free advertising for the company.

  4. SIDD says:

    I’m too old and too cynical to get worked up about a missed release date…and if Rockstar feel like missing out on the Christmas season – so be it!
    Besides as long as Far Cry 4 is still on schedule I’ll go with: Meh!
    …and when FC4 is pushed back too, then .. well .. Steam Christmas Sale is closing in anyway so even more Meh!

    • chewbaccasdad says:

      These are my sentiments exactly, only I’m not anticipating FarCry 4 but rather the sweet release of death.

      • SIDD says:

        ” the sweet release of death”…
        only if you paid for the premium edition with all the extra DLC – otherwise it’s reruns of Mister Blobby for all eternity for you!

      • popej says:


  5. reticulate says:

    I’m just happy we (hopefully) get to have another philosophical conversation with the mystery dog.

  6. Talon2000uk says:

    “Grand Theft Auto V. Coming to Playstation 4 And Xbox One. Oh also coming to PC, you know if we can be bothered.”

    You know what Rockstar? Fuck you very much. I think I will keep my money and go and buy another game. Maybe if this port is not as big of a mess as the GTA IV one was when it came out, I will buy it in a steam sale. :D

    • MikeStarkweather says:

      Indeed. Rockstar have consistently given PC gamers the finger since GTA III, only porting their games to PC after console sales have peaked. A 6+ month delay, every time.

      And yes, GTA 4 was a buggy, unoptimized mess on release. I bought it day one and was more than annoyed at all the issues, given the long wait. Rockstar DID release a steady stream of patches that eventually fixed all the issues though. The partial credit they would’ve earned for that is offset by their deliberate attempts to sabotage the modding community with damn near every patch they released.

      • Rizlar says:

        Fixed all the issues apart from the one in an unexpected QTE on the final mission that locks the speed at which you have to spam a button with your frames per second, thus making it nigh impossible when running at more than 40 or so fps.

        Although that was the only major bug I encountered.

      • Talon2000uk says:

        Its such a shame that a Developer that was once a PC stalwart now treats the platform as an also ran. I guess all those shiny dollars the console guys throw at them can turn a guys head. Feckless gits. :D

        Thanks god for the independent games industry. Not just producing the same tired old franchise year after year and putting some real though into their game play. I remember the time when R* was part of that industry. When GTA first came out it was unique, fun and like nothing else on the PC. Now I guess its just a corporate licence to print money. :(

        • Laurentius says:

          “I remember the time when R* was part of that industry. When GTA first came out it was unique, fun and like nothing else on the PC. Now I guess its just a corporate licence to print money. :(”

          I may be harsh with you but bear with me, it’s only for your own good: You are not young anymore ! Vast majority of those who play/played GTA5 weren’t even born when GTA1 came out, most of them were infants when GTA3 was realesed and kids in time GTAIV and for them it’s game from ancient past. 5 years for 30 years old is just recognizable part of their lifetime for 14 years old is an epoch beyond comprahenison. You don’t unserstand this audience or why they are after what R* is offering them but don’t be angry, just accpet that you are form different era, it will only be easier from now on…

          • zinzan says:

            HARSH BUT FAIR :)

            Hate to say it but I remember gettuing GTA and beins shocked, then hearing and watching the HUGE abuse from “normal” people and the press outrage against a community, I was the eldest member I knew of.!!

            GAWD I’m OLD

          • shaydeeadi says:

            Look at their name, only 14 years old! You got fooled! FOOLED I say! They probably have only played GTA3 on their dad’s iPad! And were too young to be allowed to have GTA4. Which is a pity.

            In all seriousness I’m really looking forward to GTA5 coming out, I’ve played every single one, and have been holding out for the PC version. If it takes 2 more months to finish it, I don’t really give a toss as I can keep playing all kinds of other awesome games in the meantime.

    • thelastpointer says:

      You know, I think Rockstar has every right to favour consoles if they like them better or have some financial or other reason to do so.

  7. Gog Magog says:

    Much the same R* who did their damnedest to implement mod-breaking features in every single GTA IV patch because they fucking hated the fact their game was modded and also because they truly do hate PC players for some reason.

    • SIDD says:

      “they truly do hate PC players for some reason.” .. I would imagine that has something to do with it’s the one consumer group that hasn’t accepted that a game title should cost £50-60 and still believe that additional content should be (mostly) free because we used to be allowed to make it ourselves.

      Just a bunch of free-thinking radicals, aren’t we?! ;)

      • shaydeeadi says:

        So why have pretty much all of the GTA Online content updates for last-gen been given out for free if they want to charge for DLC so much?

        • TimePointFive says:

          Because they’ve all been free on consoles, as well.

      • Comrade Roe says:

        “haven’t accepted a 50-60 price for a title”

        Let me just point you toward Skyrim at release. Or how COD still gets plenty of PC sales with it’s excessive price tag. Or the more recent Battlefield games.

        • Duke Flipside says:

          ? I bought Skyrim at release on Steam and it was a more reasonable £34.99…

    • gnodab says:

      I thought we were all in agreement that that we dont buy R* games anymore.
      Why wait 6+ months for a mediocre game which will then be released as a broken mess? The buzz is long gone and if you really need to play a GTA game get GTAIV it is almost playable now.
      Aside from that we have so many superior alternatives, that I’m surprised there are people who can still bring themselves to care at all.

      • Cvnk says:

        Do people really have trouble running GTA4? I think you’re making up fibs.

        • Conundrummer says:

          People have trouble running it above 20-30fps on mega-rigs. Us PC gamers are just too used to such lofty standards as “smooth gameplay”, “usable controls” and “non-juddering cutscenes”.

          But we’re a spoiled bunch.

        • gnodab says:

          As I said, GTA IV is (almost) perfectly playable now. Now being 6 years after its release and with the help of extensive modding and optimization from the PC scene. Following this trend you can expect a worthwhile experience with GTAV around 2021.

          • Conundrummer says:

            Is it playable? Not trying to be snarky in the least, but I tried it about a year ago on almost totally new hardware (660 Ti, 3.7ghz cpu, SSD, etc. etc.) it still chugged when trying to drive across the city. 5 years of hardware innovation, and it still runs worse than the 360 version?

            Now, granted, if you set the game to Xbox 360 graphical settings, it does run better… but we’re talking 30-40fps at 720p, and almost all the settings down. Honestly, maybe my standards are just too high, and GTA isn’t designed for 60fps.

          • Comrade Roe says:

            Good thing GTA V’s PC port is in charge of the gentlemen who ported Max Payne 3 to PC, and from what I hear they did quite a nice job at it.

          • Werthead says:

            “Is it playable?”

            It runs absolutely fine on my older 550ti at max settings.

            And yes, MAX PAYNE 3’s PC port was exceptionally good. Really, the only Rockstar games that have been hugely technically problematic are GTA3 and 4. The rest of them have been okay (LA NOIRE) or superb (VC, SA, MP3).

  8. SanguineAngel says:

    Good grief, had it not released for PS4/XBox One already? That game’s a year old already! GTA VI’ll be out before it at this rate. This is no longer a new game. Have the Hype levels have dropped considerably?

  9. Penguin_Factory says:

    I rented this for the PS3. Absolutely hated the characters with such passion that I had to skip cut-scenes and turn the sound off frequently during missions. Speaking of which, the story missions are incredibly dull and restrictive. There’s a lot of fun to be had exploring and driving motorbikes down mountains and stuff (protip: quad bike + dunes = fun city) but I’d honestly recommend people not even bother doing the story.

    • Kollega says:

      I was just about to log in and say myself that only Rockstar will spend hundreds of millions of dollars on making a brilliantly-realized, detailed open world with tons of diversions and mechanics simulating things like wildlife and pedestrians, with a reaction for most player actions… and then ruin it when their backwards-cinephile ambitions of “being just like Hollywood” demand they make a story as dull and characters as unlikeable as possible, all in the name of some pretension to “gritty realism” and “social satire”, which pretty much translates to “gratuitous M-rated elements like sex and drugs” and “LOL, America totally sucks, brah!”. I just wish someone modded GTA V to have a story by Volition, or by Supergiant Games, or by Obsidian Entertainment, or any other studio that made games with well-written stories and characters that you care to name. I’d totally go for GTA-written-by-Supergiant, if you ask me.

      But hey, at least this time around there are things to do other than the story!

      • Detocroix says:

        Don’t worry! GTA VI will feature authentic story penned by small time criminal straight from jail. Also tires will now suffer from wear and tear and you occasionally have to replace them or you’ll get fined by the police. They will also implement the state of the art hyper realistic license plate readers for polices so that they can fine you from unpaid taxes. Only 70 dollars!

      • DrollRemark says:

        Yeah, I really enjoyed the game (despite the understandable whinges about the scripted-ness of missions, some of them are still pretty fun), but I’m really not a fan the character switch from 3’s OTT psychos to 4 and 5’s reprehensible twats.

      • ulix says:

        “I just wish someone modded GTA V to have a story by Volition”

        You mean a story that’s supposedly funny but in reality only cringeworthy bile?

        (Not saying GTA V is different!)

        • Kollega says:

          Look, I’ll be the first to admit that Volition’s stories for SR3 and SR4 are stupid and make no sense, but at least they don’t take themselves dead-serious like GTA IV and V do, and have a lot of funny jokes sprinkled throughout. And I’d rather play a stupid, over-the-top story with jackass protagonists that doesn’t take itself seriously than the one that does. But again, that’s, like, just my opinion, man.

          • ulix says:

            There were a couple of funny jokes throughout every GTA game as well, including V.
            And how the fuck does GTA V take itself seriously? Have you played the game?

            Sure, the story maybe takes itself “more seriously” than SR3 or some other games.
            Just like “My Little Pony” is “more brutal” than the “Teletubbies”.

            There are no characters in GTA V at all, apart from maybe one or two exceptions, that aren’t entirely over the top caricatures.

          • Kollega says:

            I have to admit that I haven’t played the game myself (because the only console I have is an old banged-up PS2, and that was bought ages ago to play Ratchet & Clank anyway), but what I saw makes me remember words of wisdom once said in the comment threads of this very site: “there’s a difference between being a comedian and being an asshat”. Maybe it’s just my memories of IV speaking, but even if V takes a more humorous and “satiric” approach to GTA, it’s still not exactly the kind of comedy that I find uproarious.

    • Premium User Badge

      phuzz says:

      Protip, when playing as Trevor, you must roleplay as Trevor.
      So, every time a pedestrian so much as looks at you funny, you must beat them to death, and then do doughnuts on their corpse, and so on.
      After a while you realise that actually Trevor is the best character.

      • Chiron says:

        Strangely thats always been the only way I’ve played GTA games. Usually just spawning massive quantities of weapons and murder spreeing my way around the city until brought down.

        Certainly never played for the story or to collect items/do stunts.

        • Conundrummer says:

          I think your average American at least tries to follow the story and characters instead of just random public murder-sprees, as you can just go outside to do that here. Seriously, though, most people either fall into one or the other camp. I play a couple of missions, save, and then go try to crash a plane into the mysterious tap-dancin’ man on the shores of the Alamo Sea.

          He exists.

    • derbefrier says:

      so pretty much like any other GTA then?

  10. clumsyandshy says:

    Well that sucks, even less games left coming out in 2014 worth looking forward to.
    Looks like this fall will be a good time to really get some work on that back catalogue.

  11. ran93r says:

    I was still on the fence about getting the PC or the 4tato version. I wouldn’t have paid full price for the console one though and I guess by the time the price has dropped enough, the PC version will be out.
    All in all… meh?

  12. lordfrikk says:

    Would’ve bought it on release, but noo. This way I’ll probably buy it for $5 when it’s on sale, waiting 6 months or 2-3 years is not that different when it comes to games.

    • M3GA says:

      I completely agree with this. The long wait has killed my enthusiasm completely. At this point I don’t really care anymore after all this time. The anticipation just isn’t there like in the past. gta4 killed alot of it, then cockstars silly little marketing games of console exclusiveness. It’s like a catch 22. They don’t want to release a pc version because of the piracy yet, they dick about so long, most people get pissed and simply play the reloaded version.

      • tur1n says:

        I too wonder if they don’t shoot themselves in the foot with this.
        Once you’ve survived the first month after release without buying it and everybody’s done talking about it, I don’t mind sitting it out until it’s 10 bucks, for a fully patched version with dlc and whatnot.

  13. ulix says:

    I’m still looking forward to it. And if it gives me more time to decide on and buy a new Graphics Card, I won’t complain.

    Already have it for PS3, will buy it again for PC. It is, after all, still the most convincing, living & breathing, alive-feeling open world ever created (right after LC from GTA IV). I’ll spend money again to explore this amazing space again in higher fidelity. Maybe this time I can even be bothered to play some multiplayer. We’ll see.

  14. DarkLiberator says:

    I think its honestly GTA Online. Maybe we’ll get higher player counts and some sort of custom servers for that.

  15. DrollRemark says:

    I only want this for GTA Online, but that’s still enough for me. Proper player counts are going to make it fantastic.

  16. MadTinkerer says:

    Grand Theft Auto V: to be released months after we finally get proper mod tools for Saints Row IV.

    If anyone finds evidence that GTAV PC is actually a Saints Row IV mod… I guess that’s why they took so long to port it.

    • TimePointFive says:

      Saints Row is bad. GTA is good. All other opinions are wrong.

      • HadToLogin says:

        My opinion is that you are right. But you said my opinion is wrong.

        Hopefully you’re robot :)

  17. JonClaw says:

    Looks like that money will be going to FIFA 15 then. Before you cry “B-B-BUT EA!”, play the demo on PC.

    • pepperfez says:

      I don’t see how EA’s corporate bullshit deserves more hatred than Rockstar’s artisanal small-batch bullshit anyway.

  18. xcession says:

    Is GTAV still a thing to be excited about? Wasn’t it that game from last year some time?

    The whole delayed PC release thing is just baffling. There are so very many other games jostling for our attention on a constant basis throughout the year, as an adult finding time to play anything is surely hard enough as it is. Re-releasing it months later for another platform long after the hype has died, long after all your friends have had a play and given you their unsolicited verdict. What’s the fucking point?

    Obviously I’m being facetious, a good game is still good regardless when you play it, but the competition for attention is real. I play games with my friends and I have a finite amount of time in which to do so. On the whole they have the latest games so if I choose *not* to play a recent release in favour of an older one, they’ll be over it by the time I’ve got around to playing it!

    Sorry R*, you missed your opportunity.

    • Conundrummer says:

      What bizzaro world are you living in? Jostling for our attention? Barring all games that look like DOTA, or play like Total War, what smashing PC releases have been bringing you back to the platform? Finished PC releases to sink your teeth into are getting few and far between, and GTAV at 1920×1080 on my monitor with possibly-maybe-good mouselook would’ve been pretty amazing for a month or two. Besides, I was looking forward to playing GTA Online with my more PC-centric friends. Yet-Another-Release of Sanctum on Steam isn’t going to fill that gaping maw of satisfaction.

  19. Axess Denyd says:

    They’re delaying it to add Oculus Rift support.

    You heard it here first.

  20. Laurentius says:

    WTF Rockstar, wtf ? Eh, long time to wait then, over four months…Yeah, it’s still on my “highly anticipated” list of games, so cry moar haters.

    PS. “Speaking of marketing, here’s a new trailer for the overhauled GTA V, apparently captured from the PS4 version, though consisting of very carefully-chosen shots:”

    Yeah, but wouldn’t be better to actually stop doing this instead of doing this + witty comment ? Googling for trailer is no brainer, but this type of trailer posting is making game sites looks kind of bad, like an extension of corporations PR departments.

  21. mpk says:

    As excited as all my consoletoy owning friends were about this game, last year, I just can’t bring myself to raise enough energy to even sneer at it. GTA3 is still the series high point for me, before it started to feature bloat.

    The delay means nothing; inevitably it’ll be on a Steam sale for £5, at which point I will buy it to keep my GTA collection complete. Until then… meh, I suppose.

    • albertino says:

      Vice City was the high point for me – had a great feel to it and pulled on some of my fondest Miami Vice, Scarface moments :)

      GTA V looks like it could be great on pc. I just hope they don’t ruin it with too many button mashing/ quick-time sequences. The one at the end of GTA IV where you have to climb up the helicopter ruined the end game for me. Damn they wanted you to mash that goddamn button quickly, took me 3 attempts. Damn fingers.

      • TimePointFive says:

        That’s actually a problem with the bad port and an animation being locked at 60 fps or some such nonsense.

        • albertino says:

          Ah never realised that – feels pretty lame failing on a button-mashing part. Had to pause and un-pause to connect my arcade fightstick and enable a turbo button mode to get around it in the end; needless to say this kinda ruined the experience!

  22. green frog says:

    So just like every other PC GTA release then? OK, whatever. I’m so used to PC users getting games later that this news merely elicits a shrug. If you guys want to get all worked up about it though, I can’t stop you.

    Besides, my backlog is huge so it’s not like I have any shortage of things to play in the meantime. When’s the last time I even played a game at release anyway? I can’t remember. A few months delay makes no difference to me.

  23. ghling says:

    And then they are surprised that the sales for pc suck and get all weepy, claiming game piracy for it. I’d bet on it.
    Not piracy that kills the pc platforms, it’s the publishers treating their pc customers like a**h***s until they just don’t bother any more. Nevertheless it’s sad to see this over and over again.

  24. malkav11 says:

    As long as they don’t try to pretend we aren’t getting it at all in the vain hopes we’ll rush out and purchase a shitty console version, I don’t really care when GTA V comes out. I’ve plenty of other games to play in the meantime.

  25. airmikee99 says:

    Meh, I couldn’t care any less about Rockstar games. Let them have their precious consoles, I’ll pay developers that make games for me.

  26. racccoon says:

    LAZY Rockstar forgot how to code for the PC! lol
    & yet their getting away with the ignorance they are creating by belittling us.

    Rockstar is a thumbs down. YOUR HOPELESS.

    Stay on consoles, roll over. you must be so tired.

    PC clients don’t need hangers on.

    PC players much prefer players who play.

  27. -Spooky- says:

    R* has seen the worst CapCom Port from DR3 and was thinking: “We can do better then this, let us delay the PC – > Console Port”.

    Why not creating for PC first and then a downscale to console? I still don´t get it .. *sigh*But .. thanks for all the console beta testers anyway .. *lol*

  28. Tayh says:

    Too late, Rockstar.
    I was hyped for GTA 5 last year when it came out and was all over the interwebs. Now… I don’t care.

  29. FernandoDante says:

    “I would now offer you my own opinion on GTA V, but that wouldn’t be pure objectivity, would it?”

    FFS, the amount of Gamer Gate bait you’ve been putting out here. It’s ridiculous and childish. On one article, you deliberately close comments. On another, based on a completely different subject, you go ahead and mock the people who want to discuss?

  30. montorsi says:

    I don’t get worked up about piracy delays because it’s not like the devs themselves are responsible for such decisions. It’s likely some bean counter in a suit, so whatever.

    But if it’s going to be delayed this long after the initial release, I may as well just buy it on sale a few months before the GTAVI release. Which will, of course, be several months if not a year after it’s initial release on console. So, what, we’re talking $5-10 max? Plus all the benefits that come from waiting so long to purchase a game — mods and patches.

    Fortunately I’ve got Rockstar making my decisions for me here, else I might be tempted to jump aboard the new release hype train.

  31. Iskariot says:

    I am a bit disappointed about the delay, but I understand it must be quite a challenge even for Rockstar. PC will no doubt get the ultimate version and that is worth waiting for. I am still very much looking forward to the game. Nobody does open city worlds like Rockstar does.

  32. joejack says:

    Have waited way to long for this game, this is the last of it. The fact the new consoles get released before this is only about pushing SALES. PC version is done. I own GTA IV and liberty city stories as well as gta SA all on pc disc, then purchased it again for sale on steam for $4.99. I do everything and even signed the petition to release this game. Seriously Fuck you Rockstar, I’m ripping this game then going to buy it 1-2 years later for online when its $9.99. You can kiss my ass just stop making PC games like EA did with madden. Does anyone remember Peter Moore RETOOLING Madden for PC. Was suppose to re-release. FUCK YOU TO EA. Rockstar just don’t release the game! Everyone on PC Remeber if you haven’t pirated a game make sure you do this one. I’m sure it will be the last GTA for PC. Make it for free, dont give it to a piece of shit company that just keeps shitting on you

    ps made this account just to VENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.