Star Citizen Update Adds New Controls, Top Gear Parody

When Star Citizen‘s combat module first took flight, there was frustration with its bugs and its controls. The massive patch 13, released on Saturday, works to address those complaints by introducing “additional controls for six degrees of freedom”, a new set of control options, along with a few new game modes including the ability to race new ships against your friends. Also they’ve made a Top Gear parody to talk about the new ships, confirming that Star Citizen is set in a dystopian future where Jeremy Clarkson’s malignant influence remains. Video and more details await below.

The full list of patch notes are huge and contain a lot of bug fixes and tweaks, but the major new additions are:

  • Added Cooperative Vanduul Swarm game mode
  • Added Classic Race game mode
  • Added Friend Codes
  • M50 is now Arena Commander Ready
  • 350r is now Arena Commander Ready
  • Added New Horizons Speedway level
  • New Hangars: Discount is now Self Land; Business is now Aeroview; Deluxe is now Revel & York; Addition of VFG Industrial Asteroid Hangar

The patch initially added private matches to the game, letting you race against only your friends, but quickly-discovered issues with the patch have caused those to be taken offline for now. Some other bugs with the patch are outlined on the Star Citizen blog, along with information on further control options to be added in the days and weeks ahead.

Star Citizen raised its initial capital through crowdfunding and since then has been ticking up the funds through private investment, early access sales, and microtransactional space ships (and space ship decor). It sounds a bit mad, but is pretty, and fascinating as a phenomenon.


  1. FurryLippedSquid says:

    Funnier than Top Gear.

    • RARARA says:

      I think it would be relevant if could compare a video of fake Clarkson reviewing a red spaceship to real Clarkson reviewing something that looks like a red spaceship.

  2. BobbyDylan says:

    Controls still feel clunky and buggy to me. Hell, even the FP movement in the hangar is like driving an ice skater with a fridge strapped to his head. It’s weird it;s like they’ve taken the smooth easy FP control native to Cryengine and invested time and effort into making it worse.

    Wake me when this “I am a PC game” allows me to bind my own keys.

    • SooSiaal says:

      Exactly,after all these months and complaints still no customizable controls, but yet more “control options” all configured in ways nobody would use…”I am what is nowadays called a PC game but could just as well’ve been a console port”

      • PaladinGunn says:

        The more I read about that game, the more I’m happy I’ve backed Elite.
        I really REALLY hope that Star Citizen will be great, but I feel they are very misguided, at the moment.

        Also that Top Gear Parody does not work for me :/

    • drinniol says:

      Maybe they, I dunno, expect you to play on a joystick where binding keys is irrelevant?

      • PaladinGunn says:

        I get that what you’re saying might be sarcastic, but binding are even more relevant when you use a stick :D
        If that’s what the devs really think, it also belongs to the “misguided” column.

      • SooSiaal says:

        It would be irrelevant if roll/yaw werent on the wrong axis (for me atleast,guess that will depend on what you are used to), that plus no way of adjusting sensitivity makes for not so fun flying at the moment

        • Cinek says:

          Change sensitivity and axis mapping in your joystick drivers.

      • P.Funk says:

        I play DCS weekly. I play it with a stick. I have rebound approximately 60 keys.


      • BobbyDylan says:

        1) I specifically mention FP movement, and FPS’s are generally not used with joysticks.


        2) I have a joystick and want to rebind that. So it’s totally relevant… if that was even what I was talking about in the first place. Which it wasn;t.

        • derbefrier says:

          FP movement is weird but remember they haven’t integrated the FPS part of the game yet which will no doubt refine the controls and feeling. FP movement is largely unimportant at this point in the pre alpha state and thus hasnt been updated.
          key bindings are possible as i said in my other post but must be done by editing xml files until they get proper key customization support integrated in the game, There are in depth guides in the forums along with some easy to use software to generate your own xml configs. Its not difficult with a little reading. as i understand these types of missing features are pretty par for the course with a pre alpha game build as getting game mechanics in and working is of greater priority than quality of life features.

    • derbefrier says:

      Next patch for control bindings. Therte are also multiple community made programs such as SCJ mapper(found in the forums) that allow you customize controls and generate an xml file for you. Makes it pretty painless for us lazy people. Not ideal I know but in the meantime it works.

    • billthe bad says:


      In my opinion the current state of the game is spend lots of money to buy the best available in-game ship and you will have a lot of fun .

      However at 100 euros plus for this ship it feels like the big spenders are getting a better deal and game experience whilst most of the Backers are getting screwed over ,
      because the new update has practically rendered all of the cheaper ship packages useless en non competitive in any of the current multi player game modes and i get the strong impression that the development team are not fully testing other ships to see if the balance is right before releasing and update

      However as the Fanboi people will claim it is only an Alpha test stage and things will change
      but remember they have had a lot of backers paying good money to pay for the privilege of playing what has currently been released and i think they should be entitled to have as much fun as someone who has spent more money on a better ship and currently that is not the case

      if i was working for the publicity department of star citizen i would be very worried about negative publicity for a the current state of the game

      I posted this opinion on the forum only to have it removed within seconds of posting so it would seem the developers don’t like bad publicity

  3. RARARA says:

    I prefer space James May.

    The recent series James May’s Cars of the People has been fantastic.

    • P.Funk says:

      They could have at least called him their tame racing pilot.

      Galactic Gear was a bit of a missed opportunity I think. Whats all this nonsense about making an imitation of Jeremy Clarkson actually civil and lacking the racism?

      • Myrdinn says:

        I kept waiting for a comment against the French.

        • PaladinGunn says:

          So did I.
          And I am french.

        • TacticalNuclearPenguin says:

          Ok then:

          Their wine is overrated, italian is better.
          Their cuisine is overrated and overdone, italian is better.
          Their cars are terrible, anything except americans is better.

          They also smell, no one else obviously does.

          • PaladinGunn says:

            Thank you !

            I’m glad I didn’t have to wait too long for that.

          • El Goose says:

            Ooh, let me try!

            French people of the world, your comics, while often beautifully drawn and imaginative, can be too short and sometimes overpriced. Also, the dialogue occasionally seems stilted to me, but that might just be my failing to perceive the appropriate register of French being used, due to my not being a native speaker.

            Take that France!

          • Geebs says:

            I’ve got one! – French people, you are far more closely related and culturally similar to the English than either of us is comfortable admitting.

            Take that!

          • RARARA says:

            Oh yeah, he hates France and French cuisine so much that when they shot The Perfect Road Trip they did so in… France.

          • Tekrunner says:

            @Geebs How could you say something so horrible? You monster.

        • Arglebargle says:

          The French and Americans do not get along, because each group is absolutely convinced that they are the center of the universe…..

      • lurkalisk says:

        It would seem we United Stations have a significantly different understanding of that last word.

        • bonuswavepilot says:

          Oh I dunno – you might think racism needs to involve melanin concentrations, but surely you must have been exposed at some point to ribbing of your Canuck neighbours?

          • lurkalisk says:

            Well, I think most Americans would, being what we are, not consider that any form of bigotry. The more… Exemplary among us would call that jingoism. The distinction being that giving someone a hard time for their country of origin is different from doing the same because of how someone looks.

        • P.Funk says:

          Fine, cultural prejudice. Wrote it at 3am when my brain mistakenly jumped to the conclusion that when a nation is mostly composed of a particular genetic sample who are all also of a common cultural background, broadly, that it might as well be as near as can be called Racism.

          • lurkalisk says:

            I meant no offense, I really did suspect that, perhaps, the word’s usage varied a bit. Maybe it does.

          • P.Funk says:

            No, I don’t think it does. I was just lazy at 3am.

            In fact if it were flat racism I don’t think he’d get away with it as easily.

  4. Red Machine D says:

    I am completely and utterly sold on this game now. It may just end up being the greatest space flight game…

  5. DarkLiberator says:

    Once we get key bindings in the next update and other modes it might be worth playing, though right now I’m avoiding it till it reaches beta probably.

  6. Tams80 says:

    For what it’s worth I like Jeremy Clarkson’s style of presentation. Sure for Top Gear it is sometimes the exact same with the blanks filled in, but it never gets old to me. Yes; he certainly is a bit of a plonker at times, but on the whole is fine and harmless.

    This video was really well done, though the voice was slightly off. The game looks gorgeous, though doesn’t really show what is actually playable.

    • rabbit says:

      “fine and harmless” = bigoted, racist, xenophobic, harmful

      the public sees him spouting up racist filth and it normalises it, it desensitizes people to the kind of language and opinion we should be *very* sensitive to. people think it’s okay and that it’s ironic or postmodern because if it’s allowed on the beeb then it can’t be *that* bad, right?

      he’s disgusting and is symptomatic of how we as a society seem to be ‘post political correctness’ now, which is a load of shite and is just an excuse for nasty ex public schoolboys to spew up prehistoric imperialistic crap which fifteen years ago would have shocked and offended the viewing public and is now treated as ‘just a bit of fun because we’re past all that.’

      • lurkalisk says:

        If he’s “harmful”, I’d love to know what you might think of any FOX News pundit.

        • rabbit says:

          … i think the same of them. the fact that there are people as bad or (in fox’s case) worse than clarkson & co. doesn’t invalidate any accusations against them.

          fox news are terrifying but bordering on parody… and they’re not defended to nearly the extent that the top gear folk are by otherwise seemingly rational people. clarkson & co. are nasty bigoted ex public schoolboys with moronic & prehistoric views dressed up as ‘jokes’ in an attempt to dodge the obvious accusations being thrown at them.

          • Geebs says:

            What the fuck does it matter whether any of the Top Gear presenters went to public school?

          • rabbit says:

            the point i was making was that the rules for what is and is not offensive to ethnic or other minorities is not, and should not be, defined by rich white males.

            if, as a rich white straight male, you’re told that something you’ve said has marginalised or upset someone less privileged than yourself, your reaction should be to apologise and adjust your actions. it shouldn’t be to say ‘well i was only joking and if you got upset that’s your fault, not mine, so NERR.’ i would have thought that was obvious and could be filed under ‘common sense and/or decency.’

          • Geebs says:

            If only the english language had a word to describe the use of a person’s superficial attributes to extrapolate conclusions about their likely beliefs, values and worth.

          • rabbit says:

            i explained the use of shorthand as a quick and fairly obvious way of pointing out the fact that those in extremely privileged positions do not get to decide what is and is not offensive to those less privileged. but attack is the best form of defense, i suppose.

          • Geebs says:

            It’s not hard Tutsi that there’s a few issues with your argument, there. To get a broader perspective, I asked a Cambodian academic in glasses for an opinion. Here’s what they said:

          • lurkalisk says:

            I just figured your views on those clearly worse than Clarkson might be written in a way that reflected such. Sorry, that’s quite a roundabout way for me say I think that perhaps while partly deserved, your post seemed a tad more vitriolic than the mild harm Clarkson might pose is really worth.

            I sense this is a touchy subject in some places.

          • rabbit says:

            oh for sure, i’m in agreement with you there on the fox news people – the reason why I think top gear is dangerous though is that the bill o’reilly types at fox news are clearly fucking insane. the top gear presenters however aren’t. they wrap it up in a jokey, matey, ironic, socially acceptable sort of way, and that’s how this sort of thing slowly but surely becomes part of the public lexicon. normalising racism by death by a thousand scratches, if you see what I mean.

      • pontius says:

        >“fine and harmless” = bigoted, racist, xenophobic, harmful
        Just because he might have said some minor racial slur without thinking? Or maybe it is because you do not agree with his ideas? You Brits are insane with all your politically correct bullshit, you cannot silence him just because some over-sensitive idiots get offended at a minor remark.

        • rabbit says:

          ‘nigger’ = minor racial slur. right. screw any idiots that get all uppity about something minor like that. political correctness GONE MAD.

          i don’t really understand what the fuss is. if someone gets offended by something you say, why does that rile you up so much? why can’t you just apologise and try not to offend or upset people in the same way again? is your quality of life really dependant on whether or not you’re allowed to use racial slurs? why are they an essential part of your vocabulary?

          i used to be the same, used to say “fuck it, if people can’t look past the odd bit of shock humour and see i’m clearly not racist then it’s not my problem – i know i’m not racist and that’s enough”. at some point i adjusted that and now try not to further marginalise those less privileged than i am.
          it’s not a big deal. it’s just a matter of trying not to be a jerk. if having free reign to make racist jokes is more important to you than trying to be kind to your fellow human, even if sometimes that means you tone your language down for reasons you can’t quite work out, then fuck it, your mind’s already made.

          but that’s how i see it.

          • RARARA says:

            That was a load of blown-out-of-proportion bollocks published by your tabloids. Jeremy was reciting the old version of “eenie-meenie-miny-moe” which included the n-word, and then mumbled the word unintelligibly for comedic effect. And then he decided to not use the footage for being too offensive.

            link to

            He’s not the one to ever say sorry, but he was profusely apologetic about the whole thing. You would be mad to think he’s racist.

            Honestly, my good man, I’m one of those damned foreigners and I still love Top Gear because people aren’t so fragile that they wilt at the smallest joke.

          • pontius says:

            Context, you idiot. He did not direct the word nigger to anyone or used it in a racial context, he was just muttering something without thinking.

          • rabbit says:

            that he apologised for this one, or that this one was supposedly an innocent accident (that he made three times, was it?) is missing the point. this is *far* from his first strike when it comes to this sort of thing. the ‘slope’ comment (and don’t tell me you believe for a second that that was a complete accident) is another recent example, or their guffaws at the expense of mexicans a year or two ago.
            he apologised for this one and said it was a (thrice made) accident, okay. what about all the other times? he’s made quite the habit of this sort of thing.

          • RARARA says:

            Rabbit, do you accuse RPS of misogyny for their numerous ‘your mum’ jokes?

          • rabbit says:

            no, but we both know you’re being glib there. ‘your mum’ jokes =/= repeatedly, over the course of years, making nasty bigoted comments.

            here’s a lovely quote from Richard Hammond from an episode of top gear. have gone ahead and C+P’d from Wikipedia rather than transcribe it myself.
            is this funny? do all you folks who have been calling me an idiot and overly politically correct and oversensitive- do you see the below as being acceptable? just a bit of harmless fun? do you not think this is a fucking disgusting, horrible, undeniably racist thing to say?

            “Cars reflect national characteristics … a Mexican car’s just going to be a lazy, feckless, flatulent oaf with a moustache, leaning against a fence asleep, looking at a cactus with a blanket with a hole in the middle on as a coat.” This was followed up by James May suggesting that all Mexican food resembles “refried sick”, Richard Hammond remarking, “I’m sorry, but just imagine waking up and remembering you’re Mexican” with a look of disgust on his face, and Jeremy Clarkson adding, “It’d be brilliant because you could just go straight back to sleep again!” Clarkson ended the segment by suggesting that the Mexican ambassador to Britain would be too lazy to make any kind of complaint

        • jaypettitt says:

          “Just because he might have said some minor racial slur without thinking?”

          Not thinking isn’t what happened. Jeremy ‘nearly’ said the nigger word (or the slope word or anything else he’s said) because he thought he was being big and clever to ‘nearly’ say the nigger word on telly – and the BBC pay him handsomely for it. His apology ~ that he did everything in his power to avoid nearly saying ‘nigger’ on the telly ~ rings entirely hollow: he did everything in his power except, you know, start off by reciting Eeny, meeny, miny, moe.

          Clarkson is an oik and his views are generally objectionable. Which is fun when it doesn’t matter, but less so when it does.

          But none of that is the problem with Clarkson or Top Gear. The problem is it’s the only telly programme about cars (and transport issues generally) on the BBC (and British telly generally) – so there’s no perspective, no balance and no anti-clarkson. There’s no mention of the 10s of thousands of premature deaths each year from air pollution. No mention of the staggering socialised health costs from the inactive lifestyles that private motor cars enable and no mention of the costs of congestion or the reduction in freedoms and quality of life that come from having ever larger numbers of increasingly big and heavy cars thundering around residential and mixed use areas. We just get Clarkson telling us about the boner he gets because corr that car is shiny – which is fine of course, Top Gear is fun. But it ain’t the big picture and we’re poorer and more stupid for the BBC not doing better.

          • pontius says:

            Don’t get me started with that slope business, now are you saying that people cannot say, for example, “there is a chink in my armor” on TV? Also, I assume that the reason why BBC do not have a show on cars and transport that deals with all the stuf you mentioned is maybe because the people who are interested in cars at the first place do not want such stuff in their car shows.

          • RARARA says:

            BBC doesn’t have any other car shows? Uh, Fifth Gear, a.k.a TG’s more sensible cousin (helmed by the amazing Tiff Needell) says hi.

            And you’re expecting a lot of social responsibility from an entertainment show. Not even a proper car review show it once was, but pure entertainment.

          • rabbit says:

            thank you!

          • jaypettitt says:

            @RARARARA – Sorry, I probably wasn’t 100% clear, I don’t expect Top Gear to cover that stuff – it’s best they stick to piloting zeppelin caravans over the British Countryside – I expect the BBC to cover that stuff.

            Expecting social responsibility from the BBC / expecting social responsibility from Top Gear are entirely different propositions.

            @Rabbit – for you: Stewart Lee does Top Gear

      • Cinek says:


    • Tams80 says:

      I suggest you reread my comment. If your not attuned to certain use of British English then you may have missed something.

  7. Moni says:

    Add plenty of vignette filter on the video and it’s pretty much exactly what a Space Top Gear episode would look like.

  8. JFS says:

    I have not heard about this Clarkson guy before. I googled him. Seems like he’s an asshole who always inserts “just a joke” after being a dick. Great strategy. If you want to be a douche, at least actually be funny while doing so. How can people defend him? I always thought the British did in fact have humour.

    • P.Funk says:

      I mostly watch it for James May myself. Yes, I am one of those people. I like Captain Slow.

    • PaladinGunn says:

      British humor is dark and absurd.
      Clarkson has a typical brand of cliché and absurd racism he uses.
      Granted, I understand that people might be shocked by it, but it is so obviously outrageous and fake, that it is, in itself, a critic of racism.

      At least I think it is, and I’m french, which mean I’m lazy, dirty, and rude, according to him :D

      Also, I’m watching it for the cars.
      And Captain Not-So-Slow-Anymore is my favorite.

    • Crimsoneer says:

      It’s worth watching Top Gear instead of just watching criticism of Clarkson. He causes mass furore every six months by saying something insensitive and a little racist, but by and large Top Gear is rather good.

    • Tams80 says:

      He rarely says anything that I would consider offensive. On the odd occasion he says what he thinks is a joke, but goes too far. Judging by the attitude some people have towards him, I’m not surprised a search about him would present him as some awful human being. There are likely several comments out there that take all the occasions where he as gone too far and put them together, presenting the image that he goes too far often.

      Most of the time he is fine. Hammond and May balance him out on Top Gear and if you watch any of his more serious documentaries you won’t find any inappropriate behaviour.

    • RARARA says:

      That’s like saying you won’t watch anything by Ben Yahtzee Croshaw because he’s too offensive. You’re free to do so on both counts, but you are missing some of the most fantastic productions… in the world.

  9. Spacewalk says:

    Jeremy Clarkson has proved that Jeremy Clarkson’s voice is the only sound that can be heard in a vacuum.

  10. Matchstick says:

    Star Citizen raised its initial capital through crowdfunding and since then has been ticking up the funds through private investment, early access sales, and microtransactional space ships (and space ship decor).

    I believe Star Citizen is entirely funded via crowd funding and early access sales.
    The original plan was for private investment funding but when people kept throwing money at the project that became unnecessary.

  11. Cleave says:

    Is it just me or does the “presenter” sound like a cross between Jeremy Clarkson, Tiff Needell and Quentin Wilson?

  12. Jorum says:

    “…and microtransactional space ships”
    I’m not sure you can call Star Citizen microtransactional when the cheapest one is $30 (god knows what most expensive option is now $5000?)

  13. derbefrier says:

    Its pretty awesome patch all around. The changes to the flight model are good. Racing is fun and hard. The changes to the targeting system are a great step forward along with other hud changes.

  14. Thrippy says:

    Added New Horizons Speedway level ( Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed: Sanctuary Falls (Sonic & Knuckles (Sky Sanctuary Zone)))

  15. lomaxgnome says:

    This game can’t possibly live up to the hype because they do hype better than it’s ever been done before.

    • P.Funk says:

      The secret is that they’ll never finish the game, they’ll just keep taking in more cash, adding more things to the feature list, and over time slowly the game will evolve with the hype being constantly refreshed to represent the feature or landmark thats over the horizon.

      • Comrade Roe says:

        Well, at least it’s currently playable by anyone who buys a space package.

    • PaladinGunn says:

      Well, 2014 is kinda the year of the Hype.
      Watch_dogs, Titanfall, Destiny, all of them overhyped and very average IMHO.
      SC will only be released in 2016, though, so they have a chance of getting back on track, and I really do hope they will, because if the game is a bust, that will simply break crowdfunding and the space sim genre.

      Hopefully, Elite will have a strong enough player base at the time of SC’s release to turn the tide over, if SC’s collapses into a black hole.
      I just hope that Elite won’t be drowning in an arrival of griefers if that’s the case. :/

  16. Comrade Roe says:

    If there’s a Galactic Media sort of thing, similar to GTA’s internet and television, then Galactic Gear better be a recurring show. Then I’d absolutely have to buy this, and there’d be no question about it.

  17. racccoon says:

    What A load of old crap this is .
    Star Citizen aren’t in space at all! they don’t even no the concept of space.
    Aeroplanes in space what a joke! the small asteroids flying around in there cotraquatrillions would smash these “planes” not space craft to pieces!!
    SC has no way been thought out, what a waste of money they may as well have made a fighter flying game because that’s what they are making now, not a space game.
    Why should I say what they should be doing, giving ideas to drongo’s!! its only going to make them have flying cars in space next. So dam LAME.

  18. marano says:

    Every time I read something about SC it becomes clearer that Elite is the way to go.

    This just feels like a big bag of bugs.

    • Harlander says:

      Elite’s not without its bugs either, mainly related to its multiplayer functionality.

      I do think it’s benefiting from its tighter focus, though. It’s ambitious, but it doesn’t have the same sprawling, everything-including-the-kitchen-sink feature creep of SC.

      I’m in on both, myself, so I guess I’ll get the chance to see how things go.

      • PaladinGunn says:

        as I understand it, most of the network issues are supposed to be fixed in Beta 2 of Elite, since they’ve been testing a lots of thing those last weeks, and they gathered a lot of datas.

        I guess we’ll see that in a few weeks.
        Elite 30th anniversary event will start saturday, and we kinda expect the release of Beta 2 at the end of that event

        • PaladinGunn says:

          … and juste as I was posting that they announced patch 1.05 which fixes some of the network issues :D