Worlds Of Magic On Early Access Of Steam

Worlds of Magic isn’t the first game to return to Kickstarter for a second round of funding and the effort can be worthwhile. Often, after a failed attempt, devs who’ve had six months more to read up on crowdfunding strategy and secure private funding return to the dream machine for another crack at the prize after a failed first attempt. Such was not the case for Wastelands Interactive and their Master of Magic spiritual successor. They reached their goal at the first visit and decided they wanted seconds, using another campaign as a stretch goal funder. Now the fantasy 4X is in a playable state, though an Early Access one, eight months after the originally planned release date. Naturally, there’s a heavy metal trailer to go alongside.

What we have here is a dose of reality. Delays are definitely not unique to Worlds of Magic and neither is wanting or needing more money to make the project the best it can be. Most make do, or go to Early Access sooner or seek private funding, but the second campaign seems to have worked just as well.

In the run up to Early Access, Wastelands (this is the last company allowed to use “Wasteland” for anything in games, just as a PSA) released a three part video series as part-tutorial, part-trailer. The first goes into detail about race selection and Sorcerer Lord creation. They’re the player avatars that come with a massive variety of spells to dominate with along with the usual army-building map-conquering.

You can opt-in for £29.99 on Steam. They’re planning on a full release in February.


  1. kwyjibo says:

    What second Kickstarter?

  2. ShadowTiger says:

    Correction… they did a failed kickstarter before their successful one… for a total of three. I was a backer of the original one, and decided not to back the 2nd or 3rd and instead wait to see what happens with their new publisher.

    link to

    I am super happy that they are making this game and I think it will be great for me an other fans of Master of Magic.

    • doomtrader says:

      I have meet Aaron, just at the end of the Kickstarter for Empires of Sorcery and we have decided that we will try to make this game together.

      We are planning to complete the game at Q1 15, so please keep watching. We are very open to the feedback and trying to make this game a worthy successor.

    • Tssha says:

      Aside from the bugs, this very much feels like what Master of Magic 2 should feel like. It’s a solid game, and once they fix some of the most annoying bugs, I shall very much enjoy it. It’s already decently playable as it is.

  3. Granath says:

    I’m glad they’re making this game, but I think I will wait until later. This is *very* early access and I can’t see this being done in 6 months.

  4. raiders5000 says:

    I’d like to say to the Devs that the game looks amazing. I’m certainly looking forward to the final release. But as an avid PCgamer, I’m out of the kickstarter/early access jive for good. I’m still waiting for the final releases of:

    Craft the World
    Grim Dawn
    Rim World
    Kerbal Space Program (although I don’t consider this a bonafide early access program anymore)

    And you can check when these games started production, it’s been a while.
    Thank you ShadowTiger for the link. That was extremely informative!
    Granath makes an excellent point. There’s difference between early access and “very” early access.

    • Lprsti99 says:

      Rimworld is already extremely good. If you’ve been waiting for it to release, stop waiting.

  5. J. Cosmo Cohen says:

    I hate to break it to you Adam, but there’s a game, just released on Steam today, called The Waste Land.

  6. DarkFarmer says:

    “Orbit the camera”. “Orbit camera”. “Orbit…camera” “Orb.” “You know what to do”. “Mr. Director Sir, we could just have the camera hold still for a second.” “Why have hamburger when you can have steak…. Orbit”.

  7. Sangrael says:

    I’d definitely suggest holding off for now unless you just feel the need to support them, but missed the kickstarters. Heroes are not yet implemented, which makes it quite imbalanced in most games, not to mention they’re constantly twiddling the neutral and wandering monster spawn rates. It’s definitely on track to be a great MoM successor, but in no way is it currently enjoyable to spend time with.

    • Tssha says:

      I’ve found it quite enjoyable myself, even after running into a few show-stopping bugs. By all means, if you can’t hold off or wait any longer, buy in. It is quite enjoyable.

  8. BlueTemplar says:

    More important : are they going to make a “Worlds of Orion” after that?