Free Copies of Enclave, East India Company Gold, More

OK, I’ve just done this myself, so if it does turn out to be in any way dodgy at least you can rest assured that I’ll be in the same trouble as anyone else who takes a punt on it. So far as I can tell though, it’s simply a promotional stunt for a German download portal called DLH.NET. To anyone who signs up at the moment, they’re gifting free Steam codes for olden hacker-slasher Enclave, ‘strategic economy simulation’ Knights & Merchants HD and naval strategy game East India Company Gold. None of them are humdingers, perhaps, but hey, they’re going for no-pennies if you want ’em.

Fascinatingly, East India Company Gold isn’t even available to buy on Steam, but I can attest to the fact it can be activated on it. What you have to do is head here, click on the German flag top-right and select the English one instead (unless of course you speak German fluently), sign up, wait for the activation email, click the link in that, login, go to your profile page and then you’ll see the three games listed, with links to activate them. It all worked for me, and as far as I can tell my identity hasn’t been stolen yet. I was able to opt out of the newsletter when I signed up, and so far there hasn’t been a torrent of crap into my inbox.

The only real wrinkle is that wou will need to repeatedly switch the language on DLH to English, as it defaults back to German repeatedly. Also some of the sign-up emails are in German, but it was pretty obvious what I needed to do. Frustrating, but there’s no such thing as a free lunch. There is such a thing as lunch that you only have to pay for by changing a website’s language settings multiple times, however.


  1. jacksaw says:

    Funny, I found those a few days ago too. One thing to note is that the sign-up emails may be sent to your spam folder because they are in another language.

  2. suibhne says:

    Worked fine for me. But fair warning – do NOT enable popups on that site. They’re solely for advertising – nothing mission-critical for browsing, registering, getting the free games, etc. – and the site basically spams you with repeated popups for Steam purchases.

  3. Kival says:

    You poor Englishmen, the world is so hard on you. ;-)

  4. Guvornator says:

    Speaking of free stuff, EA are giving away Bejeweled 3 link to

    • Deathmaster says:

      They can give an entire library for free, but I’m not using that Origin crap ever again.

      • Ross Angus says:

        I’m sort-of doing the opposite: I get the free games each time, then never play them. Ha! That’ll teach ’em.

        • Cinek says:

          You do pay them. With your personal data and one more person counting in for their statistics to show off on a stockholder meetings.

          • welverin says:

            Umm, play them, not pay them.

          • secuda says:

            You already had put in your personal data once when you registred your account. its not that EA will get yours again when they already own it.

  5. Curratum says:

    DLH, dudes! Dirty Little Helper, from back in the day when people didn’t even have dial-up and you actually copied this whole cheat database distributed on CDs with game magazines onto your HDD so you could look up how to idspispopd in Doom or whatever. This is what DLH is. Ah, the good old days.

    • RedViv says:

      I remember when this was all fields!

      • HKEY_LOVECRAFT says:

        Are you certain? I remember it being pecan trees, then a hedge-maze with a topiary minotaur at the end in a suggestive pose.

        Surely Lord Smingleigh recalls the details.

        • tormos says:


          • JFS says:

            You jave to click “use”, then “mirror”, and then “Castle Shotgun”. It won’t work otherwise, you have to give him a little leeway for just not being the youngest anymore.

    • aergistal says:

      I remember DLH, even the guy in the logo. I hope they didn’t ditch him. I had printed a Tomb Raider 2 walktrough found on the CD once.

    • Orillion says:

      REAL men (and by men I mean I was 4 years old) memorized the codes. Of course, real men couldn’t find they keys on the keyboard fast enough, so they had to beg their daddy to put in the code for them.

  6. Pazguato says:

    Are these games any good?

    • DancDanc says:

      Well, I can attest to loving the ever-loving hell out of Enclave way back on the Xbox. I’m curious how it holds up now since it was one of the best looking games back then.

    • Volcanu says:

      I sank a lot of time into the Knights & Merchants demo when I was a young ‘un. It was a pretty decent Settlers-y, Stronghold-y type game, where you build up a town and resource chain to equip your soldiers before fighting the enemy.

      I don’t think it reviewed particularly well, and I obviously never felt compelled to get the full game (cash strapped young lad that I was), but if you like these types of game then it’s got to be worth checking out. It’s free after all.

      • Wulfram says:

        I remember playing that demo too

      • int says:

        I also played the demo way back, probably from a CD Gamer disk. I recently replayed the game and I can’t believe how anyone (including me) could have had the patience to play it. Everything takes forever. Seems I’ve been spoiled by speed-up functions in games.

      • dsch says:

        Yes, it was from PCG! I remember it as a passably decent Settlers clone. Actually, when I read this, I got it confused with Knights of Honour, which I have fonder memories of.

      • LionsPhil says:

        I ended up buying it, and remember regretting it. It’s somewhere in a cupboard over there-ish. If I haven’t bothered to dig it out this past decade, that’s probably a cue to me that I don’t want it in my Steam library either.

    • MarkN says:

      East India Company is well worth playing if you like a trading game. I got it in a Paradox mega-bundle on Steam. Installed it knowing nothing about it, fired it up on a whim, and then sank 70-odd hours into it. It’s nothing Earth shattering, but it’s a solid little time sink, that I’d happily play again.

  7. J. Cosmo Cohen says:

    Free games are neat, and I saw this posted in the Steam Enclave forums, but I just have a hard time signing in through Steam on a website I’ve never heard of before. It just seems fishy to me, so I think I’ll pass – especially after reading about that Steam Wallet-draining Twitch link.

  8. Wulfram says:

    “Link klicken” huh?

    Just to add to the internationalism, Steam seems to think I’m Finnish whenever I try to activate things.

    • Koozer says:

      I have a new game whereby I attempt to guess which language Steam will give me on any given day. It was Slovakian yesterday.

  9. Baines says:

    East India Company used to be available on Steam. Using an external web search can still get you to the store page where you can buy East India Company Collection, a $15 bundle that now contains no items.

    Looking at the Steam forum, someone said that Paradox no longer has the license to release the game, which is now in the hands of the creator.

  10. eggy toast says:

    Somehow without knowing I already had a DHL account and two of the three games.

    Still Knights and Merchants for the price of a password reset seems like a safe bet.

    • Suits says:

      I had one too for some reason, must have been a promo a while ago

    • welverin says:

      As did I, how I ended up with an account on a German site is beyond me.

  11. Suits says:

    Hmm Enclave button didn’t work for me, but I just used the URL from one of the others and the game id from Enclave. So in case anyone’s having the same problem.. replace the numbers at the end

    • dsch says:

      I had an “access denied” message on the first try, but clicking it again worked.

  12. mrwonko says:

    Well that was a lot of trouble to go through only to find out I must’ve already previously purchased Enclave…

  13. GWV17 says:

    Sorry to whinge, but maybe you guys can help me. I have jumped through all the DLH, Steam and Valve hoops and I can’t get East India Company to play. When I press ‘Play’ in Steam it sends me to this site, link to which is an ad for a game called Raven’s Cry. From there I can find no way to load the game. Even more frustrating, I made a special ‘help’ account to get help, but my problem is NOT in their ‘we don’t have any customer service so try to find your problem yourself’ list, and there’s no possiblity of making a direct custom request that I could find. So then I went to the Steam forums to make a help post and was informed that I was not eligible to make a post since I haven’t bought anything from them! WTF? All that did was make me hopping mad, and lower my chances of ever buying anything from Steam down to about 2%! So, I’m about ready to uninstall the whole mess, unless somebody can save the day. Even if no one can, thanks for letting me let off some ‘Steam’ lol