Praxis Makes Perfect: Civcraft Getting Standalone Game

Update: I muddled up two mods with similar names, so have now updated this story accordingly. Thanks to hayshed in the comments for pointing out my mistake!

The creators of Minecraft server Civcraft have announced Praxis, a standalone game that plays with the same concepts as its forebear. Civcraft is an anarchy-server that runs a set of server-side mods designed as an “experiment for communities, political ideologies, debate and discussion,” meant to foster an experience “not just about surviving the elements, but about surviving each other, where players can work together to create and shape civilization or to watch it crumble. A world open to any idea, manifesto or philosophy, created by the players.” Which sounds pretty fascinating.

The standalone game will offer all of the same experiences, but on a purpose-built engine, as explained in an announcement post on the Civcraft subreddit.

Imagine if you stripped down Civcraft to the core ideas that drive all these awesome socially-emergent experiences, and then designed an entire engine and game around them. That’s Praxis. It’s an open world in which we provide you the tools to build the society you want.

Work on the project officially started over 500 days ago, although recently we’ve been formalising things and slowly moving towards something playable and marketable.

Right now, there are no screenshots or videos of the in-development game, although the team hope to include the Civcraft community in testing soon. The difficulty is that the engine is still in a state of flux, which is understandable given the ambition of the mod and this new version. There’s mention of getting 10,000 people on a server all at once, and of a game that could contain a universe of planets and stars to explore. This is on top of an already ambitious set of mechanics, which allow people to collaboratively develop and grow societies.

The team have started a Praxis subreddit for the game, though it doesn’t contain any posts so far. The Civcraft community remains alive and well.

It’s been a while since there was big news in Minecraft land, hasn’t it?


  1. John Walker says:

    Best. Headline. Ever.

  2. hayshed says:

    Sorry Graham, but you’ve mixed up CivCraft and CivilisationCraft (again?).

    In the first paragraph you are talking about CivilisationCraft (the mod with a bunch of servers,, the quote and later paragraphs are about CivCraft (The one and only server, [REDACTED] now making a standalone called Praxis)

  3. Farley50 says:

    Hi, wrong Civcraft there bud. Different premise from the Civilization Craft (/r/civilizationcraft) mod.

    Civcraft (/r/Civcraft) is a server that has it’s own mods set up to create a player run world where people build cities, set up governments (or don’t) and pearl gerfers.

    Both are good, just completely different except for the name. I’d go into more detail but it’s 4am and I’m tipsy. Gnight

  4. SophiaButler says:

    huh, I think I could get back into minecraft with this mod, the game got stale for me a while ago.

  5. Halk says:

    “Imagine if you stripped down Civcraft to the core ideas that drive all these awesome socially-emergent experiences, and then designed an entire engine and game around them. ”

    Neo-nazis in space, basically.

  6. rexx.sabotage says:

    it’s a damn shame we won’t be playing this anytime soon.

  7. Chuckleluck says:

    I’m skeptical. Where will all 10,000 players come from? Maybe they had a lot of players on CivCraft, but that was free with purchase of one of the best-selling PC games of all time.