The Evil Within Puts It All Out There

Start To Spooky Hospital: 16 seconds. Yep, horror game, goddit.

A series of deeply unpleasant events follow in this trailer from the upcoming Tokyo Game Show, so please don’t watch it if you’re of a nervous disposition. By which I mean if you don’t like looking at flesh-beasts, showers of blood, gradual drowning, implied maiming, lots and lots of barbed wire, and people with far too many pustules on their faces. Subtle horror this is not.

The Evil Within, in case you missed it, is the next project from one-time Resident Evil lead Shinji Mikami. His goal with this game is to reassess the ‘survival’ part of survival horror, so that it’s more about finding a way out of a hideous situation than it is shooting or hitting stuff. There are still guns and stuff though, so we’ll see whether the focus really can remain on ingenuity, escape and stealth.

Clearly, the game’s going to be a gift to folk who excel at bug-eyed screaming into a webcam, so I suspect this will do rather well for itself once the big-voiced usual suspects start their streams. I don’t know whether it’ll be for me or not – I tend to prefer my horror to not be as all-out bombastic as this appears. Then again, it is a trailer – here’s hoping that there’s more quiet, creeping fear in the game itself, rather than a sustained barrage of ‘orrible, Barkerish frights.

It’s out on October 14th, apparently in all territories all at once, which is a nice change from the fake-ocean norm.


  1. Anthile says:

    Surely this warrants a staring eye tag?

  2. KDR_11k says:

    All impressions that came from trade shows and such were very negative, I’ll definitely wait for reviews (and maybe have the popcorn ready).

    • SomeDuder says:

      Popcorn is a natural laxative, so I wouldn’t recommend it in a game where you might, quite literally, shit your pants.

  3. BreadBitten says:

    What the fuck is up with that aliasing?

  4. Bravado says:

    Dat framerate tho…

  5. Mittens89 says:

    Pewdiepie is already rubbing his hands together with glee.

  6. DanMan says:

    Can’t say I’m visually impressed. Looks old-school – in a bad way.

  7. FurryLippedSquid says:

    Eek. Looked like a ton of QTEs in that trailer, albeit button presses not showing.

  8. Gotem says:

    someone cares to explain me why swings are onsidered creepy scary material?
    I can understand dolls, and clowns, and animatronic that looks like bears and chickens, but why swings?

  9. Corgyll says:

    I’m inordinately proud over identifying Jackie Earle Haleys voice in that trailer.
    (I verified using IMDB while trying, and failing, to remember my RPS password to write this comment)