Timequake: Bedlam’s History Of Games

Bedlam is a first-person shooter about first-person shooters, based on the novel of the same name by Christopher Brookmyre. Alec has not only played the game, which is available in Early Access, he’s read the book as well. I’m awaiting confirmation as to whether he’s worn the t-shirt.

A fleeting inspection of Alec’s analysis and the freshly baked trailer below swiftly disproves my earlier statement – Bedlam is mostly about shooting baddies scattered across levels that riff on Quake, Call of Duty, Hexen and the like, but there are also interludes that take place in other pastures of gaming history. Pill-chomping in a neon maze and blasting alien spacecraft both feature. Is it to much to hope for a first-person take on definitive isometric horror game, Ant Attack?

Let’s see – I reckon that’s Quake II, Call of Duty, Unreal Tournament (?), Call of Duty Zombies, Pacman, Hexen, more Quake II, Call of Duty with rocket jumps, a crossbow lost in time and space, Defender, whassat an FPS-RTS, disco future, more medieval gubbins, more 20th century warfare, oohh pretty trees, dead dark, dead weird, Unreal castle, Unreal sci-fi platforms, Wolfenstein, END. Maybe that first ‘Call of Duty zombies’ bit was Wolfenstein as well. Maybe Wolfenstein is Call of Duty Zombies, although the multiplayer zombie modes in Call of Duty games probably pip it to the post.

Needs more Blake Stone.

You may recognise one of the voices there as Rab, who occasionally dabbles in that there acting, writing and directing when he’s not polishing his enormous collection of boardgame miniatures.

Rumours that the trailer may become subject to income tax if not viewed before the results of tomorrow’s referendum are to be dismissed.


  1. jezcentral says:

    Why no serious?

  2. Tinotoin says:

    Hoorah, first mention on here of today’s historicity for Scotland!

    I trust that those those eligible have cast their opinion already?

  3. Curratum says:

    Well this looks pretty freaking dire…

  4. Ansob says:

    The voice filter makes it impossible to tell so it might just be another woman with a Newcastle accent, but… is that Sarah Millican at ~1:30?

  5. SomeDuder says:

    what the hell did i just watch

  6. JFS says:

    Was that supposed to be a German accent among there, or have the Scots already joined our Federal Republic?

  7. Enkinan says:

    Well that was crazy

  8. Bugamn says:

    I think they need a hand.

  9. GepardenK says:

    Very interesting perspective, its like you are really there moving around in that world. But the question remains; is it better than Super Mario Bros 3? Because if it’s not then what’s the point?

  10. Grayman says:

    Thats a lot of quake 2 and enemy territory! or I am seeing what I want to see.