Apply Directly To Hard Drive: Desync

Trailer emotions are a complex web. Indifference, joy, anger, all have been elicited by a series of images meant to sell me a video game over the course of my life. My favourite and the most unique of them is “put it into my body immediately.” I’ll explain: this is when something appears specifically designed with what I want in mind, without knowing anything outside of those two minutes of flashy, cut together footage.

Relatedly, Desync is an in-development high-score-based action FPS which tracks your every movement and shot to customise waves of enemies to defeat you. To counter you have a series of “attack sequences”–combinations of guns and movement options that have special effects and do increased damage. It’s utterly beautiful, very demanding and oh boy do I ever need it.

What I’m most reminded of is Bulletstorm, often described wrongly as anything but the best FPS ever made, and its various skillshots. This is the logical conclusion, taking that base and building an entire game around tracking their usage. The game’s website offers some further info, like how the terrain will change as much as the enemies in reaction to your playstyle. Doing especially well will reward you with secret passages.

The first devblog reveals a little of the history behind the project. It has roots in competitive gaming as much as cinematic set-pieces, speaking of the joys of pulling off especially flashy manoeuvres in multiplayer. They’re trying to port the difficulty of playing online, where opponents are always improving and intelligently reacting, to a single-player experience.

That’s sadly all the information currently available. It’s on Greenlight and climbing rapidly, but there’s no word of release. The latest announcement post mentions there should be a narrated trailer with more details coming soon.


  1. Gap Gen says:

    I would install this at work to play over lunchtime but it seems like Desync is blocked.

  2. Tinotoin says:

    Reminds me very much of the FRACT OSC aesthetic – very nice.

  3. says:

    “put it into my body immediately.” At first I was shocked and appalled cause Alice has seemingly gone to the dark side and wrote that here, than I read who wrote it and sighted with relief.

  4. Josh W says:

    I love this retro-polygon stuff, and it’s amazing how much more interesting this is to me than bulletstorm, which seemed to be in a very similar vein. I think it’s because bulletstorm seemed to be wanting to go for the exploitation violence thing, which is totally uninteresting to me, whereas this seems to be taking the same combo approach and going for abstraction and orthogonal unit differentiation.