Overly Social Vrooms: The Crew

I’ve been quietly excited about The Crew for a while. I’ve never been much into racers, preferring the arcade to the realistic and most other genres to either. Split/Second is the only one to truly capture my heart, and that love did not endure. Here, though, the combination of open world and the titular friend-clans making it easier to race with people I know are tempting. The latest trailer focuses on that aspect, going through what’s pitched as an average day in the game.

Setting aside Ubisoft’s suggestion that I would be awake at 8am for any reason other than not having slept yet, this is the dream scenario. Chilling out in-game, happening across events while just driving around with your buddies. The implication is that you’ll choose to hang out here, rather than meeting up in real life. For some that may seem stupid, but I’ve several friends who use Battlefield squads as a way to catch up and did similar myself with WoW in the past.

That all depends on a big player base, of course, and having fun things for those people to do. Daddy Stanton echo’d these thoughts in his preview almost a year ago and it’s something you hope they’ve been hard at work on since. You can still sign up for a shot at the beta if you’ve got one of the new fangled console-machines or wait for final judgement come November 11th. We’ll also have some more preview-y thoughts late next week.


  1. Wisq says:

    Well, to be fair, they’re probably talking about accelerated in-game time rather than real world time. I would hope so, anyway, since I wouldn’t want to be restricted to playing at a particular time of virtual day just because that’s when I happen to be awake and available.

    (Also because only doing a half-dozen races in a whole 14-hour realtime period doesn’t seem like much of a game.)

  2. laurenmiller9 says:

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  3. RARARA says:

    I really love racing games where there are no humans. I like to imagine that the angry cars have made sure that all we are now are fleshy skidmarks.

    • Caerphoto says:

      It’s post-apocalyptic Transformers, is what it is. The Transformers killed all biological life, and in their shame they vowed to honour the shapes of the machines humanity made. It’s now thousands of years later, and they no longer remember why they do what they do.

      (this also explains Pixar’s Cars)

  4. PopeRatzo says:

    I wish they would show an uninterrupted 20 seconds of the way the game looks being played, rather than this collection of jumpcut cutscenes. I always feel like they’re hiding something when they do that. The few 1-second shots they had of gameplay were sped up and altered so they could not really be seen.

  5. rcguitarist says:

    I just hope it has an offline single player mode too.

    • silentdan says:

      Me, too. I swear, I can’t figure out whether this game excites or disgusts me. Either it’s taking all the worst aspects of MMOs (griefing, having to find/wait for/tolerate strangers to pug a 5-man zone, being the wrong level for proximate content, etc.) and stripping out the precious solitude that I enjoy in racing games, or it’s a vibrant living world for me to hang out in, and participate in whatever strikes my fancy.

      Basically, if there’s no mode that lets me drive around in peace without having to worry about encountering any actual people, then I’ll be very worried. I’m not opposed to multiplayer at all. I kicked some serious ass in Dungeon Defenders MP last night, actually. I just want the option. Like in Dungeon Defenders.

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