Let’s Guess The Fate Of The Fate Of Atlantis Fan Remake

Sofia, with a funny haircut

Option 1) Disney give it the thumbs up and it carries on to completion, rapturous acclaim and a whole host of olden LucasArts titles getting a similar do-over.
Option 2) You know. The other thing.

For now, let’s just admire the effort and care this five-person team are putting into a 3D remake of classic LucasArts pointer-clicker Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis, which as we all now know is really about kissing. (And, frankly, that raises other concerns about just how carefully this project needs to be treated in order to not upset its delicate balance of characterisation and comedy). Take a look at work in progress below, anyway.

There’s some pretty stuff in there, and enough that it’s clearly gone beyond a merely speculative project, but I’d be lying if I said I could see the need for it. Fate of Atlantis looks retro, sure, but it also still looks extremely charming and characterful. I’d like a higher res and maybe an overhauled UI, but that’s about it. Still, others will doubtless feel differently, so good luck to the folk behind this.

As to that whole Disney thing, last November the devs had this to say:

“I went through the Disney’s and Lucasfilm “terms of use” and just to be safe and not to get in any trouble, this project is considered as a “fan project” till its approved by Disney/Lucasfilm. We didn’t have much success recently, because Lucasfilm is very stubborn. We hope that Lucasfilm will understand that only fans can make the best remakes and they reconsider their decision. We still work on this game and when the demo is completed, its going to be send to Disney/Lucasfilm for consideration and we all hope they will like it enough to give us a chance to make a full game. No public release of the demo, sorry.”

That’s a big hope to pin rather a lot of work on, I fear.

There is an official site, but it’s not been updated for 11 months. However, there is more regular activity on the Facebook page.

Spotted on Twitter via Dan Marshall


  1. Gothnak says:

    But….. Why do a remake? Why not with the same people make your own game with a new story?

    As someone who doesn’t watch the same film more than once, sometimes remakes make me sad, especially when done by fans, at least if the original studio is doing an update it makes some sense.

    • iucounu says:

      I’d suggest it’s because it’s an amateur team bound together by fandom, rather than an actual business. You might ask why writers write fanfic, when it’s for no pay and they could come up with their own worlds and characters; often, it’s because it’s for fun, and the scaffolding of the existing IP lets you learn your chops. You see a fair few writers come in to the publishing business from fanfic (Fifty Shades of Grey would be an obvious example.)

    • Scurra says:

      As someone who doesn’t watch the same film more than once,
      Wow. Just wow. Really? Do you do anything more than once? [insert obvious joke here]
      Or do you feel that you got everything you needed from that first viewing, and there are no more depths to explore or things that you might have missed/not understood/failed to appreciate? (Not that I’m suggesting that every film/book/album/game/whatever merits a revisit, but surely at least some of them do?)

    • Oozo says:

      “My definition of good literature is that which can be read by an educated reader, and reread with increased pleasure.” (Gene Wolfe)

      I tend do agree with Wolfe more than you on the subject of returning rewards.

      That said, I can understand the reason that iucounu gives for this — it’s fine as a project that can be educational to some and entertaining to others. But since the result seems to be less attractive than the original artstyle, and I can’t think that the game will gain much from the transfer to 3D, I’d agree: I would not want to play it, but if there is actual talent involved, I guess that can later move on to new things.

  2. Premium User Badge

    distantlurker says:

    Is it fêted?

  3. Geebs says:

    That article about which we can’t don’t talk was highly strange, in that it speculated about a whole bunch of stuff about Dr Jones which has been common knowledge for decades. I’d ask if somebody had been hiding under a rock for 10 years, but then it’d turn out that there’d been this whole thing involving an idol and that I’d been horribly insensitive.

  4. DrMcCoy says:

    Yeah, I too am willing to bet on 2).

    Also, I’m quite…irked that they’re using Wintermute, which doesn’t work on GNU/Linux. Sure, ScummVM has now partial support for Wintermute, but only for non-3D (i.e. Wintermute Lite), and they seem to plan to use 3D characters. There are loose ideas to add support for 3D-y Wintermute to ResidualVM, but as far as I know, no one is actively working on that.

    Also also, I for one would have liked if they FLOSS’d and CC’d their work.

    • yusefsmith says:

      If you want to play video games, you should use the OS that runs approximately 101% of PC video games.

      • DrMcCoy says:

        Or I’m going to advocate for platform-independant development and develop FLOSS myself, so that everybody wins. Because screw you. :)

        • yusefsmith says:

          Sounds more like you want a multi-billion dollar industry to cater to your whims?

          • DrMcCoy says:

            I want a multi-billion dollar industry to cater to the good of the people.

          • Phasma Felis says:

            You seem to be confused. We’re talking about one fan remake, not “a multi-billion dollar industry.”

      • DrMcCoy says:

        Also, I mean, it’s quite likely that without ScummVM, this remake wouldn’t even exist. See that green “S” in the upper-left corner of the window where the original Indy runs in that development video?

  5. amateurviking says:

    Honestly, the graphics of FoA stand up beautifully. I see no reason for this. Also: I heart iMuse.

    • crazyd says:

      Agreed. They old graphics look way better than these 3D models in my mind. If you are going to redo an old adventure game, follow the Monkey Island 2 remake’s method of high res paintings of the original game art.

    • Juan Carlo says:

      Agreed, but the 3D models here are at least infinitely better than the abomination that is the Gabriel Knight remake. Jane Jensen should hire these guys.

      • figleaf says:

        Well said. Notoriously bad Phoenix Online Studios did damage to the King’s Quest brand with their horrible “fan” game, and now they’re doing the same thing with the lousy Gabriel Knight remake. Don’t know what Jane Jensen was thinking.

        At least the graphics here look better than Phoenix Online’s work, but that’s not saying much.

        Good post-1990’s remakes of adventure games have been AGDI’s Sierra remakes and the Monkey Island Special Edition games.

  6. Shuck says:

    “We still work on this game and when the demo is completed, its going to be send [sic] to Disney/Lucasfilm for consideration and we all hope they will like it enough to give us a chance to make a full game.”
    Ugh, that’s not how licensing an IP to make a game works, guys. The odds that Lucasfilm will sign off on this (especially since they’re probably not even the ones doing the licensing these days) is as close to zero as makes no difference. If anyone working on this has game development experience, they should know better.

  7. Turkey says:

    I don’t really know that much about these kinds of projects, but don’t they usually fall apart when they realize that they have to animate stuff?

  8. Text_Fish says:

    Is that Kristen Stewart at 2:10?

  9. BenAttenborough says:

    Looks like they’ve done excellent work on the graphics, so at least that will look good in a portfolio. I recently re-completed FoA after reading the S.EXE article. Great game, but not sure I’d bother replaying it yet again. Plus part of the fun of replaying these games is to enjoy the retro look surely?

  10. Shazbut says:

    I will continue shouting this into the ether of the Internet until someone hears me:

    Please remake Loom

    Thank you.

    (Also, this looks nice. I hope it works out)

  11. Big Murray says:

    Wait, so … they’re recreating the entire game from scratch, 3D modelling everything in every area of the game and reconstructing it to make it look much better?


  12. Commander Gun says:

    Can we please make the “supporter” button a little bit larger so that we know who we can take serious and who are just cheapass leechers who should be ignored? Thank you.