Art For Artillery’s Sake: Cannon Brawl

I love a good artillery game and Cannon Brawl just might be a great one. As well as measuring angles and projectile strength, the gorgeous RTS hybrid from Turtle Sandbox has players managing resources and locations across its 20 single player missions. I played an early version and found it absolutely delightful. It’s challenging, inventive and rewarding, and allows you to fire drills from a cannon. Even the early stages allow for flexible strategic approaches, and it’s possible to succeed either by playing offensively or defensively. A fine balance is obviously preferable but levels aren’t laid out like puzzles with a single correct solution. The launch trailer below was fired onto my screen at a 67 degree angle at 45% power.

Out now on Steam, with a 25% launch window discount running until September 26th, it’ll set you back £8.24, with a double pack available for £11.24.

I’ve been playing artillery games since I found Gorillas (play online here) in the school computer lab. Do schools still call them ‘labs’? It always seemed odd, even back then when I was ten years old. My dad worked with computers and he described work as ‘going to the office’, not ‘the lab’. Maybe he missed a trick there – I’d have thought he was super cool if he’d worked in a lab.

Perhaps there’s a better example of the genre than the mighty Scorched Earth but I haven’t found it if so. I do have a fondness for the Worms games but there’s something about the simplicity of Scorched Earth’s graphics that keeps me coming back for more.


  1. Lord Custard Smingleigh says:

    It is endlessly charming and doesn’t have the downtime of traditional Worms-style artillery games. It also provides trajectory lines, so it might appeal to those who have trouble estimating parabolas, but might put off those of us who like our victories to come from ballistically outjudging your opponent.

    Of course, as any fool knows, the best ballistics game ever was playing a Heavy with Mortar in Tribes. (grumbles off into the distance)

  2. squareking says:

    The part of me that loved Gunbound so much really wants this. But real time? Hm.