Faceted Flight Zips Through Magical Hovering Rings


I felt a terrible familiar pang watching a tourist whack people with their giant backpack on the Paris Metro during my hols last week. They had the same problem as I do with first-person driving or flying games: I don’t know how to move with all that unseen mass. Unable to drive or fly, I understand first-person views as controlling a me-sized body, so I slam my passenger side into walls and clip my wings on trees. I’m awful at arcade flight game Faceted Flight, but perhaps you might take better to zipping around and flying through rings? I dread to imagine how bad I’d be using its VR support.

Faceted Flight has that hard-edged untextured polygon look going on, which I still find delightful. It’s a simple ye oldey style flight game about looping around small but scenic levels and passing through rings. Or, in my case, getting stuck flying upside-down then ramming repeatedly into a cottage. (Of course, knowing about my awareness issue, I chose not to wear a giant backpack on the Metro.)

It’s still early days, but you can download a demo from itch.io or buy into early access for $10. Creator Matthew Scott plans to regularly release new modes, maps, and vehicles as he goes.


  1. WhatKateDoes says:

    Sick, is the answer. Wondrous, but sick inducing if you do too much rolypoly!

    (Playing in VR)

    • CookPassBabtridge says:

      Yeah it is hurk-tacular in the DK2 if you don’t have the ol’ VR legs yet. Great sense of motion though.

  2. blind_boy_grunt says:

    i was really excited to play this, but the mouse-keyboard steering doesn’t really work for me, it’s more like a chore.

    ps: tell your bosses i want a wit of eidolon from you. They must make it so. For now i have become Subscriber! (Power, even imaginary power, does strange things to some people)

  3. Smashbox says:

    That screenshot is so pretty – except for the display in the cockpit!

    Use icons? Change the font?

  4. Johnnemann says:

    I wore a giant backpack on the Paris metro, multiple times! If you HAVE a giant backpack, and need to get from one part of Paris to another in order to stow your giant backpack, it’s difficult to avoid.

    I did the same thing to delight and amuse people on the London tube (at rush hour!) and multiple other train systems. It’s sort of my hobby.

  5. mikmanner says:

    This looks like what TV shows and movies think games look like

  6. Geebs says:

    I like the stargoosiness of the music, but there seriously needs to be a gameplay conceit beyond “fly through rings”, unless you’re making a training simulator for colonoscopies.

    • Risingson says:

      I was going to say something similar: the art and the music look cool, but if we say that a game that consists of a simplified version of the X-Wing tutorial is enough, I think we hit too low.

    • Harlander says:

      Star Goose! There’s a game I never expected to see referenced.

  7. konondrum says:

    So somebody decided to remake Superman 64?