Build-A-Biohazard: Plague Inc’s Mod Tools

Not very subtle, werewolves.

While I was off on my hols last week, video games found new ways to kill everyone in the world. Oh, video games! Plague Inc: Evolved are now making their own pandemics and epidemics as developers Ndemic Creations have released the scenario creator they used to make the game. More than simply making horrific diseases (though some are making horrific diseases), folks have whipped together plagues based on vampirism and lycanthropy, Triffids, a cyberpunk technobrain virus, and even political movements. Plague Inc is a game modelling how things spread within society, after all.

After a week in public release (and a few of closed testing), almost 800 new ends of the world are up on the Steam Workshop. You can try to wipe out everyone with Day of the Triffids, subjugate them as demons, or be generally monstrous with lycanthropy, vampirism, or spiders.

Or, in a techno-thriller sort of way, play with an aquatic infertility virus inspired by Japan’s low birth rate and fondness for hot springs. Or hack the planet with hacktivism. Or try to take down The Man with anarchic revolution. That last one’s a pretty interesting idea.

Plague Inc models society, albeit very crudely. New forces try to change things, society pushes back, and the force needs to adapt to overcome. There’s space for some clever educate-o-politics there, presenting ideas in a familiar and fun format.

This being the Internet, you will of course also find mods based on cats, brony fandom, SCP stories and creepypasta tales.

The scenario editor’s not quite done yet, given that Plague Inc’s still in Early Access, so it doesn’t have every plague type yet. We’ll see some novel things after Ndemic release the tools for plagues based on things like zombies and brainworms, I hope.


  1. Solidstate89 says:

    You had me at SCP.

  2. malkav11 says:

    I really enjoyed Plague Inc on iPad. The thing is, on iPad it was a dollar, and on PC it is FIFTEEN dollars. C’mon, guys.

    • Rise / Run says:

      That is clearly because people who own iPads are cashpoor, not like the PC high-rollers.

    • Detrian says:

      It was more like 5 bucks with the scenarios expansion and like 5 bucks more if you didn’t want to unlock the special diseases through gameplay. Now that the PC version has mod support that argument holds even less water.

      • malkav11 says:

        Firstly, paying to skip gameplay isn’t a legitimate price add as I would never spend money on that. So let’s say the complete price would be $5. Great! That still leaves them asking triple on PC for a game that was, as originally made available, otherwise identical. By the time they leave early access it might even be a $15 title, and I would not begrudge them charging that price once they’d justified it. Charging it out of the gate does not strike me as a wise move.

        It’s definitely on my radar for a time when either the development catches up with the pricetag or it goes on sale, though.

        • Phasma Felis says:

          It’s not that the PC version is overpriced, it’s that everything mobile is underpriced. Apple set up a mobile market where people expect to be able to get complete software for a dollar, and other mobile markets have to do the same to compete even though that’s completely unreasonable.

          It’s why almost all mobile games use awful free-to-play models now. It’s hard to make money if you take months to build a game and then have to sell it for a buck.

    • Ndemic James says:

      Best to check the steam page as it explains why Plague Inc: Evolved is worth more!