Life In Flowcharts: Do Videogames Make You Violent?

Welcome to an irregular series in which we ask gaming’s most difficult questions, and answer them in flowchart form. Fuzzy, slightly difficult to read flowcharts, because EVERYONE ON EARTH IS REALLY BAD AT THEIR JOBS. Today we tackle that most tricky of gaming questions: Do videogames make you violent?

Click on the image for something slightly more legible.


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    keithzg says:

    Your MOM is really bad at her job.

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    keithzg says:

    But seriously, you should distribute this flowchart to the mainstream press.

    • Nick Savage says:

      “New research shows games make tiny children kill”

      • Cross says:

        Especially when daddy-o leaves his pistol on top of a f*cking cupboard.

    • aleander says:

      I really wonder why the opposite idea (that the violence of the society is what causes the games to be violent) doesn’t really get into the mainstream press (yes, there’s a bunch of blogs about that, and I’m pretty sure RPS covered the idea). I mean, it can even get a nice headline, “VIOLENCE CAUSES VIDEO GAMES!”

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    Lexx87 says:

    I’d have paid $35 dollars just for this.

  4. bonuswavepilot says:

    Nice. Shouldn’t the Raargh also connect to the conclusion though, or is it sufficiently implied by the barbarous yawp?

    • Wret says:

      I’m assuming the presenter/animate ghostly floating flow chart has enough sense and advance warning at that point to back off.

    • dare says:

      I thought that was how you win the flowchart.

  5. amateurviking says:

    *Your* mum’s being deliberately provocative

  6. JamesTheNumberless says:

    This is why I’m a supporter!

  7. JiminyJickers says:

    I’m glad this in the supported section, otherwise it will turn up in the news as scientific proof that video games makes you violent.

    • JamesTheNumberless says:

      Are you trying to say it isn’t? Look it’s got different swhaped boxes and they’re even colour coded! How much more proof do you need?

  8. colossalstrikepackage says:


  9. Xeshor says:

    You… you got me. sigh.

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    Oakreef says:

    What’s the punishment if I leak this flowchart to non-supporters? Not I’d ever do such a horrible thing.

    • tigerfort says:

      If you leak the flowchart to nonsupporters, you’ll be made to answer mainstream media questions about whether playing computer games makes you violent every day for the rest of your life. While listening to Beethoven’s 9th symphony.

  11. MeatMan says:

    The kerning. It’s so bad, it’s almost painful.

    I’m going to assume it was intentional. :)

  12. cpt_freakout says:


  13. Vartarok says:


  14. J. Cosmo Cohen says:

    Looks like I need some help. :-(

  15. mrwonko says:

    Somebody turn this into a Twine game.

  16. thegooseking says:

    But does this flowchart make you violent?

  17. Gap Gen says:

    I like how RAAARGH is an end state.

  18. Wulfram says:

    Wait, am I supposed to be able to read this?

    edit: yes