Spreading Like A Rash: Road Redemption

Road Redemption is a newcomer in the world of motorbike gangs. It probably has Road Rash tattooed somewhere on its body but it isn’t directly descended from the bandanna-clad grandaddy of motorcycle combat games. Or, if it is, the mean ol’ bastard won’t acknowledge it, so it has a name of its own. Alec has already taken to the asphalt, putting a youth of BMX stunt riding to good use, and the game is now available, albeit in Early Access form. There’s undoubtedly a launch video on Steam but I’m going to show you what happened when Mr Meer rode his bike through a carstorm instead. A carstorm is a meteorological event in which calls fall out of the sky.

That’s good, isn’t it? I’d probably enjoy Gran Turismo if it had proper weather effects like that. What’s the worst that can happen while you’re Forzaing your way around Russell Brand’s Hatch? Drizzle? Pah. When the Formula Ones are skipping and rocket jumping around the Grand National Prix, do the drivers occasionally reach across and strap explosives to their opponents’ vehicles? Thought not.

The Early Access period is expected to last until early next year and the devs reckon there’s 10-15 hours of content already. I’m presuming that’s on top of the 10-15 hours I’d like to spend racing through the carstorm. The latest patch updates are informative:

Player is now more powerful when it comes to taking down cars

It’s like Road Rash in a world of superpowers.


  1. Eukatheude says:

    I am going to thoroughly enjoy this while thinking of the FUCKING BASTARDS who decide to shift to your lane like you weren’t even there.

  2. clumsyandshy says:

    As one of the very first backers of this project on Kickstarter I am a bit unpleased they steer more and more to the suuuuper arcady style of game. Of course the devs were always up front with what kind of game they wanted to make and what kind of gameplay they were going for, so that is on me. The Steam launch trailer is just sooo over the top it is ridiculous.

    • David Bliff says:

      The sticker for me will be the difficulty. The combat in the Road Rash games was always so satisfying because it was rare to get more than a hit or two in at a time. Mostly you had to worry about the racing before everything else. And it was hard to avoid getting hit by oncoming traffic. This looks like it’s easy to knock people off their bikes.

      • El_Emmental says:

        Yup, combat was a tricky balance between driving and hitting the other pilots, if Road Redemption is just a 2D fighter with racing interludes it’s not gonna be that fun.

        Speaking of combat in the Road Rash series, the other bikers weren’t always cooperative: they would get closer to hit you once or twice, then move away a bit, accelerate or decelerate for all kind of reasons. I remember Road Rash: Jailbreak adding a “taunt” command for that, your character would make animal noises (or more standard taunts, depending on who you picked), getting the nearest enemies to get closer and fight.

        And bloody hell, we need motorcycles with sidecars. RR Jailbreak had them and it was incredibly hilarious to play, same with Mario Kart: Double Dash – we seriously need more co-op racing titles.

      • nekoneko says:

        To be fair, part of the reason it was so hard to avoid cars in Road Rash Genesis was because the game ran at like 15FPS and sometimes they’d just appear out of nowhere, halfway into your lane for no discernible reason.

        • David Bliff says:

          I only ever played Road Rash 3D and Road Rash 64 and don’t remember how the frame rate in those was, but it did feel like a very fast racing game. Something they’re almost certainly not bringing back is the ability to slip sideways and fall off your bike, which added a real element of danger to going fast if there was any sort of turn (and there were lots of tight turns) coming up.

          It would be cool if there was a “realism mode” or “classic mode” or something that brought back some of these elements for people either more interested in racing or who just want to recreate the original. Maybe I should get the Early Access release so I can tell the developers myself :P

      • evilradical says:

        It is definitely a hard game right now. That video only shows the easy enemies.

    • phanatic62 says:

      Is there a game mode without all the crazy stuff like carstorms? This looks like a lot of fun, but I know I’ll get really annoyed if I lose a race because a freaking Buick landed on top of me.

  3. WiggumEsquilax says:

    Next time, Dodge.

    • fake_squirrel_gamer says:

      Seems to me like they’re trying to make a quick Buick.

    • pandiculator says:

      Seems to me like the steering is a little Chevy.

  4. Simplisto says:

    It’s a shame to see the rider simply warping back onto the saddle post-crash. In Road Rash, you’d dread crashing since you lost a so much time running back to pick up your bike. It’s part of the reason the racing was so intense.

    • Safari Ken says:

      I loved that about Road Rash, how you’d slide like a quarter mile from your bike and have to run all the way back. I thought I read that in this new game, you could crash so hard that the race actually ends. Is that not the case?

      • Simplisto says:

        I’m not sure about that. It’s just the bump at 0:12 and the warp at 0:24 of that video that bugs me. There seems to have been a huge oversight in regards to just how important the crash/recovery mechanics were to the Road Rash series. I suppose it could just be this particular game mode.

      • TheSplund says:

        Me too – that was part of the original game’s charm

    • Enkinan says:

      Yeah, timing a chain to the face of someone walking back or jumping them was exceptionally awesome.

  5. Mezmorki says:

    Oh good, the memories are all coming back from these comments. I played mostly the first two Road Rash games on the Sega Genesis. Lol …

    I still crack a smile whenever I hear the name “Broomhelga” … which sadly isn’t as often as it should be.