Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Is Very Serious And Cross

Call of Duty games aren’t any more stupid than most action games, but there’s an adopted seriousness to its bombast that makes me want to prick its balloon at every opportunity. In this latest Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare trailer for example, they throw up the quote “TRANSCENDS THE LINE BETWEEN GAME AND FILM”, then a few seconds later cut to Kevin Spacey’s uncanny, screaming, plastic eyes.

Yet then there’s guns and exo-suits and double-jumping and ooh, I do like a bit of an action romp sometimes and the multiplayer’s always worth a spin. The back half of this trailer even introduces a new mode, Exo Survival, which is four-player co-op.

Exo Survival is about making a stand against waves of enemies, where those enemies are drones, turrets, maybe sometimes some mechs. It’s hard to tell through all the quick camera cuts and smoke particle effects.

It’s interesting to see Call of Duty move beyond the modern day setting into a scifi future with a significantly more acrobatic movement system, because it provides a lens through which to think about what shapes the core Call of Dutyness of a game. I’m betting that it’s the quick pace, rattle of machineguns and the perk system, and that you could set it in a magical fantasy kingdom and it’d still feel right.

Advanced Warfare is out November 4th.


  1. Awesomeclaw says:

    > I’m betting that it’s the quick pace, rattle of machineguns and the perk system, and that you could set it in a magical fantasy kingdom and it’d still feel right.

    Call of Fealty: Siege Warfare

    • BTAxis says:

      Cave of Duty: Neanderthal Ops.

      • SPCTRE says:

        I want them to go the other way.

        Call of The Beyond: Transcendental Warfare

        • EPICTHEFAIL says:

          Except an Orion`s Arm FPS would be far more awesome than what COD`s target audience can withstand.

    • Morlock says:

      Flower of Duty: Modern Warfairies

    • Kollega says:

      I’d totally play a high fantasy steampunk Call of Duty. Or a gothic vampire-versus-werewolf Call of Duty. Or Call-of-Duty-by-Terry-Gilliam.

    • int says:

      Call of Jury Duty

      Pre-purchase now for Angry Juror DLC

    • Railway Rifle says:

      Call Of Disney?

  2. Orija says:

    Fuck this “cinematic experience” bullshit. I want my games to be games, if I want a cinematic experience I’ll very well go watch a movie.

    • SIDD says:

      Be quiet, perfectly reasonable person and get ready to press E followed by D to avoid instant game death in 3..2..1…NOW!

      • SominiTheCommenter says:

        I love vim so much, I implemented all my games with its control scheme.

    • MrUnimport says:

      You’ll take your MGSV and you’ll like it.

  3. jasta85 says:

    Transcending the line between game and film usually means lots of cutscenes, quick time events, linear levels and exposition thrown in when you’re trying to get immersed in the action.

    I actually really enjoyed the first modern warfare game, I thought it was an excellent FPS, the next one I bought in the series was Black Ops 2 and honestly the gameplay didn’t feel much different from the original one.

    If this one actually stands on its own two legs and provides some new stuff then i’ll get it later on, but definitely not a pre-purchase

  4. Bravado says:

    COD is like the films of Michael Bay – you can’t blame the game, you should (if it all) blame the people who buy it.

    It is the popular thing to hate, but there are many other crappy shooters/games like this on the market. It’s just that we need an escape goat, something to put our fingers on.

  5. Raymond Saint says:

    Operation on foreign soil by the US in Syria now is not an act of war. For example.
    So what’s the problem exactly here?

    • Kollega says:

      I’m no expert in the modern methods of covering your ass that the politicians of today employ, but if I had to guess, “operation on a foreign soil” means land invasion, as opposed to “bombing in five minutes”. And what we see in the trailer definitely looks like a land invasion. Even despite the presence of tiltrotors, flying drones, and jetpacks.

    • BlackAlpha says:

      Well, you can’t really have a realistic political situation in a game like Call of Duty because COD is like a run of the mill action movie. It’s not about the story, it’s about the action. COD’s formula doesn’t allow for complex stories. It needs to be simple and black and white. So don’t expect a realistic political situation or a complex story in COD.

  6. Tom Walker says:

    The series has been transcending the line between game and film since CODBLOPS. And not in a good way.

    • cpt_freakout says:

      I had never seen an LP of any of the latest CODs, and man does it make for an even more ridiculous film than what it already is as a game (if we entertain the inherent silliness of the whole thing… imagine if early adventure games aimed for whatever hype you could muster from saying “TRANSCENDS THE LINE BETWEEN GAME AND NOVEL!!!!”).

    • BlackAlpha says:

      LOL That’s just ridiculous.

    • Railway Rifle says:

      I was hoping it was just that the NPCs are smart enough to complete the mission by themselves, but is it just that the whole thing is scripted and the game simply ignores your input if you’re doing it wrong?

      • MrUnimport says:

        Well, the issue is that:
        a) NPCs are story-important and thus immortal
        b) NPCs look stupid and incompetent if they are incapable of defending themselves
        c) Player feels unfairly put-upon if they have to personally murder squad after squad of soldiers while their elite spec ops buddies never seem to put a dent in the enemy forces.

        In earlier games, there were a lot more nameless cannon fodder allies who would both kill and be killed by the enemy. As the focus has shifted towards super duper elite spec ops teams, that’s become less workable. The choice is then to have incompetent allies and damage the illusion, or competent ones and risk making the game unfailable. I suppose they weren’t expecting anyone to just not shoot the enemies, so they went with the second choice.

    • Phasma Felis says:

      Not that I’m much of a CoD fan, but that’s a tutorial level. Many games have tutorial levels that baby you.

      • P.Funk says:

        The first time I ever played Half Life I failed the crouch jump section on my first couple tries (imagine a time before you knew how to crouch jump). Tutorials where you can progress without learning anything are… well are they even tutorials?

  7. Thankmar says:

    “the quick pace”: Interesting, I always thought one of the main things of CoD is the slower movement, compared to shooters like UT and Quake 3. Which made it more accessible on consoles with their darn ministick-gamepads.

    • Awesomeclaw says:

      A lot of the mechanics and maps are designed around the idea of getting players into action as quickly as possible, and keeping them there as long as possible. Contrast this with something like a Battlefield game, which has a significant spawn delay, often limited spawn options, and use of transports to get around the map.

  8. montorsi says:

    Is this the one done by a new studio? The rubbish they’ve been putting out for years has put me off the IP as someone who likes a good FPS campaign.

  9. Hunchback says:

    “…Fans have been wanting this… ”
    To be honest, i am not a fan but if i’ve been wanting anything from the CoD series is it to go back to CoD2, which was actually fun and nice.

    I don’t understand how the game from the trailer up there is any different from Titanfall, really. Jump packs, exo suits, cloaking devices, the future…

    And i don’t even hate this thing, it’s gotten to a stage where i couldn’t give a shit about CoD, even tho back in the day of CoD2 i enjoyed shooting people with bolt-action rifles. *shrug*

  10. MercurialJack says:

    How has no one spotted the incredible resemblance to Titanfall yet? Set in the future, check. More nimble and dynamic movement mechanics, check. Get into a mech suit and shoot people up with heavy weapons, check.

    EDIT: Hunchback too noticed that the trailer looks very similar to Titanfall. I’m glad I’m not the only one.

    • angstycade says:

      It has similarities, for sure, but this reminds me more of Blacklight. The goliath ‘mech suit’ is nothing like a titan.

    • thestjohn says:

      I think it is reminiscent of Titanfall because of the movement system, but it doesn’t really have the same freedom of movement, and the exo-suits don’t seem as strategically important as titans are in Titanfall.

  11. Antsy says:

    You mean other than the people who immediately noticed the incredible resemblance to Titanfall?

    Reply fail.

  12. Bull0 says:

    Can’t really be any worse than Ghosts. I’m still feeling pretty burned from that though…

  13. thelastpointer says:

    Hey, if it’s at least half as stupid as MGS Revengeance, I’ll take it.

  14. pc_load_letter says:

    It’s laughable to me when companies say they are doing something revolutionary.

    While it would seem that concepts from this latest shovelware are stolen\copied from Titalfall…I would go even further and say that Section 8 (and it’s sequal) being done several years ago, had all these game mechanics well before this game was revolutionary.

    Mech suits…check
    Jumping around…check
    Coop survival\wave mode…check

    I’d even say Section 8 was a better game with some vehicles sprinkled in and a nice combination of wide open spaces, customization and character classes. Not to mention fairly good bots. Oh, and LAN play.

  15. akbarovich says:

    any and every CoD post on this site: link to

    • Phasma Felis says:

      You figure there’s a lot of Pokemon fans on RPS, then?

  16. SuicideKing says:

    The music sounds more like Battlefield now, as opposed to the usual Eminem stuff.

  17. P.Funk says:

    Well at least we’ll always have Arma.